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2005-11-07 05:30
by Alex Belth
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The GM meetings start today in Palm Springs California, but the morning papers are almost completely without any baseball stories. (Shrug.) Ah, welcome to the winter. It's too early still for trades and signings and the 2005 awards are just starting to trickle in (Steve Lombardi and David Pinto do have their paws on the latest Bill James Handbook though, and are finding it to be tons'o'fun.) One item of note around these parts is that today marks the start of Bronx Banter's fourth year. My first post appeared on November 7, 2002. The subject: Bill James joining the Red Sox.

2005-11-07 06:35:46
1.   unpopster
you know, there's a point where it really starts to piss me off. See:

I mean, c'mon people, enough with this horseshit already! Leave Aroduy alone, already.

Where's the mocking of Vlad for his pathetic showing in this, and last year's, playoffs?

sheesh, the piling on has got to stop. The guy's about to win the friggin' MVP, for god's sake!

(aok, I'm calm now)

2005-11-07 06:37:40
2.   Alex Belth
Unpopster, Yo, dude just leave that nonsense alone. Don't let it get you going...(look whose talking!)
2005-11-07 06:48:09
3.   Knuckles
ESPN's Page 2 can't really be taken seriously. I like reading Simmons for the most part. He knows zilch about baseball and botches pretty much every column about it he writes. But his NBA, NFL, and general pop culture stuff are often very funny.

Past that, pretty much every other 'writer' on that site is a hack, with a very specific (and obvious) axe to grind. Shanoff, Hruby, etc. are scribes I avoid like the plague. Caple is the guy that irks me the most- that inane college cartoon is a little creepy, and when his work ends up in the actual MLB section of ESPN, it drives their cred down even further in my eyes. He seems like the kind of guy that would come back to homecoming when you were in college, and hit on your girlfriend while his wife is 20 yards away talking with other wives.

2005-11-07 06:54:20
4.   Jen
Only thing worth reading one Page 2 is Uni Watch.
2005-11-07 07:30:44
5.   Rich Lederer
Congrats, Alex, on celebrating the third anniversary of Bronx Banter. Thanks for all the great posts as well as for your friendship. You're the best.
2005-11-07 09:28:16
6.   Marc Normandin
Congrats on the blogs birthday. I can only hope people want to listen to me long enough to let that happen.
2005-11-07 09:38:45
7.   rbj
Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. er, Happy Birthday; sorry, was channeling Frosty for a second there.
2005-11-07 09:52:42
8.   Jon Weisman
Felicitations, Alex! You rule.
2005-11-07 10:01:12
9.   Simone
Congrats, Alex.
2005-11-07 10:30:37
10.   NetShrine
Alex, may the upcoming years be as great as the three that just passed! Stand proud. You guys deserve to!
2005-11-07 10:36:18
11.   Dimelo
Congrats Alex and Cliff, good to see even Baseball Musings was wishing you well today.

Great site, great analysis and it seems to attract some smart ass Yankee fans. I'm still wondering how despite all that I was still given an account here. Oh well....

2005-11-07 10:48:17
12.   Patrick
Congrats. :)
2005-11-07 13:53:40
13.   david dean
Congratulations Alex. Long-time reader, first time poster. It's a testament to your (and Cliff's) work that as a die hard Boston fan, I consider Bronx Banter essential reading, and in fact read it much more frequently than any of the Red Sox blogs out there. So, cheers, and keep up the great work.
2005-11-07 17:32:26
14.   Adam B
Happy Birthday, Bronx Banter. This has become a blog that I read constantly. Keep up the good work Alex and Cliff.

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