Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-06-03 14:25
by Alex Belth


According to ESPN news, the Yankees will hold a press conference today at 4 pm to announce that Derek Jeter will be named team captain. He will be the 11th captain in Yankee history, the first since Don Mattingly. I guess the next logical question is: Do captains play third? (Of course they do, just ask Craig Nettles.)

This is classic George, trying everything he can do to boost the spirit of his sluggish Bombers. Jeter deserves it too. (It would have been nice for Bernie to be named as co-captain, but I don't think Williams really cares for that kind of thing.) As much as I've harped on Jeter's fielding this year, I'd hate to give the impression that I don't love the guy. (I just don't love Yankee fans' misconceptions about his talents.) He's been the leader of the Yanks for several years so this announcement has been a long time coming. Of course being captain of the Yankees comes with added pressure, but that won't phase Jeter. Especially now that he and George star in commercials together.

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