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2003-05-14 09:42
by Alex Belth
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If nothing else, last night's Yankee-Angels game was as a painful reminder for Yankee fans as to how soundly Anahiem whooped the Bombers last fall. Mike Mussina was less than sharp, he didn't get the benefit of the doubt from the home plate umpire, and the Angels were just plain pesky, fouling balls off, and working their magic. The Yankees played like a-s-s, and made John Lackey look like Tim Hudson. It made for a less than spectacular return for Derek Jeter, who singled in four times at bat (he popped out three times to the right side).

Personally, I cursed and hollered at the TV throughout the ugly affair ("Sori, try getting your body in front of the ball precious!"). I guess I'm still sore about last year. A friend called during the game and said, "You got to love that scrappy little Eckstein."

I said, "I don't got to love dick. You love that little bastid, I'm too busy being furious."

"Awww, nutzo."
I wasn't any happier this morning when I read the headline for Harvey Araton's column in the Times: "Can't the Yankees be a Little Vunerable?" Perhaps he hasn't been paying attention. Fortunately John Harper and Joel Sherman detail the Yankees flaws in their columns today.

According to Sherman:

The rotation suddenly has become more pedestrian, the defense more shabby and the offense more homer dependent (nine of 12 runs over the past four games are on long balls). Over the past 10 days, the A's pitching and the Angels' passion have exposed Yankee flaws. Those are two possible playoff opponents.

Naturally, the Sox came from behind yet again, this time beating the Rangers. They now trail the Yankees by a scant two games. Given the Sox propensity for late-inning come-backs and the Yankees less than stellar bullpen, you think we're going to see some humdingers come next week?

I think we can count on it.

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