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2005-12-28 05:36
by Alex Belth
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Word has it that the Yankees will ink utility infielder  Miguel Cairo to a one-year deal this week.  Cairo was a popular role player with the Yanks--both in the clubhouse and with the fans.  He may have played over his head in 2004, but he should still be durable and useful off the bench for the Bombers in '06.   

2005-12-28 05:41:21
1.   Dimelo
From today's Rotoworld, a funny ass joke:
Free agent Rafael Palmeiro would like to play next season, although he hasn't made a final decision.
"I'm still interested in playing," he said. "I want to see what options I have. If there's something that's intriguing, I'll do it." Palmeiro didn't mention whether there were any teams interested in him. However, he did say that he'd like to play for the Yankees. Dec. 28 - 3:11 am et
2005-12-28 05:43:01
2.   Dimelo
BTW, the Yanks already had one first baseman who already "fully recovered" from steroid abuse. I doubt they'll need another one or anymore media present in Spring Training.
2005-12-28 06:42:23
3.   jedi
We laugh, but I remember when we signed doc gooden thinking we didnt need another coccaine addict after strawberry. History may repeat itself.

Hey if Raffy can give us a few bombs as a part time DH with Bernie and an emergency stopgap at 1st if Philips doesnt pan out, I'll take it. However, I would be jumping for glee if it was a minor league contract.

2005-12-28 06:53:07
4.   pistolpete
2005-12-28 13:52:23
5.   jonm
Raffy in pinstripes would be a personal nightmare for me. He is probably my second most hated major leaguer now and I've disliked him since he cashed in and did the Viagra commercials. (Schilling's number one on my list and I don't see his throne as being challenged.)

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