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2005-11-17 05:45
by Alex Belth
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I've got a guest article over at Rich Lederer's Baseball Analysts site today. It is a piece about women and baseball and well as a tribute to a great friend of mine. The post is one that is close to my heart and if you have the time, head on over and check it out. Thanks.

2005-11-17 06:02:13
1.   Rich Lederer

No, thank YOU. That is a great story in more ways than one. What a tribute to your friend, Alex. I loved how you celebrated her life. Very touching.

2005-11-17 06:35:30
2.   domvjr
Alex, wonderful story, no matter what happens in life, you always have memories of people who have made an impact on your life, like she did for you. Keep up the great writing, Bronx Banter is the first site I check in the am, because of you and Cliff.
Thanks alot!
2005-11-17 07:40:50
3.   Shawn Clap
That was some tremendous writing, but more importantly a fitting tribute. I've witnessed you hone your craft over the years and I've just got one thing to say:

Forget 'Pitchers & Catchers', I'm counting down the weeks until "Stepping Up".

Any offical release date yet?

2005-11-17 07:50:18
4.   rbj
Very nice article, great writing.
And I can't wait til your book comes out.
2005-11-17 07:56:49
5.   Nick from Washington Heights
what they said
2005-11-17 08:17:43
6.   Alex Belth
Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. It really means a lot to me. No hard date on the book release yet, but it'll coincide with Opening Day somehow. Figure last week of March or first week in April. I'll keep you posted for sure.
2005-11-17 08:36:25
7.   NetShrine
Alex - thanks for sharing this wonderful story - and doing it so well.

Ever see "Stealing Home" - - if not, you should check it out. It might resonate with you more than others based on this experience that you had.

2005-11-17 12:57:12
8.   Dimelo
Alex, great piece. I loved the opening quote very much too. It's stuff like this that now attracts me to bronxbanter, and many other websites you have listed on your right hand side, before I ever go to the local NY media papers. This kind of stuff is what makes the web so great and makes me dislike more the Lupica's and Shaugnessy types. You also mentioned Mitch Albom in your piece and his book, Tuesday's with Morie, I read that book and now I find myself reading Mitch's columns every week too - well the one's that don't have anything to do with Detroit sports specifically.
2005-11-17 13:19:54
9.   tocho
You really know what baseball is all about.
2005-11-17 16:03:45
10.   Simone
Alex, thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts about your friend. I lost a dear friend several years ago and didn't get to say goodbye which is still very painful for me even today. Like you, I hold on tightly to the memories and the love.
2005-11-17 21:28:58
11.   Matt B
I'll keep it short and sweet: F-in' supoib. That really made my day - great stuff, Alex.
2005-11-18 17:08:08
12.   Rich
The article was extremely moving. I can relate to it on a number of levels.

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