Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-08-14 01:50
by Alex Belth
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Jeff Weaver started the first by giving up two singles. He then walked Raul Ibanez on a full count pitch. It looked as if Ibanez went around, and it also appeared as if the home plate ump raised his hand to signal strike three. But it was ball four. Joe Torre and Zim protested to no avail. Weaver's old pal, Mike Sweeney smacked a fat 1-0 fastball into right for a two-run single, and Weaver and the Yanks were lucky to escape the inning down, 3-0.

Weaver has his screwed-up 'game face' on. I used to think it was concentration. Now I think it's a cheap guise to cover his fear. Come on, dammit. Show some mettle Jeff, you big baby. Don't be a sucka.

Appier looks like crap---watching him pitch is like being at the dentist without novocaine--but he's escaped trouble through two. This is going to be ugly.

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