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Cash in Control...?
2005-10-28 09:08
by Alex Belth
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"I'm the general manager, and everybody within the baseball operations department reports to me," he said. "That's not how it has operated recently."

With reports from the Times, the Daily News (plus Lupica), Newsday, and the Bergan Record (Klap).

Meanwhile, ESPN reports that Larry Bowa will be the Yankees' new third base coach. Good way to fire up the ol' Hot Stove season, huh?

2005-10-28 09:32:17
1.   BklynBomber
This is exactly what I wanted to hear as the retooling gets underway:

// Cash: "We have the most money — there's no secret about that — and if we combine that with the best decision-making process on a consistent basis, then God help the rest of baseball." //

Also, good to hear Stick isn't going anywhere. Happy days are here again!

2005-10-28 09:57:34
2.   Knuckles
Alex and/or Cliff:
The new sidebar with the calendar, FA, Arb, etc stuff is beyond awesome. That's going to be yet another reason this is the first sports site I hit every day.
2005-10-28 10:15:20
3.   Dan M
He sounds like such a badass all of a sudden. I like it. Now let's see him fire one of those Tampa turkeys and show 'em who's boss.
2005-10-28 10:38:39
4.   Cliff Corcoran
Thanks, Knuckles. Credit to Jon Wiesman of Dodger Thoughts for being the first (that I know of) do to the stat links for the players, thus giving me the idea. I'll get the returning Yankees up there in the coming week, and I'll also spring back into action with some posts light the Hot Stove.
2005-10-28 11:41:05
5.   tz1
This is exactly what we need.
2005-10-28 11:54:14
6.   Murray
I think baseball fans all over the English-speaking world owe Mr. Steinbrenner an enormous debt of gratitude for getting Larry Bowa off "Baseball Tonight."

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