Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-04-08 07:18
by Alex Belth
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Derek Jeter and the Yankees got the answers they were looking for from Dr. James Andrews, the noted orthopedic surgeon, yesterday. Andrews agreed with the diagnosis Yankee doctors gave Jeter last week: he will not need surgery. Jeter will likely need a minimum of six weeks of rehabilitation before he can return to the team. So let's conservatively say that Jeter returns in at some point in June. That's about as good as anyone could have expected.

According to the Times:

The Yankees said the treatment would begin immediately. "The risk is always there,'' General Manager Brian Cashman said, referring to reinjuring the shoulder. "To what degree no one can really measure. I'm not confident this won't happen again, because it can, but we're very confident in the fact that he hasn't done surgery now.''

Somewhat ominously, Cashman added, "If he dislocates it again, he'll need surgery, no doubt about that.''

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