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It's a Set Up
2006-02-20 07:25
by Alex Belth
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While the Yanks hope that Octavio Dotel will be an effective addition to their bullpen during the second half of the season, Joe Torre tells the New York Times that Kyle Farnsworth will share set-up duties with Tanyon Sturtze. That's a whole lot of "doh!" for the money, no?

2006-02-20 07:55:48
1.   Dimelo
Wang seems to have a lot of people backing him.
2006-02-20 08:34:04
2.   bloodyank78
Tanyon?!! Why does Torre insist on having his little pet monkey w/ a tired arm share set-up time w/ guy who has a flame-thrower arm?? Give Kyle a chance to establish and get comfortable Joe.
2006-02-20 09:15:55
3.   Dimelo
Wait till Rob Gee reads this...
2006-02-20 09:38:42
4.   sabernar
I prefer - the url is shorter. ;)
2006-02-20 09:45:08
5.   Dimelo
You can just use this link to get to

2006-02-20 09:54:38
6.   sam2175
I really want to know if Torre has any interest in knowing anything about baseball other than his current and past crop of players. Because if he did, he would realize that there is a guy called Octavio Dotel who was one of the most dominant relievers for the Houston Astros, and he is, to put it mildly, a better relief pitcher than Sturtze and better suited for the set-up job. Maybe Dotel will say "hi" to him someday.

I don't mind that Torre has some guys he trusts. But if that trust is based completely on non-baseball factors, that is a bad, bad situation.

I think he should at least try to know the baseball world better.

2006-02-20 10:01:08
7.   Levy2020
If Sturtze and Farnsworth are pitching the eighth and Dotel isn't back yet, who is pitching the 7th?
2006-02-20 10:35:24
8.   Dimelo
For some reason, I don't agree with this dickhead. I wonder why???? Excuse the language, but this guy is a DICK!!!!!

2006-02-20 10:39:26
9.   sam2175
6Ok, my rant has been a bit premature, it seems. The Times article does allude to Dotel being ready by June. I guess the Sturtze-Farnsworth arrangement is until then to keep both of them fresh. Makes sense.
2006-02-20 10:45:53
10.   Rob Gee
Yo D -

See, my head may just explode by the All-star break if MB doesn't have a serious injury. Otherwise, he'll put up serious numbers and play sparkling d. Of course, then we'll be seeing many more stories like this - how misunderstood he is, how is mom raised him, etc - I need to go slam my face into a wall...

2006-02-20 11:13:22
11.   wsporter
Dimelo, The guy's is a clown writing for an internet college newspaper. What's he got to loose from shooting his big mouth off? It's not like he has to maintain any integrity to sell papers. Jeter seems to be a lightening rod for this kind of inane nonsense. Don't give the guy the satisfaction of your worrying about it and don't read his garbage cause it looks like it ain't worth the eye strain. Man is there ever a lot of crap in the internet.
2006-02-20 11:41:49
12.   Dimelo
wsporter - What garbage on the internet? 95% of internet usage is to view porn. The other 5% is used to read bronxbanter. Wait a second...did I just describe my usage? Err...check that....there is a lot of garbage out there.
2006-02-20 11:42:42
13.   Ravenscar
At the risk of the rage of RobGee, the article on Milton makes him seem no less of a mental case at all. Sort of falls under that "He's a great guy, except..." area you hear about all the time. He's a great guy, except when he gets mad, he's a great guy, except when he drinks, he's a great guy, except when he's throwing things, etc., etc., etc.. He a great guy, except when he's awake, maybe?

Of course, Ayn Rand being his favorite author might explain a lot.

Good lord, can you imagine Milton Bradly and Kyle Farnsworth on the same team? If they didn't kill each other maybe they'd swap wives in spring training.

2006-02-20 12:37:26
14.   sam2175
13 And Ravenscar, from a baseball standpoint, does it really matter? I.e., do you really believe that Bradley's baseball abilities will be trumped by him being temperamental? Probably not. Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent went together to within a few outs of a WS win. And the Bronx Zoo Yankees, who won quite a few of their own were noted for their own disharmony in the clubhouse.

Hardly makes or unmakes a case for his acquisition. The article only makes the point that there is perhaps more to Bradley than what meets the eye based on his public persona. He could be killing puppies or lifting old ladies across the street, it should perhaps be his baseball credentials that should be the criteria for getting him.

There certainly is enough evidence to make a case that Milton Bradley is a likable person, apart from being a very good baseball player.

2006-02-20 12:49:18
15.   Dimelo
Bradley is RP McMurphey. He's cuckoo for cocoa puffs. I think there's a psychological term for people like Milton. They refer to them as EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person). Chris Rock had a good line about people like Milton, sometimes there's no rhyme or reason for the way people act….maybe they're just 'crazy'.
2006-02-20 13:04:39
16.   wsporter
Um…. Maybe Uncle Milty's problems are a result of simple misunderstanding of and to literal a reading of the ethical message found in "The Virtue of Selfishness". Could be that an American Literature class could clear MB's stuff up. Won't the Yankees look silly then?
2006-02-20 14:33:35
17.   sabernar
Jeez! Give it up guys! Let the Milton Bradley thing GO already! How long are we going to hear this? Every time he gets a hit and Damon doesn't, it's going to be the same old "MIL-ton BRAD-ley" crap. Sheesh! Why don't you start your own MB blog and keep all this crap over there.
2006-02-20 15:29:42
18.   wsporter
Dude, you got something against Ayn Rand? Too much sarcasm? Not enough? What?
2006-02-20 15:39:46
19.   Zack
Anyone know any places to get some Yanks spring training photos? I know its early, but I would love to see some signs of spring, and can't really track anything good down. Any advice?
2006-02-20 16:11:54
20.   rbj
Here ya go, Zack

2006-02-20 16:49:03
21.   Ravenscar
I have quite a bit against Ayn Rand, actually, but this probably isn't the place to discuss it. I am more curious about Scott Erickson breaking into your bullpen as the 7th or 8th starter. That strikes me as a curious move.

I'm not sure what your question regarding the sarcasm means, though. Too much or not enough where? In the MB article, in her work, in your post?

2006-02-20 17:04:23
22.   wsporter
Actually it wasn't addressed to you at all. It was a response to sabernar's #17.

As for Ayn Rand I think she could give Uncle Milty a run for his money on the wack-o-meter. That's part of the sarcasm I was referring to, although I suppose the word irony could have crept in there as well. I guess that's a thread for another day.

2006-02-20 17:32:53
23.   Ravenscar
Whoops - my bad.
2006-02-20 18:42:01
24.   singledd
Hey - Anyone know what happened to the NY Yankess Blog that used to reside at this address?
2006-02-20 19:21:17
25.   markp
This year I'm not going to start getting annoyed at Torre's BP mismanagement until at least May. It's too much to carry it through the off-season and then ST and April.

My number one regret this off-season is the rather strange refusal to add a bat for the DH role. It's not like there weren't any hitters out there and we aren't going to thrive with what we have for that position. I'm not surprised, though. After seeing the same lack of attention to the easiest (as in the guy doesn't even have to play defense) 600 PAs since forever by the Yankee front office, one more year is hardly surprising. Regrettable, but not surprising.
2006-02-21 05:20:12
26.   mikeplugh
Dimelo wrote about a BS article on Jeter in #8. I know others have commented, but I thought it was funny once I looked at who the writer is...

By Googling the guy I found he's a 20 year old kid from Baltimore who hates the Yankees and has written all of 2 internet articles for his little college journal.

It stings to be an Orioles fan. Think about it. The end of their relevance was the 1997 playoffs. A combination of Randy Myers and Armando Benitez coughed up 3 of the 4 AL Championship Series games. The next season the Orioles added Sidney Ponson and have never recovered.

2006-02-21 08:41:13
27.   Levy2020
Re: 25

This blog has gotten me excited about Andy Phillips. Although I would like Johnny Damon to DH and Bubba to play Center. . .

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