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2005-11-08 11:11
by Alex Belth
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Bartolo Colon won the American League Cy Young Award this afternoon. Mariano Rivera placed second, Johan Santana came in third. While it may have been nice for Yankee fans to see Rivera win it, I do not think he deserved it, even as a kind of lifetime achievement award. As reader KJC put it, "Mo's gonna be in the Hall of Fame -- that's his lifetime achievement award, not the '05 Cy."


2005-11-08 11:25:09
1.   murphy
so when do they start calling it the "most wins" award? i remember when hentgen beat pettite, it was the same crap: hantgen's 21 wins to pettite's 20. in the age or LOOGY's, "setup men", and groundball/flyball ratios, it can hardly be expected that multiple pitchers will wind 20+ games, so does that mean we award it to the one man who does? hardly. the CY Young should be based on DIPS and DIPS alone.
2005-11-08 11:31:55
2.   murphy
then again... it IS named after the man with the most wins ever - also the most losses. this would mean that greinke is just as deserving. :)
2005-11-08 11:46:55
3.   Rich
A joke.
2005-11-08 11:51:25
4.   rbj
Cy also has the most complete games. Utterly stupid if you can't see past wins. Wins are the least pitcher dependent stat.
2005-11-08 11:55:14
5.   Shaun P
Great idea, murphy! And good point - the "Most Wins" award is appropriately named.

For two-thirds of my life, I lived within a 40 minute drive of Cooperstown, yet I never attended a HoF induction ceremony. The day Mo gets in, I will be there.

2005-11-08 12:10:39
6.   Dimelo
Maybe Mo will win the MVP then. I'd rather have him win it then ARod or Ortiz. If Ortiz or ARod wins it then I can see the acrimony from both sides. "Ortiz hit better in the cluth, he's the most deserving", "Arod can't handle the pressure, he shouldn't have won", blah, blah. Mo would silence both crowds and suprise the heck out of everyone.
2005-11-08 12:47:47
7.   Dimelo
If Ortiz wins the MVP, then that would pretty much make ARod 2nd. Hmmmm...makes me wonder, when was the last time a team had 3 players finish 2nd, in the same year, in all 3 major awards -- Cy Yound, MVP, and ROY?
2005-11-08 13:41:52
8.   BenYankee
I think this year's award has proven the Cy Young to be a complete and utter joke. Bartolo Colon was MAYBE the fourth-best pitcher out there. Based on pure peripherals, the Unit had a better season than Colon. The Unit's higher ERA was due mainly to the fact that he gave up 6 more home runs than Colon. Otherwise, he outpitched Colon in any way. Rivera and Santana were both more deserving.

Blinded by wins. It's sad.

2005-11-08 15:14:22
9.   Shaun P
We are not alone in our thinking!

2005-11-08 21:42:49
10.   susan mullen
We no longer live in a time where we have to
accept results like this without question. I've
spent a bit of time looking into this. First,
exactly who are the voters? Many newspapers are
no longer allowing their sportswriters to par-
ticipate in voting for these awards. I've
checked the BBWAA website, & it's not clear
they have coverage
or members in
any AL East division cities except New York.
What voters saw Mo pitch and how often? I heard
Jack O'Connell of BBWAA on a radio show today, & he said the BBWAA had proposed
selling rights to the awards and dinner to
Dick Clark productions. I found out on the AP
Sports Writers site that DCP would be involved in
ancillary "benefits" that might be given to
players. So far, this isn't going to happen,
but the issue was discussed at this year's
AP Sports Writers convention. Papers that
forbid writer's voting: The NY Times(this may
include also The Boston Globe, as they share
ownership), The Baltimore Sun, The Washington
Post, The Los Angeles Times, & The Atlanta
Journal Constitution. Some of these were men-
tioned by O'Connell & some I got from look-
ing at reports from the APSE. I saw a report
on today that said that the BBWAA
appoints 2 writers from each major league city to vote each year. If a number of major
newspapers/groups don't allow their people to
vote, who is it that's voting, & how much
have they seen Mariano Rivera, if at all?
This process is clearly spiraling downhill.
Papers are continuing to consider substantial
conflict of interest issues, and rightly so.
This procedure must be examined immediately.
2005-11-09 10:33:19
11.   rbj
Right Susan. We need a BaseBall Bloggers Association of America to hand out rewards to those who are truly deserving: most productive hitter, best starter, best reliever, most important overall player. And real gold glover winners.
2005-11-09 19:50:30
12.   Stormer Sports

I have to respectfully disagree. The Cy Young Award is and was intended to be presented to the best pitcher in the American League, not the best starter, the pitcher with the most wins, or the pitcher who has the greatest level of fan support.

Mariano Rivera was the best pitcher in the American League last year. If he deserves the award, he should be presented with it. A strong likelihood, and that is realistically all it amounts to after all, of Hall of Fame induction, should not be held out as some excuse for fans and voters not to show the fortitude and courage to give him the Cy Young award.

Although, if this were always the case, Randy Johnson would have won the Cy Young in 2004, given his statistics dwarfed Roger Clemens's. Well, those out of the pitchers control W's rear their ugly head again.

2005-11-09 19:52:10
13.   Stormer Sports

Alex Rodriguez got hosed in the Gold Glove voting.
Chavez, I mean seriously, come on.

2005-11-09 22:04:25
14.   susan mullen
This is a national scandal.In the NY Times
today, Kepner reports there were 6 "writers"
that didn't even mention Rivera on their
ballot, including Sheldon Ocker of the Akron
Beacon Journal and Corey Brock of The Tacoma
News Tribune. Ocker voted as follows: 1. Colon,
2. CLIFF LEE, 3. Buehrle. Ocker is quoted say-
ing that Rivera's success probably hurt him:
"he's had so many good seasons, that, well, it's just another good season for Rivera."
Mariano's lifetime of work and achievement is
thrown down the drain by this so-called
reporter? The Cy Young award has been exposed
as a fraud. It must be stopped.
2005-11-10 06:17:59
15.   KJC
Are all of these awards fraudulent? What about Torre getting 3rd in Manager of the Year? After all I read on this site about his bad managing, how is that possible? I would think he was about as good/bad (depending on your view) as Terry Francona: both teams have high payrolls, injury-plagued rosters, and they finished with the same record. So what makes Joe significantly better? (Having to deal with George doesn't count...)

I'm not attacking Torre -- I like him. I just think that all these awards don't mean jack. The only ones that do are the league champion and World Series trophies!

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