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Know When to Fold 'Em
2005-11-02 05:33
by Alex Belth
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Alex Rodriguez may not be the Michael Jordan of baseball but evidentally he just might share MJ's fondness for gambling, at least poker.

2005-11-02 18:04:58
1.   randym77
Jeez, can't go to Atlantic City like normal folk?

And speaking of vices...Olbermann reported tonight that the Asian edition of Time magazine did a cover story on "Asian Heroes," one of whom was Godzilla. The article praised Matsui's "self-deprecating" willingness to joke about his huge collection of porn. According to Olbermann, Hideki brings a large suitcase full of adult videos on every road trip. I guess that's one way to stay out of trouble after the game...

Eric Wilbur at the Boston Globe had fun with both stories, in an article called "Staining Power":

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