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Things Change
2005-10-29 11:18
by Alex Belth
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Movin On

Josh Byrnes, one of the more celebrated assistant general managers in baseball is leaving Boston to become the GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Meanwhile, Theo Epstein is close to signing a new contract in Boston. (The Sox are dealing with their first Manny Ramirez rumblings of the winter as well.) Out West, it appears as if the Dodgers have given up on Paul DePodesta. Jon Weisman has the lowdown over at Dodger Thoughts.

Here in New York, the Yankees will hold their organizational meetings early next week. In addition to filling out the coaching staff, the team is expected to focus on landing a center fielder and relief pitching.

2005-10-29 17:42:31
1.   randym77
What is it with Manny, anyway? What does he hope to find with another team that he's not getting with the Red Sox?
2005-10-29 18:41:30
2.   Dimelo
He hates the media spotlight in Boston. He hates that WEEI uses him as their personal pinnata. I don't think he likes the organization much, I hope he leaves.....
2005-10-29 18:44:08
3.   BklynBomber
Great question, randym. Where would he go? Anaheim or the Mutts are probably the early favorites, and the BoSox brass just may be fed up enough to eat a good chunk of that $60M he's due over the next three years. If they pass, that puts most clubs out of the running, especially ones deeper in talent than cash, that would not give up young arms/talent in exchange, like Cleveland. Maybe Dodgers? Cubbies? D'Backs? Hard to call...

He has his dough for sure, and now a ring, but guessing what motivates a guy like him seems next to impossible. I just hope Manny ends up in, say, Japan. That would be nice ;-)

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