Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-07-30 13:07
by Alex Belth

I heard from several Red Sox fans yesterday who couldn't have been happier with George Steinbrenner's need to remind the Nation that they haven't won anything yet. Tell them something they don't know. Fair enough. George will always provide cheap fodder for Yankee-haters (he just can't help himself), but now it appears he is not alone in the drama department.

Red Sox owner, John Henry joined the tea party with a bit of self-righteous hyperbole of his own. On Tuesday, Henry told the Hartford Courant:

"In that one inning and in that final out," Henry said, "it was as if Jason and Johnny and David and Nomar and Manny - 25 men, a manager and his coaches - were collectively throwing off the shackles of decades of frustration and proclaiming, `It's a new century, damn it. It's 2003 and we don't believe in ghosts.'"

You have to appreciate Henry's optimism, but if this is how he feels in July, he's apt to be downright Biblical come fall.

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