Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-09-03 13:17
by Alex Belth
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Peter Gammons still thinks the Yankees' core makes them a tough out. He correctly praises Jason Giambi (the anti-Manny) for playing hurt all year (something Shawn Green has done in L.A. as well).

Meanwhile, Joe Torre tells George King that working for George isn't a bed of roses:

"It hasn't been fun," Torre told The Post yesterday. "It's always difficult, but it hasn't been fun."


"There are too many questions being asked," Torre said before a long pause. "I am trying to be respectful here. After being here as long as I have [eight years], the fact that I am here as long as I have been here, I think there are certain things that should come with that. That they have been satisfied with my work. You would think that it would get past a certain point where, I don't want to say not get criticized, but it shouldn't be as uncomfortable."

And this is a Post Exclusive. Hard to believe why Lee Sinins loathes the New York press. Oh, brother.

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