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2003-08-13 19:01
by Alex Belth
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The Baseball Prospectus-Pete Rose story caused quite a stir yesterday. Both Jay Jaffe and Jon Weisman have thoughtful, and measured columns today (Jay has full complement of links as well). Lee Sinins' take may be less objective, but it's convincing and funny. Here is what he wrote in his latest ATM report:

MLB has strongly denied Baseball Prospectus's report on the return of Pete Rose.

With MLB's credibility, this statement is just as good as a confirmation of Will's story. With their track record, MLB is on my list of at least 3 entities, of which I believe nothing from them until as the events prove the statement to be correct. Occasionally it does happen, but until it does, I don't believe it.

Actually, my first reaction to MLB's denial was, if Pete Rose was mentioned in their statement, then there is the possibility that Rose doesn't even exist. But, as recently as a day or two ago, I was watching an old episode of Baseball Magazine on ESPN Classic (which, as an aside, is a show I'd like to see returned to the air) and Sparky Anderson was discussing Pete Rose's reaction to Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. So, since independent evidence of Rose's existence exists, at least that part of MLB's statement is believable.

I won't even insult Will Carroll by including any discussion of his credibility in the same sentence.

I sure would like to know what the two other entities that Lee doesn't trust are, though the Oval Office and the MTA rank high on my list.

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