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2005-11-30 05:21
by Alex Belth

As the Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez-to-center field story gained steam yesterday, it was refuted by both Brian Cashman and Joe Torre. That didn't stop Steven Goldman, Mike Lupica, and Murray Chass from weighing in on the matter though. Even if the story is just that, a story, it managed to capture the back page of both the Daily News and Newsday on a day when Billy Wagner and the Mets were celebrating their new union.

In other news, the team is reportedly interested in signing relievers Flash Gordon, Kyle Farnsworth and Mike Myers. They also came to a one-year deal worth $650,000 with Kelly Stinnett to replace John Flaherty as Jorge Posada's back-up.

2005-11-30 06:07:57
1.   Ben
I just read to silly rumor about Edmonds coming to the Yanks for Cano and Wang, that last entry in yesterday's thread. This sounds like the kind of thing that could've happened last year, not this. Good for a chuckle and I hope it stays that way.
2005-11-30 06:11:58
2.   Rob Gee
Why should sports reporters or columnists do any research or accurate reporting when they just can spin a story any way they want?

Torre was asked if Jeter or A-Rod could handle CF athletically. Torre told the Reuters reporter, immediately following the widely reported quotes, that in the same reasoning Mariano would be the best CF on the team. Leaving that cruicial bit out of the story changes the whole interpretation.

And sells a bunch of words and pictures.

BTW: The usually reliable Goldman has been mailing it in. If he took a bit more time to do his research there was no need to explain the 3B options. And the recent blog, hammering home the A-Rod and Ortz comparisons (read: raping a dead horse) left out the cruicial number of plate appearances. Why bother?

2005-11-30 06:40:58
3.   Knuckles
Kelly Stinnett!!!

What, Joel Skinner isn't available?

2005-11-30 06:44:40
4.   rbj
It seems that relievers' prices are going up, now that Ryan and Wagner have signed. Look for Flash to get 3 years (or 2 + option w/ significant buyout.) That's where Kevin Brown's salary is going to go.
2005-11-30 07:13:56
5.   Shawn Clap
I'm glad to see the Yanks are working on the bullpen situation by hiring a new bullpen catcher in Kelly Stinnett.
2005-11-30 07:31:58
6.   sabernar
Hey, at least Stinnett can hit a little bit more than Flaherty. Stinnett had an OPS of .736 last year, and .836 the year before. Granted, they were in limited playing time, but it's still better than Flaherty. Anyone know how he is behind the plate?
2005-11-30 07:37:35
7.   sabernar
last year he caught 7 out of 27 base stealers (26%).
2005-11-30 07:44:53
8.   Peter
Cashman said, "Jorge can catch Randy." Hopefully the personal catcher fiasco is behind us now.
2005-11-30 11:47:19
9.   Cliff Corcoran
Don't be so sure, Peter, Stinnett was a teammate of RJ's in Arizona.

I know I've been a stranger in these parts, but I should have a post up on Stinnett and perhaps some of the relievers who have been named in the rumor mill by tomorrow morning.

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