Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-06-16 12:55
by Alex Belth


When I asked the question, "Which Yankee would you most like to eat dinner with" last week I knew I should have not included the coaches, but I did anyway. Don Zimmer was the big winner, followed by Torre, Willie Randolph, Mel Stotlemyre and even Boss George. As for the players, Jeter got a vote, and so did Mariano, Ventura, and Giambi. Personally, I like the fantasy of going out to eat with Bernie, cause he's my favorite Yankee, but in reality I think that Ventura, or even Todd Zeile are probably the nicest guys. They could probably hold a good conversation as well. Rivera might be cool too.

Here are a few of the responses I got:

"Sushi with Soriano and Matsui (anyone else play or coach in Japan?? bring 'em along)."

"Being a quick eater, I guess I'd choose Rick Down because it would be to go..."

"Willie Randolph- Has seen it all or at least a lot of it. A lot of history and he was there for some crazy times.

Alternate- Mariano Rivera.

Not current Team-

Oscar Gamble
Jay Johnstone
Joe Pepitone"

Amen to Oscar Gamble. What about Claudell Washington while we're at it?

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