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GULP Billy Wagner is
2003-06-11 22:03
by Alex Belth


Billy Wagner is on to pitch the ninth, the Astros sixth pitcher. Posada leads off. The count evens at 2-2, and Posada, batting from the right hand side, fouls a fastball off. Another fastball in on the hands, fouled off to right side. And another fastball, outside, fouled off. Fastball on the outside corner, swung on and missed, strike three. The Astros have struck out seven Yankees in a row.

The Yankees haven't been no-hit since Hoyt Wilhelm did it to 'em September 20 1958. It is the longest streak in history.

Bubba Trammell is up to pinch hit. Lucky him. Curveball called strike. Slider, swung on and missed, 0-2. Fastball, 102 mph just outside, 1-2. Slider, grounded foul. Fastball outside, swung on and missed. Eight in a row.

Here comes Godzilla. The fans are standing and chanting. The sound system plays "Get Back," and Matsui swings at the first pitch and grounds weakly to Jeff Bagwell at first, who flips to Wagner for the out.

No hitter! Wow. Six pitchers=1 no hitter. Now, there is something you don't see...ever.

It's hot and muggy in New York. The weather man said we'd get thundershowers tonight. It hasn't rained yet, but in Yankee land it's about to pour.

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