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FLIP FLOP Roger Clemens
2003-05-26 15:01
by Alex Belth
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Roger Clemens just retired the first three batters in the top of the first, and I'm going to do an about face in my approach to the game. Now, I think the Bombers will win today. If any team can help the Yankees when they are down, it's the Red Sox, who are facing more emotional strudel and evil demons than the Yankees are. What's a lousy little losing streak compared with Clemens gunning for 300 and 80 years of history?

So now I think the Yankees will pull one out. I'm flip flopping like a madman here in the Bronx. I'll probably change my mind two or three more times during the course of the game. I've got more nervous energy than I know what to do with. Watching Wakefield float his knuckler passed the over-anxious Yankee hitters should calm me down, right?

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