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2005-11-20 05:59
by Alex Belth
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Not a lot of encouraging signs for the Yankees and the free agent market over the past few days. The search for bullpen help is looking kinda grim at this point. Reports from Newsday and The Daily News suggest that the team is not close to any kind of deal with Brian Giles. Joe Torre, whose recruitment call to reliever Scott Eyre did not convince the southpaw to come to the Bronx, has reportedly been playing phone tag with Giles. While some feel that Giles--likely a one-year, part-time stop-gap at center--isn't suited to the position, others suggest there is no way he'll come to New York either.

Fortunately, the Bombers don't appear to have any interest in trading for Florida's Juan Pierre, but they have poked around about free agent Johnny Damon, who is bound to earn a pretty penny from someone by the time training camp opens.

The other news that made the rumor mill a few days back was that Carl Pavano was unhappy in pinstripes last year and wants to be dealt. The Tigers is the name that has popped up as a possible suitor. There's been nothing from Pavano directly, and I have to say, I've got precious little sympathy for the man. I understand that New York and Boston aren't suited for everyone--fair enough. But don't take a boatload of dough and then start riffing. Hey Stoonatz, what did you think it was going to be like in the Bronx? What, were you born yesterday, you incredible putz you?

2005-11-20 07:46:30
1.   Rob Gee
The lack of Giles news is disappointing as he sang 'options' if not full-time CF. My guess is he's willing to come to the Yanks but wants to see his own options. This may not play out for a while, as Boras will keep the Damon negotiations open and everything seems dependent on that in the market.

Now, the last two days I've been riding hard the MIL-ton BRAD-ley bandwagon. It would be quite silly if they passed up the chance for him (Young - 27, Talented, and Cheap - 3mil and prospects) just because he's insane. If a guy adds wins, and a bit of a distraction, so what? If our clubhouse can't handle Milton Bradley, then the 'vaunted leadership' of those superstars and Torre is much more illusion than reality.

Here's the list of misdeeds (from:,0,1786801.column?coll=ny-sports-columnists).

"Among other very bad deeds, Bradley sped away from a speeding ticket, was jailed for yelling at a police officer, was questioned about three domestic disputes at his house last summer (his new bride had a bloody lip one time), was suspended for throwing a bottle at the feet of fans, called a reporter an "Uncle Tom," engaged in a feud with teammate Jeff Kent (that one may be defensible) and spit gum at an umpire. And he's only 27, which only means plenty of time for many more blowups and meltdowns."

From our past players, this is "very bad"? The only one on there that I cringe at is the domestic violence. But Torre sponsors the "Safe at Home" foundation - he can talk about it but not address it?

Worst case: MB's on a friggin' (and cheap)one year contract, and Bubba is still in the mix as Torre's "fly-ball catcher".

If you have time, go and compare MB to the list of usual and otherwise suspects (Damon, Hunter, Wells, Pierre, Nook Logan, etc.). For the cost and talent and age, MB's our man.

2005-11-20 08:26:19
2.   susan mullen
There are already enough good players who don't
want to play in the Bronx due to "stress," &
assorted other reports of: disconnected club-
house, truly mean and nasty Randy Johnson, ex-
cessive pressure from the press, & things like
having the paid YES network interviewer in there everyday putting down your manager & what
a failure he is & broadcasting it all on tv.
If all you needed to look at is a guy's
field numbers, why have any human beings in-
volved in hiring players? Don't you think DePo-
desta thought Milton looked great on paper?
He's now deservedly out of a job. We don't
need a criminal in here. There is enough
stress that good guys already don't want to
play here.
2005-11-20 08:58:34
3.   JohnnyC
"things like having the paid YES network interviewer in there everyday putting down your manager & what a failure he is & broadcasting it all on tv" Please substantiate that with actual questions, statements, and behavior on the part of Kim Jones. Otherwise, stop doing Bob Raissman's dirty work for him. If anything, YES commentators have bent over backwards to NOT criticize Joe Torre during his entire 10 year career in the Yankees manager's chair.
2005-11-20 09:23:47
4.   wsporter
Any idea what it is Pavano doesn't like? Is it something specific like the media attention, the way he was used and prepared in spring training, his teammates, the water or is it everything? Given he's coming off a bad arm could we expect to get much more than a cup of cold coffee and a stale sandwich back for him? If he is moved do you think they wait till at least spring training so he can prove he is over the injury? Stoonatz, no freakin kidd'n. What makes some of these guys so high strung? Stoonaz/Putz that's some daring cross cultural work on a Sunday Alex.
2005-11-20 11:24:43
5.   Alex Belth
I used to make my dad roll his eyes by putting sopprasatta on a bagel. But I dig cross pollination.
2005-11-20 11:35:34
6.   wsporter
And here I thought the height of cross cultural innovation was Mortadella on a pizza bagel. Oy
2005-11-20 15:17:50
7.   Rich
I still think Giles is coming here.
2005-11-20 16:13:50
8.   Nick from Washington Heights
It's a firesale in Florida. Apparently, Beckett is going to get dealt. The rumor is he's going to Texas with Lowell for Blalock and a prospect. Man, I'd love for the Yanks to work something for Beckett. Maybe Duncan and Hughes (and Pavano for good measure)
2005-11-20 17:26:16
9.   Rich
No freakin' way I would trade Hughes for Beckett, and fortunately, neither will the Yankees. Beckett is always hurt.
2005-11-20 19:12:16
10.   das411
Wow, I'm pretty sure there were a few games in October 2003 when he wasn't hurt, kind of surprised actually that you guys don't remember them...
2005-11-20 22:45:03
11.   Rich
So you give up the next Seaver for a few games in October? nfw
2005-11-20 22:47:13
12.   Rich
2005-11-21 06:46:51
13.   Knuckles
DePodesta is not out of a job because he put MIL-ton BRAD-ley in his lineup. He's out of a job because the entire Dodgers team spent about half of 2005 on the DL and the new ownership knows no other way to cope than to fire the GM. I agree with everyone else that the Yanks have handled bigger cancers than Bradley in their day, and at the price we could get him (and his age) vs someone like Giles, it's a risk that should be taken.
2005-11-21 07:39:48
14.   Rob Gee
Hey Knuckles, glad to have you in the Crazy Uncle MIL-ton tent! I had been thinking it would be a bonus with Giles on-board but that's looking less likely:

Either way, MB's our CF, and much better in a trade than as a FA. Without Giles that OF/DH rotation (esp. Shef to DH) is much less exciting and flexible but could do for most of the season.

2005-11-21 08:01:26
15.   Zack
I would much rather avoid Beckett AND Bradly, and wait till the following year while keeping our system intact. Duncan is one of the few appealing prospects we have, and if we must trade him, it better be for something a lot more sure and with a much higher ceiling that Bradley. If not, let the guy be our next 1B...
2005-11-21 08:51:14
16.   Rob Gee
Sorry, Zack. Duncan ain't playing first base for this team.

I know you're not sold on MB, but he's a legit full-time CF, young, and talented. That's a higher ceiling than we've had for the last two to three seasons. Even still, the Dodgers probably don't want Duncan with the guys in their system. So something else would have to be worked out there.

And MB would be on a one-year contract if we trade for him. If the Dodgers non-tender him, he'll go to the highest bidder as a FA. I'm much more enthusiastic in the former situation cause it would be considered an audition in production and demeanor. If MB doesn't live up to expectations, we're in the "wait to next year (Andruw Jones)" mode you're advocating.

2005-11-21 14:39:01
17.   Schteeve
Say what you will about Milton, but the guy's got game. HA HA HA. I love that joke.

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