Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-03-06 13:18
by Alex Belth


According to Lee Sinn's ATM report today:

1) Orioles owner Peter Angelos has given the team permission to trade for Ken Griffey Jr. According to the Baltimore Sun, "the Orioles remain determined to add a major run producer to their lineup, and Griffey has quietly hovered near the top of their target list, along with Kansas City Royals center fielder Carlos Beltran." The paper reports the Orioles are willing to include Sidney Ponson and one or two prospects in a deal, with Brian Roberts being a possibility.

2) Yankees P Steve Karsay complained of shoulder soreness and is being shut
down for a few days. He's coming off back surgery and, while the Yankees
have been insisting that he'll be ready for Opening Day, Baseball
Prospectus's injury expert Will Carroll hasn't been so optimistic.

After 3.76 ERA/11 RSAA and 2.35 ERA/21 RSAA seasons, Karsay had a 3.26
ERA/11 RSAA in 78 games in his first year with the Yankees. He has a 3.88
career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.62, and 47 RSAA in 321 games.

Karsay became the 4th pitcher to have 3 consecutive years with 70+ games,
10+ RSAA and an ERA at least 1.00 better than the league average--

T1 Duane Ward 1991-93 3
T1 Jeff Shaw 1996-98 3
T1 Scott Sullivan 1999-01 3
T1 Steve Karsay 2000-02 3

Sinn's daily ATM report is essential for any hardcore fan. What's better, is it's free, baby. Don't sleep.

Christian Ruzich, The Cub Reporter, has a great report from the Cubbies training camp in Arizona.

David Pinto has two posts that are worth checking out: one is about how to speed up the game, and the other one is about Derek Jeter.

Finally, Ed Cossette has a fun column today over at Bambino's Curse. He links articles about Prince Pedro Martinez, and Jurassic Carl Everett. The Everett piece is hilarious. Lord what a putz. As talented as Everett is, the Rangers can have him.

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