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Cash Money
2005-10-25 05:57
by Alex Belth
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Yesterday came and went and still no definitive word about Yankee GM Brian Cashman. However, Tyler Kepner reports in today's New York Times:

Brian Cashman may announce his intention to return as the Yankees' general manager as early as Tuesday. Cashman's contract expires next Monday, but he has interviewed coaching candidates for the Yankees in recent weeks and has given no internal signals that he intends to leave.

A person who works for a major league team and spoke with Cashman recently said that he would be shocked if Cashman decided to leave. The person requested anonymity because he did not want to betray Cashman's confidence and because Cashman has not announced his intentions.

We all know Boss George has deep pockets. According to Jon Heyman in Newsday, the Yankees have offered Cashman a three-year, $5 million deal. The Yankees also plan to make Larry Bowa their new third base coach and Lee Mazzilli Joe Torre's bench coach. Luis Sojo will be offered the position of first base coach but it is still uncertain whether he'll accept the job or not. Ron Guidry is thought to be one of the leading candidates to replace Mel Stottlemyre as the Bombers' pitching coach.

2005-10-25 07:57:49
1.   Alvaro Espinoza
In the end, I can't get too wrapped up about the coaching staff/front office. Bottom line is that everyone mentioned here deserves to come back.

Totally unrelated - this is too good not to share (gotta cut & paste):

2005-10-25 08:05:47
2.   Alex Belth
Alvaro, I know that link is completely unrelated to Cashman but it is very good. Can't tell if it's hilarious or depressing but I enjoyed it. Thanks.
2005-10-25 08:15:02
3.   tocho
I feel bad watching that video and laughing, but the guy on the right looks to much like Johny Knoxville to take it too seriously.

I can really feel for them

2005-10-25 08:25:42
4.   Ben
jesus H Christ. As my wife would say, those guys are touchin' it. I guess they needed a good cry. So long Busch stadium.
2005-10-25 09:59:56
5.   jedi
Can we make sure we put a big highlight on this post in the archives. I would be curious to see the similarities in the future when we play the last game in Yankee Stadium in a few years. :::tear choke:::

Try to listen to it with no sound. You can understand everythin the dude is saying by just reading his lips. Thats how emotional he is. Amazing.

2005-10-25 10:38:41
6.   Jen
Stupid Windows Media Player.

Anyone have a Mac friendly link?

2005-10-25 11:09:38
7.   rbj
Yankee Stadium's got what, 50 years on Busch? (at least the playing field and facade).
I'm kinda ambivalent about Guidry being pitching coach, what sort of experience does he have coaching and how successful was he at it.
Sigh, how long until pitchers & catchers?
2005-10-25 11:09:57
8.   jalexei
Jen - not ideal, but you can download a version of the Windows Media Player for Mac here:

2005-10-25 11:51:24
9.   Felix Heredia
Looks like the Post's Joel Sherman read Bronx Banter yesterday:

2005-10-25 11:58:18
10.   BklynBomber
#6 Jen, Windows Media Player is not supported as a stand alone app on Tiger 10.4+. If you install WMP for Mac, it will play some .wmv files through your browser, however. I was able to view this one with Firefox.
2005-10-25 12:39:17
11.   Alex Belth
I'm relatively friendly with Sherman, and yeah, I did notice that too. But I don't think I was the only one thinking along those lines, that's for sure.
2005-10-25 13:46:33
12.   Upperdeck
Who hit the 2 homers of Mo? Unfortunately I rememeber Alomar in '97. Was the other one a Met from game 2 in 2000?
2005-10-25 13:49:51
13.   Alex Belth
Jay Payton hit a homer off Rivera in Game Two of the 2000 Serious.
2005-10-25 14:29:09
14.   randym77
Bloggermann makes "The Case Against Roger Clemens":

// Saturday's "hamstring pull" and the resultant exit after 54 pitches should've been predictable to the degree that the odds among the exotic wagerers of Vegas should not have exceeded 3:1 against.

Here is the nasty truth. After Saturday night, Roger Clemens has now made 33 post-season starts in the last two decades (an admittedly remarkable achievement). His team has lost 17 of them.

In the post-season, he is a sub-.500 starter.

...But behind the simple numbers, he has an unfortunate resume of either coughing up leads his mates have given him (eight different games so far - in one of which in 2002 he blew three separate leads), or getting out of the game prematurely or controversially, or all of the above. If the Astros live to a Game Five and Clemens is healthy, they should just say "no, thanks." //


2005-10-25 16:00:09
15.   jawone
Man, I guess you can't doubt the sincere emotions but that guy on the right with the upside down sun visor looks to be more than a little coked up. The way he keeps talking and talking and sniffing. There's always one of these guys at every wedding going on about how no one understands what a great guy the groom is. Great video though. I hope it's part of a larger documentary.
2005-10-25 17:34:52
16.   Jen
Thanks jalexei and BklynBomber. It works fine at home (running 10.3) but not at work (10.4). I just wish more sites would start using Quicktime.
2005-10-25 17:50:36
17.   randym77
Ack. Please, not Quicktime. Anything but Quicktime. A lot of Windows users have as much trouble with Quicktime as Mac users have with WMV. (So much so, that the more paranoid Mac users claim that Microsoft is intentionally sabotaging it. So far as I can tell, it's not sabotage, it's just a very poorly written piece of software that has gotten even worse since they bundled it with iTunes.)

BTW, does anyone know if the roof is open or closed tonight? They were making such a big deal about it.

2005-10-25 20:01:28
18.   Dimelo
The roof is open. I still don't get why the commish decided to get involved with how a home team wants to set-up accomodations in their home field park. If they didn't act when they played the Braves or the Cardinals, then why now? I think that's horseshit.
2005-10-26 04:01:17
19.   randym77
Yeah, that's pretty lame. What's the point of "homefield advantage" if you can't decide things like that?

Chicago is unreal. Every game is close, but somehow, they keep pulling it out. IMO, they were the toughest team we played this year.

Probably just as well the Yankees didn't make the World Series this year. The weather has been terrible. And we don't have a roof. I can't imagine trying to play baseball in the kind of weather we've had the past couple of weeks. It's snowing in Albany.

2005-10-26 06:26:56
20.   Dan M
I have to disagree about the roof. It's the WS, goddammit, and if it's not raining, the game should be played outdoors. And Ensberg should STFU about it. "There's no crying in baseball."

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