Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-04-04 12:51
by Alex Belth


Here is another fine edition of Steve Goldman's Pinstriped Bible column. Goldman joins Lee Sinns in questioning Joe Torre's choice in back-up catchers (this means you John Flaherty):

One of Torre's stated managerial goals for this season is to rest Jorge Posada more often. In the past he has had to push Posada to the limits of his endurance because, it has been said, he did not have a backup catcher he trusted enough. Mr. Torre must have a very specific picture of what he's looking for in his head, because he's passed on some very useful reserves over the years.
John Flaherty replaces Chris Widger in the latest in a long line of Yankees backup catchers. The Blue Jays have found Tom Wilson to be a useful part-time player. The Rangers got a .580 slugging percentage out of Todd Greene last year. As my quill pen scratches these words onto the parchment, Bobby Estalella is enjoying a two-homer game for the Colorado Rockies. Chris Widger was a serviceable backup with the Yankees last year, and a passable starter with the Expos and Mariners before that. In place of these players the Yankees have had Alberto Castillo, Joe Oliver, and Chris Turner.

There are several goodies relating to Jeter's injury as well, but why spoil it? Best to get your ass over to what is undoubtedly the best weekly Yankee column available.

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