Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-08-22 13:05
by Alex Belth
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The Red Sox got a scare yesterday when Pedro Martinez was a late scratch with the flu. But the night ended well for Red Sox Nation as Cassey Fossum stepped in and the Red Sox creamed Oakland's rookie sensation Rich Harden and the A's, 14-5. The Sox now trail Oakland by one game in the wildcard race, and the Yankees by seven games in the AL East (eight in the loss column).

Meanwhile, Jose Contreras will start for the Yankees on Sunday, leaving Jeff Weaver's immediate future up in the air. Tyler Kepner has a nice appreciation of the Yankees other famous import, the sure and steady Godziller Matsui, in the Times today.

The Yanks host the Orioles this weekend, while the Mariners visit Boston.

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