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2003-05-29 08:40
by Alex Belth
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According to Sridhar Pappu in latest edition of The New York Observer, Buster Olney will be leaving the Times to join ESPN:

"I had other chances to leave The Times, but this is an incredible opportunity," Mr. Olney told Off the Record.

...According to sources, Mr. Olney, 39, was increasingly unhappy with how the department was being run from above. They said he'd been distraught over the treatment of former sports editor Neil Amdur, and over the management decision to spike two columns by Dave Anderson and Harvey Araton on the Augusta National controversy. (The Times covered the controversy vigorously and editorialized against Augusta's policy on women.)

Asked how much internal Times politics played a role in his decision, Mr. Olney would only say: "I love the paper and had a great time at the paper. Neil was great to work for. [New sports editor] Tom Jolly is a great editor. I wouldn't leave if this wasn't a terrific opportunity."

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