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2005-12-05 10:39
by Alex Belth
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Because of the Internet, fans don't have to wait for the evening news or the morning papers to catch the latest sport updates. That's especially helpful now with the winter meetings underway and fans from coast to coast all gibbed up like Bevis on a sugar fix. Buster Olney's blog will be essential reading for those of you who subscribe to ESPN's Insider, while Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci will keep us up-to-date. I'm sure Joe Sheehan and Will Carroll will have the dish for Baseball Prospectus as well. Regionally, make sure to tune in to WFAN to catch Sweeny Murti's reports, and head on over here for the Journal News' Pete Abraham's daily log.

2005-12-05 11:45:04
1.   pistolpete
There's something about Sweeny that just makes him very enjoyable to listen to - whether it's on the phone with a Yankees report, or as part of the Ed Coleman/Murti duo that fills in for some of the regular 'FAN shows sometimes...

He knows his stuff, but he's not arrogant or nasty with the material like cough M&MD cough some personalities on that station can be...

2005-12-05 13:28:24
2.   Dimelo
I totally agree, pistol. Sometimes I feel bad for Sweeny when he has to talk with M&MD and they seem to jump down his throat if he disagrees with anything those windbags say.
2005-12-05 16:09:33
3.   Rich
Sweeny Murti is OK as a source of information, but he thinks that if the Yankees acquire Pierre, he should bat leadoff. Consequently, he's not really a serious baseball person.
2005-12-05 16:28:12
4.   jkay
Ok Alex, I checked Olney's log...check this out!:

. Heard last night that the Yankees are now officially engaged in the Nomar
Garciaparra bidding, and will talk to him about a multi-faceted role -- some
time at first base, the outfield, designated hitter, plus the other three
infield spots.

2005-12-05 16:48:22
5.   Nick from Washington Heights
My vote is to go for Nomar. Imagine:

3. A-Rod

Now if it only were 1999

2005-12-05 17:24:18
6.   Felix Heredia
The correct spelling is "Beavis."
2005-12-05 17:29:14
7.   JohnnyC
Alex is probably referring to the Bevis Frond, a classic British psychedelic one-man jam band from the '80s.
2005-12-05 17:43:11
8.   Dimelo
Obviously Alex is going to have to answer the Beavis vs. Bevis question, but Alex is way too into hip-hop to have refernced a "pychedelic one-man jam band". Alex, will you clear up all the confusion you've caused? :-)
2005-12-05 18:14:36
9.   Alex Belth
Yeah, I meant "Beavis" as in the cartoon (which I was never a fan of--though the episode when he goes wacko on the sugar and starts talkin' about "cornholio" was mad funny). My bad on the spelling, although that big-headed dumbass probably wouldn't know how to spell his name correctly either.
2005-12-05 18:36:57
10.   jkay

SOSH says Gammons reported Beckett is damaged goods.

2005-12-05 18:54:40
11.   Dimelo
If that's true and the Sawx continued with the deal so that they would get good PR from 'The Nation' then Larry and co. are dumber than I thought. As much contempt as I have for that team in Beantown, I don't think it's true. I'd like to think the Sawx did their homework on this one and not be guided (or misguided rather) by getting good PR. However, if it's true and Beckett's shoulder is held together by Krazy Glue then I'll be laughing my f-en ass off at Sawx fans.
2005-12-05 19:54:21
12.   Alvaro Espinoza
Maybe we could get Nomar (speaking of damaged goods) to pitch a few innings too. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make.

Me no likee.

2005-12-05 23:46:24
13.   joejoejoe
Does anyone have access to fielding splits for home and road? I've been reading just enough about altitude and humidity as it effects range and fly balls to make myself stupid.

Juan Pierre was above average in range factor in Colorado at altitude in low humidity. He's below average in Florida at sea level in high humidity. I compared Pierre to one of his predecessors and here's what I found. (via B-R)

Devon White - CF
xxxxx RFg lgRFg
TOR 95 2.71 1.99
FLA 96 2.17 2.13
FLA 97 2.17 2.03
ARI 98 2.60 2.15

Devo's range dropped when he went to FL and then improved when he left. How much are these stats effected by pitching and the corner outfielders? I know one OF is not a study (by comparison Chuck Carr was awesome in FL and Preston Wilson above average). But the severe contrast in environments between Colorado and Florida made me curious.

Anyone have career road range factors to share for Juan Pierre?

2005-12-05 23:47:28
14.   joejoejoe
And I like Nomar at any altitude.

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