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2005-11-06 08:24
by Alex Belth
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The day after the Yankees lost to the Angels in the ALDS, my friend Rich Lederer suggested that Brian Giles would look good in a Yankee uniform. I agreed (as do the fellas over at No Maas). According to Anthony McCarron in today's Daily News:

Hideki Matsui remains the Yankees' outfield priority, but GM Brian Cashman also has started looking into other outfield possibilities and recently called the representative for Brian Giles to express interest in the free agent.

"I've had a conversation with Brian (Cashman)," said Joe Bick, Giles' agent. "He said they are assessing what they are going to do and, obviously, Brian is an attractive guy to them and they are interested in talking about him. We have nothing specifically set up, but I'm sure we'll have another conversation."

Giles in not young and wouldn't figure to help improve the Yankees outfield defense significantly, but he's a terrific hitter, and is the kind of all-out hustle player who would be embraced in New York, don't you think?

2005-11-06 09:04:56
1.   rbj
The Yankees only have until Nov. 15 to sign Masui. They better not let this turn into another "let's footdrag until the last possible second and then get caught with our pants down" situation.
2005-11-06 09:44:32
2.   JohnnyC
Could these be the first steps in trading Sheffield? He's in his walk year and will undoubtedly gripe about an extension from Day 1 of Spring Training. Giles would be a better right fielder and, being left-handed, actually be more impactful as an offensive threat, especially in the Stadium.
2005-11-06 10:23:50
3.   singledd
Johnny C
If we get Giles, I would guess Matsui moves to CF. I think we can shop CF OR Corner OF, depending on the situation. As we don't have a DH now, it also allows Shef to DH more (depneding on what OTHER O'fer we get... or use Bubba)

I can't imagine we would want to move Sheff. He's been great for us, and is not that moveable. I'm not that sure he wan't to play after '06. Would love to hear other opinions on this one.

I still think Piazza, if reasonably priced, makes a great DH/3rd catcher. Common... hit me!

2005-11-06 10:28:59
4.   Dan M
I've been all over Giles since the season ended. Can you imagine how long the games would be, with him and Giambi on base 6 times a game?
2005-11-06 10:42:24
5.   Nick from Washington Heights
Isn't the problem with tryng to move Sheff the fact that he enacted a no-trade clause of his own making last season? Why would the Mets (or any other team for that matter) deal for a guy who promised to make things at his new place unpleasant?

Regardless of whether we can move Sheff or not, I still like signing Giles, rather than targeting the center fielders that are available on the market right now. Sheff should start seeing more time at DH. Giambi should play most games at 1b, given his career numbers hitting when fielding as opposed to DHing. Giles should go to right. Hideki should stay in left, and cf should be filled cheaply, either by Bubba or Milton Bradley (who I'm guessing can be poached from the Dodgers at little cost).

The worrisome thing to me about the article is that cash might be viewing Giles as an alternative to signing Hideki. There's a chance that early talks don't look promising to Cashman,and he's viewing Giles as a contingency plan for Matsui's departure. Of course,he could also be using Giles as a chip to lower Hideki's asking price. In any case, I'm not confident that Cashman is considering the possibility of having both Matsui and Giles on the team.

2005-11-06 11:06:20
6.   randym77
I think Nick's right. This sounds, at the very least, like an attempt to put pressure on Matsui to sign.

No way can Hideki play CF. I can't see moving him, unless it's to another team.

2005-11-06 14:04:26
7.   JeremyM
I could be wrong but I think Nov. 15th is just the deadline for offering Matsui (and all free agents) arbitration, which would extend the period of negotiation.
2005-11-06 14:05:23
8.   JeremyM
Oh nevermind, just read the blurb on the side here, Nov. 15th is the deadline. My mistake!
2005-11-06 16:55:01
9.   murphy
i know, in many people's minds, andy pettite decided that he was going to leave new york before the bargaining began, but I have always been of the belief that the yankees reticence to sign him immediately hurt his feelings and sent him packing. i would hate to see the same happen with matsui. give the damn RBI machine, clutch-o-matic porn-fiend what he wants NOW.

also... has anyone considered that giles (who is getting on in years and losing a step in the OF - though don't get me wrong i would love to see him in pinstripes) may only be entertaining cash's phone calls to drive up his own price with other clubs?

2005-11-06 20:02:37
10.   ieddyi
The YAnks already have a $13M option for 2007 on Sheff, so no need to extend his contract. He'll ptobably make noise about them exercising his option at some point during the season.
Getting Giles and a good defensive CF would be great. WE can use Posada, Sheff, Matsui, Giles and Giambi as rotating DH's and keep them fresher for the end of the season and (hopefully) the playoffs.
A big step up form having Bernie or Tino DH
2005-11-07 08:37:42
11.   uburoisc
Watched Giles quite a bit here in San Diego; he's the real thing, great guy to pick up, and his power #'s will be improved in Yankee stadium.
2005-11-07 08:56:14
12.   Schteeve
A few words of caution:

Giles power numbers will improve in Yankee Stadium because he's a lefty? That's what they said about Giambi. But Giambi and Giles are both gap hitters so I'm not sure you could expect a meaningful power spike from Giles.

Any scenario that makes Hideki Matsui the Yankees starting CF next year is a bad one.

Getting rid of Sheff seems to be a silly idea that keeps coming up over and over. I can't understand the motivation for moving the guy, unless you could trade him for a decent OF and a top drawer starting pitcher. And that's not gonna happen. If you get rid of Sheff, how are you going to replace his RC? Because unless the Yankees do something profound about their pitching this offseason, they are still going to need to score 5 runs a game on average to win.

2005-11-07 09:21:33
13.   joejoejoe
Can anyone see the Yankees moving Sheffield to the Cubs for Kerry Woods and Corey Patterson? The finances make sense for the Cubs and the Yankees get a spare OF and a potentially excellent post season #4 pitcher that they can pamper with low innings during the regular season.

Then you sign Giles to replace Sheffield.

2005-11-07 09:24:12
14.   joejoejoe
Wood. I guess I have Tiger on the brain.

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