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Whatta Ya Know? Huston Street is the AL Rookie of Year
2005-11-07 11:11
by Alex Belth
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2005-11-07 11:16:00
1.   Alex Belth
Ryan Howard took home the hardware in the National League:
2005-11-07 11:20:34
2.   Vishal
hey, they got it right this year!

and frankly, joe blanton deserved to be in the top 3 or 4 as well.

2005-11-07 12:22:45
3.   Dimelo
Cano "Don't you know?" ended up in 2nd. That's a nice surprise.
2005-11-07 13:57:21
4.   randym77
Not a bad showing by Robby! Guess this means he's the best rookie who's not a pitcher. ;-)

And speaking of pitchers...Celizic thinks Mo deserves the Cy Young:

2005-11-07 14:13:02
5.   uburoisc
I'm fine with Street; he showed some real poise in some clutch situations. I'd put Gomes ahead of Cano, though, as the next choice. I'd have Blanton ahead of Robbie, as well. But congrats to Cano, he was clearly one of the finest rookies this year in either league.
2005-11-07 18:23:51
6.   rsmith51
I would pick Santana, Rivera, and then Colon.

I think Mo will win it.

2005-11-08 07:09:27
7.   susan mullen
I'm very upset--I just read that Colon was
flown by MLB to Miami either yesterday or
today. I haven't read they've flown Mo
anywhere. Does this mean Colon got it?
2005-11-08 08:03:56
8.   Cliff Corcoran
No. They hand out the awards in April.
2005-11-08 08:54:29
9.   susan mullen
Thanks, Cliff. But, why would the story say
that MLB had flown him into Miami today, and
quote Colon saying that he's very excited at
the possiblity of winning the award?

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