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There are two things
2002-11-17 20:04
by Alex Belth
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There are two things that strike me abou¢Ó the possibility of the Yankees signing Japan's most popular player, Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui: 1) the Yanks haven't had a great track record with players named Hideki, and b) if the Yankees get Godzilla, who will be Godzookie?
My knee-jerk answer is Nick Johnson, provided he's around in the spring.
Popeye Zimmer works in a pinch.
Matsui seems to be appealing enough to me. It looks like he's coming to the Yanks whether I like it or not, so it's better that I find something to like about him irregardless. It's no use fighting the will of Boss George, anyhow. Might as well learn how to stop worrying and love the Bomb.
According to the photographs in the papers Godzilla's got a wide face---and one that might not be too sightly on second glance. But there is something sympathetic and tranquil about his expression, and body language; Matusi has a stillness about him that suggests an even-keeled confidence.
At the very least, an attractive compliment to play the outfield with Sweet Pea, Bernie Williams.

I hope the Boss gets what he wants from the deal, I really do. There is a big market out there in Japan, as Seatle as so happily learned. It's only natural that George get his too. But I also hope there is some remote chance of watching the Yankees from my Cablevision-ridden apartment in the borough of the Bronx next season too.

It's not too much to ask.

A second straight season of Steiner and Sterling would amount to nothing more than Cruel and Unusual punishment.
Not to mention that it would just about tear my ass right out.

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