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2006-02-27 08:41
by Alex Belth
Note: The Bronx Banter blog has moved to

In addition to some of the cool new Yankee sites that Cliff has already added to our roll call, please g'head and check out the fresh Canyon of Heroes blog by long time Bronx Banter reader Mike Plugh. Mike lives in Japan and, no joke, he used to live in the same apartment building where I currently reside in the Bronx. We've never met, but he's a great guy. Talk about a small world. Welcome him to the club, y'all.

2006-02-27 09:42:57
1.   pistolpete
Couple o' things I would suggest to Mike:

- Get rid of the plain text 'canyon of heroes' (white) that sits above the large black title. It looks awkward and almost like an accident.

- Move the main 'Canyon of Heroes' off of the Yankees logo somewhat, so that the word 'Yankees' is visible in the banner.

I might also suggest a possible shot of an actual Yankees parade mixed in there somewhere..

Otherwise, it's off to a great start - nice piece on Bernie, the only official Yankees jersey I've considered buying after #23. ;-)

2006-02-27 10:03:05
2.   Sliced Bread
Thanks for the links, Alex & Cliff.
Good to know there are more places to read up on the Yanks (hardly enough hours in a day to read 'em all) -- and it's great how you guys support your fellow bloggers.
2006-02-27 10:28:14
3.   Mike A
Thanks for the plug (In George We Trust). It's greatly appreciated.
2006-02-27 10:28:34
4.   Dimelo
All great sites....
2006-02-27 10:29:47
5.   Dimelo
Mike A., are you the writer for In George We Trust? I love your stuff on the Yankees minor league players. Really good stuff...
2006-02-27 10:43:25
6.   Mike A
Yes, I'm the Mike A. from IGWT.

For those that don't know, Tino is chatting over at

2006-02-27 11:18:24
7.   Cliff Corcoran
Pete, I almost wonder if you're looking at the same Canyon of Heroes banner I am. Looks fantastic to me, and there's a parade scene on the street sign, a fantastic little detail. Good work, Mike!
2006-02-27 11:36:39
8.   Cliff Corcoran
Meanwhile, after reading Mr. Plugh's post it appears he went to Drew University in Madison, NJ. I made my home across the street for the past three years until moving last month. Small world indeed!

Finally, this passage from his tribute to Bernie Williams hit home:

"When you see him misjudge a ball in the sun, or fail to chase down a ball over his head, think back. When he strikes out on a weak hack, or grounds into a game ending double play remember what he once was. As fans we owe him that much. We owe him the dignity to go out with a huge ovation and the forgiveness that players in his position are due when they stumble into retirement."

Sadly that retirement should have come over the winter. I agree entirely with Mike's sentiment. I attended two of Bernie's "last games" last year and applauded his Yankee career with all my might. But a team must only be made to endure such stumbling for so long.

2006-02-27 12:05:22
9.   pistolpete
Cliff - here's what I see (with my comments):

Sorry, I'm a designer. ;-)

2006-02-27 13:18:24
10.   Schteeve
Pistol Pete's comments notwithstanding, I think Mike's blog is one of the most cleanly laid out blogs I've ever seen.

White space is a good idea.

2006-02-27 13:56:22
11.   Cliff Corcoran
Aha, Pete and I are not seeing the same thing. That white text above the old english type is not there when I visit Mike's blog. (I leave it to Pete and Mike to figure out why he sees it). Pete, you might be right about the text over the "Yankees" in the logo, but I think the parade image on the sign is sufficient and extremely tasteful (and yes, part of the sign itself, not an added element). That banner does not need another design element. As is it's very pleasing, with another image added it would be cluttered and messy.
2006-02-27 14:18:06
12.   mikeplugh
Thanks for all the kind words folks.

The white "Canyon of Heroes" is in fact a mistake. I am not completely proficient at HTML and have spent the last 3 or 4 months learning by trial and error on my own. I can't see to find the line of code to get rid of the template's headline font. ;) On my computer it almost looks like small dots.

I also wanted to move the Canyon of Heroes text off the "Yankee" line, but I left it for a reason. I didn't want to make the font smaller to help it stand out as much as possible. The sign in fact does have the parade on it already. I couldn't find a decent quality shot of the parade to incorporate in the logo so I left it out. I wasn't satisfied with my options. My mission is to get a really good shot on my own at the next Yankee parade in 2006!

I did go to Drew for the early part of my undergrad. Many of my close friends graduated from there....and I did live in the same building as Alex for a few years before moving to Japan. Who knew when I started coming here that I shared the same cosmic space as Cliff and Alex in some way!

Thanks again guys.

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