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GOING DOWN? After eight
2003-06-11 21:51
by Alex Belth


After eight innings, the Yankees are being no-hit by the Astros. You knew it was going to be a tough night with Roy Oswalt going, but the ace of the Houston staff left in the 2nd, and five pitchers have combined to no-hit the Yanks. Octavio Dotel struck out the side, plus one in the 8th. Soriano reached first on a swinging strike three that went for a wild pitch, so Dotel struck out Jeter and Giambi to end the inning.

The Astros are leading 6-0. Oh dip, make that 8-0. Jeff Weaver wasn't great, and the Yankees kicked the ball all over the field once again. Jeter made a throwing error. Oh, and my pre-series question was answered. Berkman hit a homer in the upper deck before hitting one in the bleachers (he still has time to do that too). He also made a good diving catch to rob Soriano in the following inning.

Early in the game, Jorge Posada was up with the bases loaded. He got the green light on a 3-0 pitch and grounded out to first. Boy, was that ever the sign of bad things to come.

If the Yanks actually get no-hit, you can bet hitting coach Rick Down will be the first coaching casualty of the year.

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