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2003-05-20 07:13
by Alex Belth
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There is a reason why Red Sox fan Ed Cossette and I get along so well: we are wired the same way. We just happen to root for different teams. Here is an e-mail I received from Ed yesterday afternoon:

Hate to sound doom and gloom (though it's the nature of Sox fans) but do you really think the Yankees will lose 4 in a row? I look at the Yankees getting swept by Texas and think...they are going to come into Fenway pissed off and needing a win badly.

Man, I can't stand the tension. By this afternoon I'm going to be a wreck.

Although I'm a lifelong Yankee fan, I've got a good dose of gloom and doom in my blood as well (maybe that's because I root for the Knicks and Jets). I'm cautiously optimistic at best, and never over confident. That is why I have rucchmones with Ed. You can bet that no matter the outcome of these games, we will both be nervous wrecks. Ah, to be young and a baseball fan.

The Yankees had Lady Luck on their side last night in Boston, and before you know it, they put a five spot on the board against Casey Fossum, and went on to win 7-3. Fossum didn't pitch poorly, but in the first, after seeing-eye base hits from Soriano, Giambi, and Matsui---not to mention an impossibly fortunate bloop double by Derek Jeter, Raul Mondesi rocked a 2-2 fastball off the green monster for a bases clearing triple. Fossum settled down after that, but the damage had been done:

''It was really disappointing,'' Fossum said. ''A lot of crazy stuff seemed like it happened in that first inning. But I got out of that and I told myself that inning is over and I am just going to try to give us a chance to win the rest of the ballgame. I felt like I did that. I came back strong and still put us in somewhat of a position to win the game.

''I was making really good, quality pitches, but the balls were finding holes. We had the shift on for [Jason] Giambi and he hit it to shortstop. Even the first hit of the game was just a little ground ball that found a hole."

Boomer Wells, who turns 40 today, pitched efficiently for the win, and the Yankee bullpen avoided any major drama. (Think Boomer went out drinking last night?) This was a much-needed victory for the Bombers, especially considering that they have to face Prince Pedro tonight.


With the slumping Giambi brothers reunited in Boston this week, Jason called in his first hitting coach for some tips. Enter John Giambi, stage left:

"He's come in and we've talked," Jason said. "I've brought him into some of the cities. He's the one who built my swing as I kid. I wanted to see if he'd see anything. He watches all the games, so I wanted to see if he sees anything or if he could see me through it."

...Manager Joe Torre called Giambi's troubles a drought, no matter how long it has lasted.

"He certainly feels like a major disappointment to everyone, which is what he should feel like when we count on him as much as we do," said Torre. "But as long as you're busting your tail, you have the respect of your teammates and that's what matters."

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