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Friday's Game
2006-03-17 23:12
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yanks lost another snoozer on the road, this one 5-2 to the Cardinals.


Miguel Cairo SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Jason Giambi 1B
Gary Sheffield DH
Hideki Matsui LF
Kelly Stinnett C
Melky Cabrera CF
Russ Johnson 3B
Kevin Thompson RF

Subs: Eric Duncan 1B, Felix Escalona 2B, Ramiro Pena SS, Marcos Vechionacci 3B, Wil Nieves C, Kevin Reese LF, Andy Phillips DH

Pitchers: Shawn Chacon, Frank Brooks, Scott Proctor, Ron Villone, Jose Veras, Matt Smith

Big Hits: Doubles by Jason Giambi (1 for 3), Russ Johnson (1 for 3), Miguel Cairo (2 for 4), Kelly Stinnett was 2 for 3 and Kevin Thompson went 2 for 3.

Who Pitched Well: Scott Proctor walked one in two hitless innings. Ron Villone struck out two in a hitless inning, though he walked one.

Who Didn't: Jose Veras gave up four runs (three earned) on three hits without getting an out, though one suspects that Matt Smith, who struck out two and was not charged with a run, but followed Veras by allowing a hit, walking one and uncorking a wild pitch, had something to do with that.

Oopsies: A throwing error by Chacon and a fielding error by Felix Escalona.

Ouchies: The fates are trying to give Joe Torre a message as Bubba Crosby, who missed the first week of spring after being hit on the index finger during a bunting drill, missed yesterday's game due to what is alternately being called a tight groin and a tight hamstring. Doesn't sound like Torre's getting the message, however:

"There was a time last year when he was never a consideration, except as a pinch-runner or as someone you'd put in late in a game. But after Donnie worked with him, I saw a different hitter. He once was a dead pull hitter -- hit the ball in the air and swing and miss. Donnie got him waiting on the ball. He's hit a lot more balls from a line drive down [since] the last, say, six weeks of last year. He's a much better player now." (

Upcoming Schedule: Settle in for a long day of baseball on the tube today as the Yankees play the Fish on YES at 1:00 and the two WBC semifinals air on ESPN at 3:00 and 10:00. A little break in the middle there for dinner, otherwise, baseball all day. Best of all, Becky and I have a brand new puppy to curl up on the couch and watch the games with us. Man, life is good!

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2006-03-18 05:25:56
1.   mikeplugh
Sounds like a lot of good baseball in NYC. Over here I'll have to settle for noon baseball with Japan and Korea playing again, and then an afternoon of sumo. The Spring Basho is in effect and Day 8 promises to be a doozie.

Day 8's featured bouts include the Mongolian Yokozuna, Asashoyru (7-0), against run of the mill Georgian Maegashira1, Kokkai (2-5), as well as Ozeki, Chiyotaikai (5-2), against up and coming Mongolian Sekiwake, Hakuho (7-0) who can earn his Ozeki promotion with a strong showing in this Basho.

Oh...sorry...thought this was Sumo Toaster: Osaka Banter.

Anyway, if you are at all interested, I wrote a preview for the Japan vs. Korea matchup which gives you a little bit more info than you need about the teams and the game. But it adds context and sometimes context is everything, right?

2006-03-18 05:29:05
2.   mikeplugh
Is Kevin Thompson on "The Clear" or what? If he's not on the Big League roster at the start of the season, I'm going to fly back to the States and punch out Joe Torre.

It doesn't look good for the 26 year old.

2006-03-18 06:18:26
3.   rbj
So what kind of dog?
The WBC games should be real good, I'm looking forward to them.
2006-03-18 10:00:34
4.   JohnnyC
Torre's hard drive is full. Doesn't want any more data. Good to know if you're in the Yankees' farm system. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.
2006-03-18 12:46:43
5.   justin
Asashoryu is da man! so intimidating. I was in Japan for a ski trip in late January, and that's all we did after skiing.. beers and sumo watchiing.

Go Japan!

2006-03-18 14:28:38
6.   Simone
Cuba on the board! Yeah! Solid game so far. The fans are fun as usual.
2006-03-18 14:50:48
7.   Simone
That was a ball! Bases full.
2006-03-18 15:33:16
8.   Zack
Further proof of the anti-Arod and pro Ortiz conspiracy: no one chooses to point out that Ortiz is hitting well below the mendoza line for the WBC, and instead focuses on his HRs, while Arod, who hit in the .300s, gets all the blame...
2006-03-18 15:36:05
9.   Simone
What an inning! I can't believe that Cuba got out that one. I could barely look.
2006-03-18 15:40:54
10.   rbj
Ortiz isn't clutch!
2006-03-18 15:54:57
11.   rbj
Wow. Congrats to the Cuban team. Now I don't feel so bad about the US losing.
2006-03-18 16:01:38
12.   Simone
What a great game, especially to the end. Congrats to the Cuban players! They were so happy. I swear, I'm on an adrenaline rush after these games. Now it is on to Korea and Japan.
2006-03-18 16:22:03
13.   mikeplugh
Viva La Revoluccion!!!!
2006-03-18 19:32:57
14.   Simone
The Korean fans are just great. They go crazy over a double in the 1st.
2006-03-18 19:42:41
15.   Simone
Wow, the Koreans can play defense. They are smooth in the field.
2006-03-18 19:46:27
16.   mikeplugh
The Korean defense has been unreal. Jin Young Lee in Right has made 2 or 3 Major League quality Gold Glove plays in the WBC, and seems to flash the leather a little extra against Japan.
2006-03-18 19:47:50
17.   mikeplugh
...and what happens when a guy makes a great play in the field. He leads off the next inning. Never hit though.
2006-03-18 19:50:28
18.   mikeplugh
Uehara is cruising.
2006-03-18 19:56:14
19.   Zack
I have a feeling Japan will win this game, it just seems like that type of thing would happen: Korea dominates, beats Japan twice, only to lost the third time...
2006-03-18 19:57:51
20.   mikeplugh
watch Nishioka bunt
2006-03-18 19:59:37
21.   mikeplugh
oooooh...hitter's count
2006-03-18 20:00:00
22.   mikeplugh
bullshit he was safe
2006-03-18 20:00:26
23.   mikeplugh
what a bad break.....I want to see the replay at 1st
2006-03-18 20:02:41
24.   mikeplugh
no replay.....
2006-03-18 20:03:17
25.   mikeplugh
2006-03-18 20:04:19
26.   mikeplugh
replay shows he was beaten by a half second....bad break
2006-03-18 20:13:18
27.   mikeplugh
2006-03-18 20:14:08
28.   mikeplugh
ichiro on second and the cleanup batter pops to 3rd. what a waste
2006-03-18 20:14:59
29.   mikeplugh
on that fly ball the Japanese announcer was shouting like he had an oyster fork stuck in his eyeball, and continued long after it was about homer
2006-03-18 20:16:25
30.   mikeplugh
The shame is that Iguchi and Matsui aren't there with the national team. They would beat Korea with Ichiro, Igughi, Matsunaka, and Matsui hitting 1-4.
2006-03-18 20:18:52
31.   mikeplugh

The Japanese have a cheezy graphic that says "Nice Play!" that they shot up on the screen when Tamura made the nice catch in the deep left field corner. It looks like something out of "Major League". Where Uecker?

2006-03-18 20:19:42
32.   Simone
Both teams are playing great defense. That catch in left was amazing.
2006-03-18 20:20:51
33.   mikeplugh
In a Japanese Stadium the 3rd out in the 4th would have been a solo homer to center.
2006-03-18 20:21:35
34.   mikeplugh
I can tell you're enjoying the WBC Simone. Me too.
2006-03-18 20:29:49
35.   Simone
mikeplugh, we have both been sucked in by the WBC. Great, isn't it?!

Hines Ward! I had forgotten that he is half Korean.

2006-03-18 20:32:42
36.   mikeplugh
Great pitching duel.
2006-03-18 20:35:47
37.   mikeplugh
I wrote at Canyon of Heroes that the Koreans have won 2 against Japan, but they did it despite hitting .131 (8-61) in the earlier games. It looks like the pattern remains. Who will win this pitching duel?
2006-03-18 20:37:25
38.   Simone
It seems like these hitters don't have much power. They are hitting the ball far, but it isn't going out. I know S.Y. Lee is a power hitter though.
2006-03-18 20:39:44
39.   Simone
mikeplugh, I was going to say, I don't know how much Hideki Matsui would help Japan with his own injury issues.
2006-03-18 20:41:17
40.   mikeplugh
The Japanese power is mainly cleanup (Matsunaka) and 7th (Ogasawara). They have another guy on the bench today, Fukudome, that can hit it out, but he hasn't played well in the WBC.

Korea only has Choi and S.Y. Lee.

Japan is about scratching runs out with bunts, stolen bases, and station to station play. Korea likes gap hitting.

2006-03-18 20:41:51
41.   mikeplugh
Matsui homered today and had a sac fly. One homer would open this game up....
2006-03-18 20:45:04
42.   mikeplugh
Uehara is a stud.
2006-03-18 20:48:35
43.   mikeplugh
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Punch the bag Matsunaka!
2006-03-18 20:48:54
44.   Simone
Looks like Japan is about to break the game open.
2006-03-18 20:49:19
45.   mikeplugh
Here's a guaranteed bunt.
2006-03-18 20:49:48
46.   mikeplugh
Ogasawara will sac fly him home.
2006-03-18 20:50:13
47.   mikeplugh
Rather, Imae.
2006-03-18 20:52:05
48.   mikeplugh
2006-03-18 20:53:24
49.   mikeplugh
Tamura sucks.....what the F?
2006-03-18 20:53:56
50.   mikeplugh
What a piece of S.
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2006-03-18 20:54:41
51.   mikeplugh
It's up to Fukudome and Ogasawara. Both tough players. Cleanup or #3 types.
2006-03-18 20:56:10
52.   mikeplugh
2006-03-18 20:56:33
53.   mikeplugh
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
2006-03-18 20:56:54
54.   mikeplugh
Welcome to the Fukudome!!
2006-03-18 20:56:57
55.   Simone
Game over for Korea. Nice home run.
2006-03-18 20:57:34
56.   mikeplugh
Byun Hyun Kim gives up yet another late inning jack in an important game.
2006-03-18 20:58:42
57.   mikeplugh
Who would have thought that Tamura's choke would turn into a pinch hit homer?
2006-03-18 21:00:28
58.   mikeplugh
This is a dream!!!!!!!
2006-03-18 21:01:06
59.   Simone
Kim melting down. Just pull him and end his suffering.
2006-03-18 21:01:44
60.   mikeplugh
I love Byun Hyun Kim. He has given me more happiness over the years than I can even fathom.
2006-03-18 21:11:29
61.   Simone
Nice job by the Japanese this inning. I love how every player in the dugout is so into the game.
2006-03-18 21:24:06
62.   mikeplugh
2006-03-18 21:28:03
63.   mikeplugh
Tamura's Redemption.
2006-03-18 21:30:12
64.   Simone
Balls flying out of the park! Japan/Cuba final. I can't wait. Night, mikeplugh.
2006-03-18 21:36:52
65.   mikeplugh
NIght Simone.
2006-03-18 22:18:06
66.   Simone
Okay, I'm still up. The rain delay is over. Seriously, there should be a WBC award for the best fans by country. The Korean and Japanese fans are just thrilling. I don't know how anyone can't love this kind of enthusiasm for baseball. It is like the World Cup.
2006-03-18 22:19:17
67.   Simone
mikeplugh, send my congrats to your Japanese co-workers and friends. They played a wonderful game.

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