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2003-09-11 18:02
by Alex Belth
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Count Boswell in. Tom Boswell, one of the great baseball writers of the last 30 years, believes that this will be the Red Sox year. Hey, if the Angels could do it last year, why not dream big like Jayson Stark and imagine a Sox/Cubs World Serious, right?

You would think that veteran writers would know better than to choose Boston, despite the very real evidence that the Sox could in fact pull it off. Even Boswell's wife knows this:

To this day, my wife will not watch an important Red Sox game. Why? "Because it will make them lose." She's not much of a sports fan. But she got a proper New England education. If you put hope in the Sox, they will lose. Yet for eons that hope lingered, until the hope itself became an anchor.

But that's what makes all of this fun. The bigger the expectations, the bigger the celebration, or in the case that history repeats itself, the harder the fall.

As soon as I finished reading Boswell's article, I recieved the following news from Lee Sinins:

Redsox RF Trot Nixon's strained left calf is expected to keep him out of
the lineup until at least the weekend. But, BP's Will Carroll is reporting
that it might be serious enough to put the rest of the season in jeopardy.

What if the White Sox end up being the "cursed" team to win it all?

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