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2003-06-10 13:25
by Alex Belth


The New York Post has been reporting for several days that the Yankees are very interested in the Texas Rangers' closer, Ugie Urbina. He's expensive, he's a headcase, and he's a showboat---the ideal Yankee. But at least he's better than Juan Acevedo, right George? Hey, what's one more gavone at this point?

Here is what Bronx Banter reader Will thinks:

Depending on what we give up, this transaction could be a trade that will add more bloat to the roster without adding any quality, and if Brandon Claussen is the one being sent to Texas, John Hart needs to be arrested for commiting sodomy on the Yankees front office without proper lubrication. Promoting Al Reyes and Jason Anderson is a step in the right direction, but it seems a futile move since Manager Joe wil only use a relief pitcher only if he has been in the majors for ten years, quality and effectiveness be damned. I guess like all managers, he is more worried about winning now than about building a foundation for the short-term or long-term future. And you feel more comfortable with someone who has had experience in the "Big Spot." But if I'm not mistaken, Urbina was placed in that "Big Spot" position last year with the Red Sox and managed to help his team lose two of three to the Yanks at the Stadium and eventually the AL East when he walked Posada in with the bases loaded walk. I will not and can't ever understand the allure a veteran player holds for a manager. Urbina is not the answer, but youngsters like Anderson and Claussen can definitely be part of a bright future. This patchwork approach has never worked in the past and chasing this line of strategy will eventually bring them full circle back to the Dallas Green/Bucky Dent/Stump Merrill days.

According to his secondary sources, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus reports:

I am hearing a lot more Urbina news - he may not want to go to NY due to last year's bad blood and his desire to get saves in a contract year. The Pirates may be
listening to offers for Mike Williams and the Yanks might be getting serious about grabbing Mike Lowell back in a deal that could include Braden Looper and everyone's favorite, Drew Henson.

Mike Lowell, Brian Giles, Carlos Beltran. The Yankee wish list is starting to grow. It's that time of year again, folks. Why just not throw in Vlad Guerrero and Miggy Tejada in there too? Just cause you can.

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