Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-03-16 08:26
by Alex Belth


Emily successfully pulled through 6 1/2 hours of surgery on Thursday, and is recovering slowly but surely at Lennox Hill, on the Upper East Side. As I mentioned last week, Emily suffers from Chrones. This was her 9th operation since 1996. This latest round dealt with problems caused by an infection that was a result of her last surgery, and the doctor's appear to have remedy the situation.

Damn, but my girl is a fighter. She's a real bulldog, making it through like a trooper, though she has been doped up pretty good since the operation. I've been with her every day and I gotta admit, it tears me up to see her in so much pain. Truthfully, she hasn't felt much of it, but you can see just how enervated her body is from the procedure, and just how progressive the recovery process is going to be.

I haven't had much time to dwell on baseball during the past couple of days, but every once in a while I've tried to let the idea that the I'll be able to watch the Yankees this year really sink in.

I still can't believe it. Part of me doesn't want to believe it until I see the damn channel pop up on my TV at home. Call me superstitious, but it's hard to trust anyone from either Cablevision or the YES Network after all we've been through with these schnooks.

Still, the thought of not being dependent on Sterling and Steiner is enough to keep me warm until the flowers start blooming in a couple of weeks.
For Realah, Magilla.

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