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Woe-No, Woe Yes
2005-12-08 09:53
by Alex Belth
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Tony Woemack, or Mo-wack, or whatever the heck you like to call him, has been shipped out of New York on the Davey Collins express to the Reds for a minor league player. CBS Sportsline reports that the player is Kevin Howard, a second baseman.

2005-12-08 10:09:05
1.   Bob Timmermann
So when does the Tony Womack Yankeeography air?
2005-12-08 10:26:34
2.   rbj
Sweet, we got more than a bucket of balls. Any stats on Kevin?
2005-12-08 10:36:23
3.   Alex Belth
Bob, right after the one on Mel Hall.
2005-12-08 10:38:08
4.   Hank
Two things:
1. I'd be happy if the player actually were Davey Collins.
2. I'll also be happy when people (ESPN anchors included) stop thinking they're being clever by playing the Yankeeography card. Okay, the YES Network is narcissistic, but isn't it time we all got over it?
2005-12-08 10:38:59
5.   Nick from Washington Heights
I think it would be ok if Kevin was the first blind armless half member of a siamese twinship to ever play mlb. The important point is that Womack's rare power and on-base potential will be used better in Cincinnatti. Good luck, Tony!
2005-12-08 10:41:42
6.   Cliff Corcoran
Kevin Howard is a 24-year-old, lefty-hitting second baseman who spent all of 2005 in double-A. He doesn't have much power, but knows how to draw a walk. His .296/.346/.428 line in Chattanooga last year is fairly representative of his abilities at the plate. He played 3B is college and returned there in October in the Arizona Fall League where he crushed to the tune of .409/.475/.557, winning the AFL batting crown. A left-handed hitter, Howard's never had a great defensive reputation, but his offensive skills could make him a useful utility infielder as soon as the latter half of this year, which means he's probably already more valuable than Womack.

Nicely done.

2005-12-08 10:47:06
7.   unpopster
good riddance!

Speaking of trading away underperforming middle infielders, the Red Sox have traded away Renteria for the Braves' #1 prospect, Andy Marte.

Can someone please explain to me what the hell the Red Sox are doing? For a team that went to the playoffs and came one game shy of winning the AL East, they have now turned over their entire infield. Gone are Mueller, renteria, Grafanino and Millar. Instead, they've picked up a 3B (Lowell) that may or may not be on the decline, a good-but-not-great 2B (Loretta), and no legit SS or 1B to speak of. They traded away the personal catcher to arguably their most valuable pitcher (Wakefield). Plus, they gave up their real-deal SS propsect for a pitcher (Beckett) who, if Gammons can be believed, has a shoulder MRI that is downright Fugly.

Is it just me, or is this 26-headed front office of the Red Sox overcompensating for the loss of Epstein. Is each and everyone of those 26 guys trying to prove that they can finalize a trade? If so, then there are about 20 more trades on the horizon for the Sox.

Yankee fans may be a bit nervous about Cashman's non-moves...but I much rather keep my infield and role players in tact than trade away a 95 win team.

I just don't get it.

2005-12-08 11:03:33
8.   yankee23

The Red Sox could cut separate deals with Atlanta and Tampa Bay, sending Edgar Renteria to the Braves for Andy Marte, then using Marte as part of a bigger deal with Tampa Bay in which they would not only acquire the shortstop they have targeted, Julio Lugo, but also first baseman Aubrey Huff and/or closer Danys Baez.
-- Boston Globe

Looks like they might only have 19 more to go!

2005-12-08 11:08:15
9.   Voxter
Did you notice that none of the players you listed (ie, Mueller, Renteria, etc) played particularly well last year or are likely to get any better? And that one, at least (Renteria) was woefully overpaid? They won 95 games last year in spite of Edgar Renteria and Kevin Millar, not because of them.

Further, their legit SS prospect (Dustin Pedroia) is still around. Hanley Ramirez is smoke and mirrors.

I agree however, that the Sox seem a little trade-happy at the moment. I don't know if it's compensation for the loss of Epstein or just a case of inertia, but it's starting to be a little strange, no doubt.

2005-12-08 11:40:16
10.   Paul in Boston
Gammons is on Boston sports radio now, saying this is a great deal for Boston. Marte is "an extraordinary prospect."

Spin or fact? I can never tell with Gammons, who of course lives in Brookline and is a longstanding Red Sox fan.

2005-12-08 11:48:55
11.   unpopster

This from

"The move left Boston without a shortstop, but Red Sox senior adviser Bill Lajoie denied a much-rumored deal that would wheel Marte to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Julio Lugo. Lajoie said he expected to see Marte play for the Red Sox this year, putting him in the outfield or first base if it's necessary to get his bat in the lineup."

As for Mueller and Renteria, I am ecstatic that I will never have to endure another Mueller-Mariano matchup in a tight Sox-Yanks game. And, even with his poor 2005, I can see Renteria bouncing back and having a stellar year in Atlanta and back in the NL.

Nevertheless, while the Yanks keep the Jeter-Arod-Giambi-Matsui-Shef-Posada-Cano core in tact, the Sox are now down to Manny-Ortiz-Varitek-Nixon-Lowell for an offense. And that's IF they keep Manny.

2005-12-08 11:49:39
12.   Shaun P
FWIW, I believe BP ranked Marte as their #1 prospect going into the '05 season. It seems the Braves no longer regard him so highly. Marte's minor league numbers were excellent, especially given his age.

Ciao, Woe-mack, and good riddance! This might be the best news of the offseason.

2005-12-08 11:56:18
13.   Paul in Boston
Gammons is also saying that Theo Epstein has essentially crafted these deals from the background. He's implying that Epstein will be the GM again.

Other news from Gammo: Lucchino handled Boras on the Damon front, and that there's no one bidding for Damon.

I may be a Yankee fan for life, but baseball rules in this town, and it's fun. It's almost as if the Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots were in the off-season!

2005-12-08 12:02:23
14.   ChuckM
Looks like we got TWO minor leaguers.

Reds acquired second baseman-outfielder Tony Womack and cash from the Yankees for second baseman Kevin Howard and outfielder Ben Himes.

2005-12-08 12:43:58
15.   YankeeInMichigan
My guess is that Howard will open the year as the starting second baseman in Columbus, ready to be called up if one of the Yankee infielders were to go down. Jeter, A-Rod and Cano are all every-day guys, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to have Howard riding the bench. If Howard does well, he could be trade bait, or he could make Cano expendable.

In summary,
a) Howard has more present and future value than Womack
b) The Yankees save 2.8 million (including luxury tax)
c) The Yankees get Hines (a single-A outfielder) as well.

Good job, Cash.

2005-12-08 13:26:42
16.   debris
Manny-Ortiz-Varitek-Nixon-Lowell offense.


I assume that the Sox will add Damon to that list and you can add Loretta to it as well. Loretta is a career .300 hitter who walks more than he strikes out. A fabulous number 2 hitter.
So you list 5, we add Damon and Loretta and that leaves two holes. That's a lot fewer holes than the Sox had last year.

And they have a lot more pitching staff.

2005-12-08 13:40:05
17.   DarrenF
I call him Tony Bozack ... since you asked ...
2005-12-08 15:50:22
18.   Rich Lederer
on the Davey Collins express

That's good, Alex.

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