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Clock Strikes Twelve
2005-11-02 14:00
by Alex Belth
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According to the Associated Press, Matt Lawton was suspended by Major League Baseball today for violating the league's steroids policy. Lawton, who has always struck me as an aimable man, had a forgettable run for the Yankees this past summer.

2005-11-02 14:11:48
1.   tz1
weird, he's a little guy
2005-11-02 14:22:08
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Is this the OF from an AL playoff team we've been hearing about? The word was it would be someone people would care about. I'm sure Matt Lawton's family cares about him. Heck some sentimental Twins fans of a certain age may give a hoot, but otherwise . . .
2005-11-02 14:33:49
3.   Dimelo
Am I the only person who was relieved to hear it was Lawton and not anyone else?
2005-11-02 14:37:04
4.   JohnnyC
Can't be. Will Carroll said it was someone who mattered. Lawton wasn't even on the playoff roster. Must be another shoe about to fall.
2005-11-02 14:42:08
5.   Rob
I wonder about that "other shoe" as well. While Lawton technically may be an "outfielder" for a "playoff" team, he's not anyone we really care about, is he? I'm with Cliff and JohnnyC on this one. There's got to be someone else. Are we above taking bets? If not, I say Finley.
2005-11-02 14:54:25
6.   Dimelo
Wow...I just found this site....this is great.

Baseball players taking all sorts of pictures with chicks. Got to love being famous!!!

2005-11-02 15:00:59
7.   Oscar Azocar
Didn't Carroll say during the middle of the summer (right after Palmeiro got busted) that there was another significant player that was about to get suspended? Whatever happened with that? I've barely read any of his writing to make a fair judgement, so is there anybody else that can verify if he's a good source?
2005-11-02 15:05:45
8.   Adam B
Carroll clarified his statement last week in an interview at Baseball Musings, where he said that he felt the public should care about any baseball player testing positive.
2005-11-02 15:23:51
9.   randym77
Matt Lawton? You gotta be kidding.

If he meant we should care about any baseball player testing positive, he should have said that. Realistically, no one's going to give a rip about Lawton.

2005-11-02 15:28:10
10.   kylepetterson
Does it still amaze anyone else how many players come here and bust? I mean, I was never thinking Lawton was gonna be an everyday guy and maybe it was just because he didn't see the field as much but, man, I am not sorry to see this guy leave regardless of the steroids issue. Any word on whether or not Leiter is gonna retire?
2005-11-02 17:00:39
11.   Schteeve
Will Carroll being hyperbolic and then backpedaling? Nooooooooooo.
2005-11-02 19:23:39
12.   Dimelo
Ian O'Connor sure did a number on Theo. Honestly, you are damned if you do, damned if you don't in life. I thought Theo left with his character not taking a hit, taking the high road and being a man of princples. However, some in the media don't see it that way:

Nobody hates the Sawx more than me, but it's hard to not admire Theo, give him credit and wish him well with his future endeavors. Theo honored his contract, he did his job to the best of his abilities and felt, for whatever reason, he didn't want to do it anymore. Many people leave their jobs, in all walks of life. Many bosses try and do everything possible so that certain employee doesn't leave; however, some still do....what Theo did wasn't any different than what many common working people do everyday. Too bad Ian O'Connor would rather write a story to insult Theo's character than praise it, I guess if you've never left 4 - 5 million on the table then it's hard to comprehend what Theo left behind and understand his convictions.

2005-11-02 20:40:15
13.   Zavo
Wow, did Theo sleep with O'Connor's wife? That article is just a little too much. I know we are all extremely passionate about baseball, and I know I can get crazy about the Yankees from time to time, but that article was just a little too personal in my opinion. I can't believe that the USA Today would even publish that trash.

I hate the Red Sox as much as most Yankee fans, but by all accounts Theo is a nice guy who did a good job and fulfilled his contractual obligations. What O'Connor wrote was totally uncalled for.

2005-11-02 20:59:24
14.   tommyl
Hmmm...I thought the reports were that the announcement of the suspended player were being delayed because it was under appeal. Lawton categorically said he didn't appeal the decision. Wonder if that means there's something still out there?
2005-11-02 21:19:59
15.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, over on the Juice, Will is saying Lawton was the guy. Lawton was an All-Star in '04 with the Indians, and I should be happy it's not someone more significant, but I can't help feeling misled.

Beyond that, I wish Lawton the best. He seemed like a decent guy and as a resident of southern Mississippi he doesn't need this sort of thing on top of Katrina and the resulting worries about his family.

2005-11-03 06:36:15
16.   rbj
Dimelo, thanks for the article link. Damn, did Larry Lucchino write it for O'Connor?
It's one thing to go to work for whom you know is going to be a tough/bullying owner (Steinbrenner), it's quite another for you to feel betrayed by your mentor, who is, afterall, just another employee.
2005-11-03 08:22:14
17.   Shaun P
I guess I understand Will Carroll's point that we should 'care' about every and any baseball player who tests positive for steroids/PEDs, but wow, Lawton was not who I expected. Maybe that's why he always looked so sad with the Yanks, in addition to what happened with Hurricane Katrina.

Sad coincidence - today is Matt Lawton's 34th birthday. Ouch.

2005-11-03 09:27:14
18.   Ben
You just have to shrug over O'conners article. The man is angry.

Hey does anyone with real newspaper experience know if sports editors assign articles, like you take the 'what're we gonna do' angle, you take the 'screw him and his argyle socks," angle, leaving the writer to come up with a kind of persona-perspective. I mean, o'conners article reads like a bad monologue.

And Matt Lawton? Well i hope that resolves the issue.

2005-11-03 10:20:29
19.   Dan M
O'Connor does make one point that I agree with: that it's pretty crappy to leave the team high and dry right after the obvious replacement (in this case, Josh Byrnes) takes another job. This is why I've never forgiven Bill Parcells for leaving the Giants: he did it after the obvious replacement (Belichek) left for a different head coaching job, leaving us Giants fans to endure Ray Handley. Parcells may be the man who won us 2 Super Bowls, but I'll never forgive him for walking away the way he did.

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