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Who You Callin' a Mook?
2005-11-13 07:41
by Alex Belth
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According the The Daily News, the Yankees may have interest in the right-handed relief pitcher, Kyle Farnsworth. Ugh. There are few players in the game I dislike more than Farnsworth, and it's not because I've read that he's a complete mook off-the-field. It's because he can throw the ball 100 mph but in a crucial spot (like Game Four against the Astros this past off-season), he'll start mincing around with his slider, his splitter, falling in love with them, when he could just blow guys away with the heater. (His breaking pitches are nice, but that's not the point, the point is they are not his strength.) Farnsworth is Nuke Laloosh come to life but without the winning personality, the flake to make him somehow tolerable. He's probably best served as the team's defacto brawler should a fight every break out.

Now, if the Yankees signed both B.J. Ryan and Farnsworth, I won't complain. But if Farnsworth is an alternative to Ryan, I'll be moaning 'til the cows come home.

The Bombers are expected to sign Hideki Matsui by Tuesday. When all is said and done, expect Godzilla's pockets to be fat, not flat.

2005-11-13 08:26:16
1.   singledd
Matsui is rumored to get $50mil/4 years?
I want the guy, but I wonder if he will be good in 4 years. He's got us over a barrel. The Angels paid $13mil for Vlad?

Oh well.... it's a sellers market!

2005-11-13 08:57:09
2.   sabernar
Yeah, $12M/yr is a bit high for Matsui, but do we have any other choice? There is no one on the free agent market to replace him except for Giles, and I think the Yanks are looking into signing him AS WELL AS Matsui, so he wouldn't be a replacement. The Yanks could always trade for someone, but who? They're having enough of a problem finding a CF. Of course, there is always Manny... ;)

I heard that the Mets are shopping Cameron. Do you think the Yanks could swing that kind of trade? I know he's not the best hitter in the world, but he's a great fielder, assuming he doesn't have any repurcussions from his horrible accident last season.

I think that Matsui, Giles, Sheffield, and Crosby in the OF/DH slots. Let Giles split time between CF & RF and let Shef split playing time between RF & DH. Then let Crosby play CF half the time while another, unidentified player DH's or plays 1B. Voila! All our problems are solved!

2005-11-13 09:06:48
3.   kcyanks1
I like the idea of Ryan and Farnsworth if they are unable to re-sign Gordon. I want Ryan, but if they just sign Ryan and let Gordon go, they still have 2 great relievers and not much else just like last year. I'd like to have 3 strong relievers, so re-signing Gordon or getting Farnsworth can do that.

Having Giles and Matsui would be a great way to destroy the other teams on offense and give up some defense. I'm still interested in Bradley for CF, though, assuming his knee injury won't be a problem going into next season. Then they can sign only one of Matsui or Giles, and not have to worry about ever having Crosby's inept bat in the lineup (at least until Bradley gets hurt). They'd still be weak at DH (I'm assuming Giambi is the every day first baseman), which makes it tempting to advocate Matusi, Giles, and Bradley, with all the OFers and Giambi all taking some time at DH. Though if Matsui is really going to get 4 years/$50M, this may prove to be too expense.

2005-11-13 09:36:20
4.   murphy
cameron is a strikeout machine. one of the things that yankees have (sort of) maintained from the dynasty years is making pitchers work. (don't worry, cano will get there). cameron (while a great defensive CF) is not the speedster he used to be and not all that great an on-base guy.

also. i think $12 mil is a fine price for matsui. is he a .320/30/120 guy? no. but he is BEYOND clutch and i would take him over sheff in hearbeat in a 2 out, RISP situation.

2005-11-13 09:47:25
5.   randym77
Wow. If that number turns out to be accurate, it's more than I expected them to pay for Matsui. I thought he'd settle for a little more than Ichiro got. Say, 45 million. has an article about the Yankees' new reliance on their farm system:

Though I have to wonder if they're really turning over a new leaf, or if it was just necessity. There weren't a lot of Giambis or A-Rods on the block this year.

2005-11-13 10:30:41
6.   wsporter
If Farnsworth is the only guy I think everyone might be very unhappy. Its hard not to fall in love with the gas he brings. I still think we need to hang on to Gordon, pick up Ryan and get a third guy for the pen. IF Mr. Torre, Gator and Kerrigan et. al. can get Farnsworth to focus on his strengths we'd have something . His predilection to nibble is maddening (at least it will be if he brings it here) but if he gets religion look out. I'd take my chances with those three plus Mariano. If...
2005-11-13 13:10:36
7.   Rich
I would sign him in addition to, not instead of, Ryan.
2005-11-13 14:55:12
8.   debris

I think it's amusing that you say they're expected to sign Matsui "as early" as this coming Tuesday, considering that they cannot sign him after Tuesday until May.

I also would hardly call Matsui "clutch." Matsui is probably the streakiest hitter in the game today. When he is on, he hits absolutely anything. One wonder how anyone ever gets him out. When he is off, he hits nothing. For long stretches.

2005-11-13 15:41:26
9.   Alex Belth
D, Good looking. I've corrected that sentence.
2005-11-13 17:52:51
10.   sabernar
The Tuesday deadline is part of Matsui's contract. If he and his agent want to extend the deadline, then it's up to them. The deadline isn't a hard and fast rule, as I understand, but an artificial one that is included in his previous contract with the Yankees.
2005-11-13 19:52:43
11.   NetShrine
Alex wrote: "when he could just blow guys away with the heater"

A heater alone makes you Scott Proctor or Felix Rodriguez. Even when you toss 95+, you have to bend or dip enough to keep them honest.

2005-11-14 12:06:45
12.   RI Yankee
What about taking a flyer on Trevor Hoffman? Would he be willing to setup?
2005-11-14 16:08:13
13.   Schteeve
Farnsworth is a jackass with no heart. They were happy to get rid of him in Chicago. We'll be unhappy every time he enters a game in NY.
2005-11-17 06:04:48
14.   joejoejoe
Why isn't Bobby Howry mentioned more frequently as a setup man for the Yankees? Howry seems like Torre's kind of pitcher while Farnsworth is a John Rockeresque spaz. I'll pass.

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