Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-09-05 13:07
by Alex Belth
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Yankee reliever Chris Hammond tells the Post that New Yorkers aren't the easiest people to please. Hey, no kidding fella. Hammond said he doesn't enjoy pitching in the Bronx even a little bit:

"Just because the fans don't give you any room for error," Hammond said. "That's helped me because all my bad games have come on the road. My goal the first couple of weeks was not to get booed off the mound. Some guys like playing in Yankee Stadium and some don't.

..."Antonio's ERA was one-something and he gave up a homer and was booed off the field," Hammond said. "That was the first time I saw what kind of fans they were. That helps me pitch there but I don't like to pitch there. I like to be comfortable pitching with the fans behind me."

I can't kill Hammond here. Sure, he sounds a bit naive, but what he's saying is essentially true: from Mickey Mantle and Jason Giambi down to Bobby Meachum and Antonio Osuna, New Yorkers are not shy about booing until they are blue in the face (or until you give our spoiled, demanding asses something to cheer about).

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