Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-05-06 07:10
by Alex Belth
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Nick Johnson may have had his walks-streak snapped on Sunday, but the Times saw fit to give him some props today all the same:

"You see a guy with Nick's plate discipline in your system and you know that everything else, over time, is going to fall into place," Cashman said. "The homers and the hitting for average, that's going to come as he refines his game. But the plate discipline, he already has that. He's got a pretty high ceiling as a player."

The Yanks open a three-game serious in Seattle tonight and then move on for three more in Oakland this weekend. Both teams have played the Bombers well so far. It would be a terrific week if the Yanks can go 4-2 on this trip, but 3-3 is acceptable. Anything less than that would be a discouraging.

Meanwhile, the Royals won their 11th straight at home, and finally beat the Red Sox. Nomie tied the game with a homer late in the game, but then his error lead to the Royals comebackvictory. Once again, Derek Lowe was not effective. Oh how the alarm must be sounding in Boston this morning.

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