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Thursdays' Game
2006-03-24 07:59
by Cliff Corcoran
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Sorry about the delay on today's post, I was out of commission yesterday as I was in Philadelphia promoting Baseball Prospectus 2006. Before we get to the Yankees 8-1 drubbing of the visiting Astros, I should mention that I'll again be on the road promoting BP06 this Sunday at 1:00 when I, along with Allen Barra and the largest collection of BP authors ever assembled in one place, will take part in a baseball roundtable at the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair.

Right then. On with it . . .


Johnny Damon DH
Derek Jeter SS
Gary Sheffield RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Hideki Matsui LF
Bernie Williams CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Wil Nieves C

Subs: Andy Phillips 1B, Miguel Cario 2B, Felix Escalona SS, Russ Johnson 3B, Luis A. Garcia RF, Bubba Crosby CF, Kevin Reese LF, Kevin Thompson DH

Pitchers: Scott Proctor, Colter Bean, Mariano Rivera, Mike Myers, Tanyon Sturtze, Kyle Farnsworth

Big Hits: Homers by the previously hitless Alex Rodriguez (two-run job, 2 for 3), Matsui (solo shot, 2 for 3), and Garcia (3-run jack, 1 for 1). Garcia is 2 for 2 with two homers, five RBIs, and three runs scored this spring. Gary Sheffield (2 for 3) not only doubled (his first extra-base hit of the spring), but doubled his spring hit total.

Who Pitched Well: Proctor, making a strong argument for his conversion back to starting, struck out four in four scoreless innings allowing just two hits and a walk, all of which came in the fourth inning. Colter Bean, in his first game action of the spring, Mariano Rivera, pitching in back-to-back games for the first time this spring, and Kyle Farnsworth (now that's a Big Three I could learn to love) each pitched a perfect inning striking out one, none and two respectively. Mike Myers pitched around a walk in one hitless inning.

Ouchies: As I said, Colter Bean saw his first game action of the spring after rehabbing from off-season ACL surgery. Jaret Wright played catch for ten minutes before yesterday's game. Peter Abraham reports that his back looked loose. He could return to game action as early as Tuesday. Jorge Posada was released from the hospital yesterday morning and did not attend yesterday's game, but should return to action next week as well.

2006-03-24 10:06:46
1.   rbj
I could go with a rotation of Unit, Moose, Chacon, Wang and Proctor. Pavano and Wright can be the equipment guys.
2006-03-24 10:40:06
2.   Count Zero
You would take Proctor over Small? On what basis? His complete ML ineffectiveness every time he has ever been called up? ;)
2006-03-24 11:06:53
3.   rbj
I thought the Yankees have already slotted Small for the bullpen.
2006-03-24 12:41:41
4.   Count Zero
Well...yeah, but we're speaking hypothetically here. I mean Pavano is already slotted as the the 5th starter when he comes off the DL, but that didn't stop you. :D
2006-03-24 13:06:03
5.   bp1
Big Unit seems locked in. I'm crossing fingers and toes that this isn't at all related to the non-Posada situation the last few outings. Boy would it be great to see a sparkling RJ outing on Opening Day w/ Posada behind the plate.

Wishful thinking?


2006-03-24 13:26:09
6.   rbj
True, Count Zero. I'm just thinking that the "when Pavano comes off the DL" should be "if."
Plus, he'll probably need some time in Columbus, as someone has pointed out it would be nearly a year since Meat has pitched in a real game.
2006-03-24 13:54:43
7.   Peter
Is Hee-Seop Choi on the Red Sox now? Dodger Thoughts is reporting it but there's nothing on or I'm not sure how waiver claims work, but you'd think there'd be some other team willing to claim him.
2006-03-24 14:07:18
8.   sabernar
COL-ter BE-an
2006-03-24 15:41:01
9.   sabernar
Boston just claimed Choi off waivers from the Dodgers.

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