Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-09-11 17:48
by Alex Belth
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Greg Maddux will try and win his 15th game of the season tonight against the Phillies. If he is successful, Maddux will break Cy Young's 98-year old record of consecutive seasons with 15 or more wins, with 16. I've been rooting for him to get the record all year, but haven't mentioned it, cause I didn't want to put the whammy on him or nothing.

Maddux isn't talking too much about it either, but the rest of the Braves are:

Leo Mazzone (pitching coach): "It's a standard of consistency that will never be matched again..."I'll say it. I want him to get it real bad. He's meant too much to all of us, on the field and in the clubhouse. He's been a great influence on the other pitchers. We won't see the likes of him come by again."

Don Sutton (announcer): "He could have slammed his hand in the car door. He could have slipped on a flake of cereal his kid left on the kitchen floor. There could have been a player's strike, and there was. So many things have to go your way. Not only do you have to be good, but you have to be blessed with good fortune."

John Smoltz (Braves closer): "Absolutely, he wants it. He'll make it seem like he's oblivious. Last year he struggled, too. He wanted it. There are certain things you can downplay and certain things you can't."

He's got four more starts left in the season. Good luck Maddog.

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