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Game Five (Dyin Time's Back)
2005-10-10 05:55
by Alex Belth
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After last night's stirring Yankee victory, both teams are making the long haul back out to the coast for tonight's Game Five. Both starting pitchers--Mike Mussina and Bartolo Colon--are already in California, and presumably well-rested. My gut feeling is that tonight could be a lot like Game Three--wide open. I felt good about Moose in Game One, but I can't imagine he'll be that impressive this time out. Sure do hope I'm wrong. And just why can't the Yanks catch up to Colon again? Randy Johnson could play a big role out of the pen. Let's hope that the bats do their thing--Mr. Rodriguez we turn out eager eyes to you. So long as it is a clean-played game like the one we saw yesterday, I'll be able to live with the outcome. May the best team win.

Go Yanks. Bombs away.

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2005-10-10 06:23:40
1.   Dimelo
The Yankee bats have got to come alive at some point. The Angels bats came alive for game 3, but the Yankees haven't had that one inning where it's 'bombs away'.

Out of all the Angels pitchers, I think Yankee batters feel better going against Colon than someone like Lackey. If Colon has problems gripping his curve than the Yanks can sit dead-red the entire game.

If Mussina is anything but great, the pitchers coming out of the bullpen will probably be in this order: Wang, RJ, Gordon and Mo.

Like Alex, I too hope it's a well played game but I only look forward to one outcome: The New York Yankees defeating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of United States of America of Planet Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy.

2005-10-10 06:48:09
2.   Alex Belth
Yeah, I agree. I fear Lackey more than Colon. It's like Mickey Lolich being tougher than Denny McClain back in the 1968 Serious: Number Two is actually tougher than Number One.
2005-10-10 07:07:45
3.   Alex Belth
Guys, head on over to "Cursed to First" and check out Beth's terrific post on Mariano Rivera.

Beth is a first class Red Sox fan/Yankee hater. She laments that she might not be big enough of a fan to truly appreciate how good of a game we saw last night, but she was big enough to write about a Yankee win (that speaks tons about her love for the game). Her post is an appreciation of Mariano Rivera, the most special of all Yankees. Good stuff, Beth. Thanks.

2005-10-10 07:24:28
4.   randym77
Extra rest seems to do Moose good, so I'm hoping he'll be all right.

Dunno if Colon will be all right. The Post reports that there are rumors that he's got a bad elbow, along with his chronic back problems. On Saturday, when the game was postponed, they asked him if he could pitch Game 4 on Sunday, and he said no, he needed more rest. Which suggests to me that he's in a lot of pain. He last pitched Tuesday night, so he should have been good to go yesterday.

2005-10-10 08:09:00
5.   jedi
This maybe a little picky on my part, but I have to comment on this from last night's game.

If you had to ask me what was the the first voice from a baseball broadcaser that I remember vividly from my childhood, It has to be Tim McCarver's. He use to broadcast for the Mets with Ralph Kinner on Channel 9 on WORR-TV and it kind of stuck to me because he had the weirdest accent. I started imitating at school the way he said the days of the week with his emphasis on the "day" parts (FRI-DAHY). heh

Anyways, I always respected Tim because of his knowledge of baseball. He seemed to know what was going on in a manager's, pitcher's and batter's head. When he moved to FOX Sports in the 90s and started color commentating he started to become my favorite broadcaster. He had these weird analogies and explanations to simpliest of baseball scenarios that listening to him was enjoyable. However, as I grew older and my knowledge of baseball grew as well, I noticed Tim started to go more and more insane with his analogies and logic in his broadcasting. Almost to the point of senile "Phil Rizzuto" broadcasting in the late 80s and early 90s when he use to confuse Matt Nokes with Claudell Washington. (no offense rizzuto fans) My personal favorite Tim McCarver moment:

-This was during the bottom of the 9th inning of the 2001 World Series, just before the Diamondbacks started their comeback against Mariano Rivera -

McCarver: "You know, hitters have a tough time hitting knuckleballs, catchers have a tough time catching knuckleballs, and hitters have a tough time hitting Mariano Rivera."

Does Rivera throw a knuckleball? No. Did anyone on the Arizona or New York staffs throw a knuckleball at that time? No. Were Phil Neikro, Charlie Hough, or Tim Wakefield within 300 miles of Bank One Ballpark at
that time? I seriously doubt it.

Anyways, last night I totally lost any respect for the man when he made the sillest of sillest comments when the home crowd was chanting Bernie William's name last night for maybe his final curtain call in yankee pinstripes. Tim McCarver said:

"The ironic part of this chant is that these people are chanting 'BERN-IE WILL-IAMS,' when in fact there is no other name in baseball synomynous with Bernie. They can just say, 'BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE' and it would have the same effect. Chanting 'BERN-IE WILL-IAMS' (with mocking tone) is almost ignorant"


Did he just say what I thought he said? He should have just shut up and not said a word. These are yankee fans saying maybe goodbye to one of their beloved heroes. Let them chant what they want to chant. And I am sorry, if knew baseball, the yankee crowd does not chant "BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE" for Bernie Williams or "PAULIE, PAULIE PAULIE" for Paul O'Neil. That's just ridiculous.
Gotta be kidding me. That comment last night made me search for other McCarver-ism's on the net. It seems I am not the only one who feels like Bernie shouldn't be the one retiring after last night.

2005-10-10 08:21:55
6.   randym77
Oh, man. You had to remind of those idiotic comments about Bernie Williams' name, and how they should be chanting just "Bernie," but hey, "BER-nie WILL-iams" is just so melodic. I couldn't believe my ears.
2005-10-10 08:22:58
7.   weeping for brunnhilde
Alex--First of all, let's not be revisionists here. You write, "So long as it is a clean-played game like the one we saw yesterday, I'll be able to live with the outcome."

It wasn't so clean. Matsui's error could have proved pivotal but for the fact that California ran themselves out of the inning. Had they not done so, that well could have been the ballgame right there.

#1 Dimelo--You write, "The Yankee bats have got to come alive at some point. The Angels bats came alive for game 3, but the Yankees haven't had that one inning where it's 'bombs away'."

The thing is, it's hard to be "bombs away" against good pitching, which is why teams like California seem to do so well. They simply refuse to strike out in clutch situations. Our heroes are now designed more like those Texas teams we kept sweeping in the championship years.

We were victimized by the Californias' ability to single good pitching to death in 2002 and we've seen that here as well. Whatever happens, I hope and pray that the off season will see us find more solid contact hitters because they're the ones who seem more reliable in terms of getting the big hits simply because they put the ball in play.

We saw it last night with Jeter. I was really concerned he would strike out (he was down 1-2, IIRC) but he managed not to. The result was a pathetic squibber but you know what, that was the game.

Over the last years the team's failures can be chalked up to failing to put the ball in play in key spots. Aaron Boone in extra innings against Florida comes instantly to mind.

Sorry for the rant, but I just don't feel comfortable relying on the long-ball and I think maybe if fans weren't so responsive to it, it might make it easier for the front office to construct a different kind of team. My two cents.

2005-10-10 08:43:52
8.   Fred Vincy

I remember that back in the 80s Bill James did a study and concluded that homerun offenses do better against good pitching (and thus better in the playoffs) than sequence offenses -- and remember that the Angels have out-homered us, just like the ChiSox out-homered the BoSox. That said, putting the ball in play can work well when the opposing defense is weak (please play Bubba tonight!) If the Angels win tonight, I suspect their model won't work real well against the White Sox, though I hope never to find out....

2005-10-10 08:56:29
9.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fred. Fair enough. Admittedly I have no head for statistics, I'm really a humanities person, which means I tend towards understanding based on intuitions and impressions. So I'll accept that my feelings on this may be dead wrong, but they're strong feelings nonetheless, so I have to think they have SOME basis in reality.

Maybe it's just that rallies based on singles and doubles are far more exciting (because more improbable?) than ones based on walks and the long ball.

Presuming the long ball is more effective, though, one question I would ask is whether that means that it's worth it for Giambi to strike out in big spots and not try to go the other way (although he finally did this the other day, I know) because you're waiting for the long ball.

I mean, can situational style hitting be compatible with a long-ball team? Wherein you actually shorten your swing in late innings where ONE run is essential?

It just seems to me like major league baseball players should be able to do the little things when required.

Again, I mentioned in another thread about Luis Gonzales explaining that he choked up in Game 7 against Mo, determined not to whiff. If he can do it, why can't our boys?

2005-10-10 08:59:18
10.   Jen
//If Mussina is anything but great, the pitchers coming out of the bullpen will probably be in this order: Wang, RJ, Gordon and Mo.//

I wouldn't be surprised to see Leiter come in to face Erstad at some point either.

2005-10-10 09:22:06
11.   Bob B
I am hoping we can get ahead early so we don't have to worry about our relief pitching. I know Johnson, Wang and Small are available but I'd rather see Moose go 6+ and have a big lead for my sanity.I'm sure RJ would do fine despite his bad outing but I'd rather see him ready to start for us in the ALCS.
By the way, I can't believe Francona and the RedSox lose to the Whitesox and Schilling never pitches an inning. YOu would have thought somehow, some-way they would have gotten him into the series. WHat does our friend Beth say about that?
2005-10-10 09:29:31
12.   Max
The off-day gave the Yankee beat writers and columnists many opportunities to turn the Yankee players and various unnamed executives into pinatas for their play and their whining. It was nice to see the Yanks respond with a crisp game.

As an update to a previous comment I made about the NY writers, it's funny that the writers have lectured the players on "toughing out" the brutal 2 games in 2 cities 36 hour stretch, and perform like the superstars they're paid to be. Yet the writers themselves have handled the late games and tight writing deadlines in completely underwhelming fashion, failing to convey the flavor of the series with any freshness.

I praised Klapisch, but he's been mailing in his columns his series. Give credit to Lupica, he at least caught the essence of the drama at the Stadium last night, as did Tyler Kepner. Heyman's Newsday column, with the predictable "Team Moneybags" swipes at the Yanks (you could tell he had half-written a final column burying the Yanks after six innings, and had to revise it hurriedly), was pure bird-cage liner.

2005-10-10 09:39:00
13.   Dan M
Re: McCarver - I hate to say it, but I like him now. I used to hate him, but that was before we were inundated with idiots like Rick Sutcliffe, Thom Brennamen, Steve Lyons, Michael Kay, David Justice, Jeff Brantley, even Chris Berman. I never find myself agreeing with the aforementioned (as I do with Tim), let alone ever thinking that they've made a great point that I hadn't thought about. Tim does that at least once a game for me. Jedi brings up 2001, but it was in Game 7 of that Series that he suggested that they Yankees infield should play back to defend the flare. What happens next? Gonzalez hits a flare that Jeter could have caught if playing back and Arizona wins it. It was the greatest piece of commentary I ever heard, and no one else would have ever thought about it. Sure, he'll go on and on lecturing about the difference between the short-hop and the in-between hop, but I'd rather have that than the half-baked storylines - e.g. "ARod isn't clutch - that other announcers try to pass off on me.
2005-10-10 09:44:47
14.   Nick from Washington Heights
The funny thing is that, at least in my view, Tim McCarver was on his best behavior last night. Still, the Bernie comment was especially dumb. But, overall I found him less annoying than on his days with Buck. Not sure why.

The one thing I'm concerned about regarding Colon tonight is that his fast ball might be over-powering for a tired jet-lagged team. He's been in pleasant California with plenty of rest and A-Rod, Giambi and Co have been on a cross country Continental flight.

2005-10-10 09:47:25
15.   Dimelo
As for announcers, I think it would be great if ESPN and FOX brought in local announcers to do the games. Imagine having Kay, Kaat, and Singleton along with Rex Hudler and the Angels other announcers all doing the games together. When the Angles are batting, Hudler and company start doing the play-by-play with the Yankee announcers offering commentary and vice-versa when the Yankees bat. Imagine how great it would have been with Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo doing the games with those wack jobs from Chi-Town ("he gone!", "put it on the board", "bad guys winning, good guys coming to bat").
2005-10-10 09:52:10
16.   Max
Was I the only who loved the way Steve Finley seemed to drop his bat in resignation after Mo punched him out? It was literally a "you've got be kidding me" expression after the pitch crossed the plate nowhere near where he expected it.

I actually found McCarver decent in describing in excruciating detail Mo's killing of the Angels, one batter after the other.

2005-10-10 10:35:07
17.   JCP22
I can't believe I am writing this but we may just have a bullpen advantage tonight that goes beyond our closer. Wang and RJ give you nice DP and K possibilities as needed and we have a rested Gordon (though I am not sure he will be any less shaky as a result.) If we are tied or ahead after five innings, I like our chances.

As far as reporters go, I tire of the continual references to payroll size and how current team compares to 90's teams by Lupica following every big loss. Presumably NY fans are well aware of the outsized Yankee payroll by about just focusing on the game.

2005-10-10 10:39:30
18.   Rob S
Does anyone know why Ervin Santana was never mentioned as a possibility to pitch once Washburn was scratched?
2005-10-10 10:41:55
19.   Ben
Anybody catch Joe Morgan's illuminating comments a few games back? I mean I was really surprised the guy was saying something coherent and informative.

It was right after O. Carbrera airmailed a relay throw to the plate. Miller humurously cheered, "touchdown!", but Morgan went on to explain how the ball had slipped from his hand, showing the way a player "feels" for the seems before throwing, and that if you can't and the ball is wet, there is nothing to keep the ball down on a strong throw. just as I was about to call him a smarty-pants, it sounded like Ted williams saying he could see the spin on a curveball, a groundball to Cabrera results in an infield hit because he never makes the throw. On replay, you hear Morgan saying he didn't have enough time to find the seems, and I'm about to get really steamed when you see Cabrera indicate just that to Adam Kennedy.

Well shut my mouth and take my dinner, he was right.

2005-10-10 10:42:45
20.   Schteeve
Jedi you are 1000% wrong. McCarver never ever said the word ignorant. He said Ber-Nie Wil-liams was MELODIC.
2005-10-10 10:52:15
21.   Max
I've had trouble accessing some of the articles on the NY Daily News site (adservers seem to be acting up), but the Bondy piece on Jorge was actually a good one. Frames the context of his performance last night against the tough year he's had (and the opposing catcher being waved in his face as his replacement) very well.

There was nothing as poetic as Alex's comparision of Jorge's slide to Ralph Kramden, but this excerpt was nice:

"Posada beat the throw, barely, after the ball got away a bit from Chone Figgins at third. Posada half-slid and half-jumped at the plate. This is his plate in the Bronx, where he sets up shop. It was kind to him again. He was safe. Molina argued the call, to no avail.

It was the ugliest-looking run the Yankees have scored in a long while, but it was also the winning run in a must game. Posada was only able to make it there because he'd hustled to third, and then scurried home."

2005-10-10 10:54:47
22.   randym77
Santana was mentioned. But they decided to go with Lackey. They wanted to keep Santana in the bullpen in case Lackey struggled.
2005-10-10 11:00:05
23.   Kevin
Max (12), I thought Kepner's game recap in the Times was pretty much shit. If I wanted a play-by-play recap of the game, I could just turn to the box score.

Anyone else see this from Jim Caple? Really puts a human perspective on what these guys are going through tonight:

"The two teams left Yankee Stadium shortly after midnight ET for the airport, with estimated arrival times in Orange County at around 4:30 a.m. PT (thanks to gaining three hours with the time zones). Give them about an hour to get to their homes and hotel rooms and they probably could get to bed about 5:30 a.m. That gives them six to eight hours to sleep/toss and turn/watch movies before most of them will be at the ballpark to prepare for Game 5's scheduled 5:15 p.m. PT (or thereabouts) first pitch."

Wow. I would not be surprised if tonight is something like a 2-1 game, with a rested Moose and Colon just blowing through these sleep-walking line-ups.

2005-10-10 11:01:43
24.   Ben
I just visited the site mentioned in 5. Jedi's comment. I like McCarver, I think he's funny. You don't have to dislike the guy to get a genuine kick out the website. Most of the submissions are not mean-spirited and just tease the hell out of McCarver. One goes,.. Mariano brougt in the ninth inning with the yanks down 2-0, the point of him being the game is keep the score the same... (pause, Joe Buck reamins silent) Wait, what am I taking about?
2005-10-10 11:07:40
25.   Max
Kevin, I think there's a way to do "play by play" in a way that relives the excitement of the game...but I can't disagree with you too much that Kepner struggles with the poetry of it under deadline, relative to some of the better writers out there (very few who seem to be covering the Yankees right now).

I was shocked myself that Caple wrote something halfway readable, given his Yankee cheap-shot pedigree. But that's more an indictment on the state of writing from the NY media, as I said before.

2005-10-10 11:09:45
26.   Don Fiedler
While we're on the McCarver topic, did anyone notice his comments about Cano's coolness as a rookie and how it is typical of all Caribbean players? McCarver then obviously realized the questionable ignorance of his comment and then used Jeter as an example of coolness from an American. "It's not just Dominicans who exhibit coolness." The whole episode was pretty crappy, though humorous.

On the flip-side, cheers to Thom Brennaman, the ersatz Buck is better than the genuine article.

2005-10-10 11:12:30
27.   Kevin
Another comment from last night's broadcast: when Brennaman said something to the effect of "anyone that criticizes Joe Torre is insane" (in discussing the speculation that he might not be back next year), the first thing I thought of was: "Brennaman needs to read Bronx Banter more often..."
2005-10-10 11:13:53
28.   Nick from Washington Heights
Don, I noticed that too and was cringing. He obviously knew that he was going to some weird part of his brain that America didn't need to learn about and weakly brought up Jeter to save himself and/or us.

Actually, I think the producers might have saved him. The camera cut to Jeter as if a prompt for him to stop saying stupid shit.

2005-10-10 11:17:03
29.   Rob S
Thanks randym77. I missed it. Santana has been rough on us when he has his stuff, but I guess they wanted to go with Lackey's experience. Can't say they were wrong...
2005-10-10 11:19:32
30.   Rob S
I thought Brennaman's saying "anyone that criticizes Joe Torre is insane" was a knock at Steinbrenner.
2005-10-10 11:21:34
31.   Astoria Chris
I have to agree with Dan M above - Steve Lyons is perhaps the most moronic commentator in all of baseball. Absofuckinglutely annoying - all cliches all the time with an annoying voice to boot. And David Justice? Shut that man up! That said, go Yanks!
2005-10-10 11:21:53
32.   Schteeve
Brenneman didn't say "anyone who criticizes Torre is insane" what he said was,

"It would be lunacy not to bring Torre back next year."

2005-10-10 11:24:01
33.   Max
McCarver and Torre are close friends...McCarver has said as much.
2005-10-10 11:43:46
34.   Dan M
Brenneman also went on the A-Rod stinks in the playoffs riff. I'm sure some of it was driven by Fox, as they created the graphic that went a long with it. But it just reaked of chickenshit journalism, completely ignoring his stats and heroics in the ALDS last year (not to mention what he did as a Mariner).

The only thing that I hate about Buck is that he relates everything to the Cardinals.

2005-10-10 12:13:54
35.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder if the Angels players, unless they live close to Anaheim, even went home. They might have just checked into a hotel. If they win, they would have to fly out again to Chicago after the game.

Garret Anderson, for one, lives about 90-120 minutes from Anaheim.

2005-10-10 12:49:25
36.   Matt B
I'm totally willing to give someone like McCarver a pass for saying something inane now and then. When you're paid to talk over the air for 2-4 hours a night, you're bound to say some stupid things from time to time. I agree with DanM to a point about McCarver - largely, I've come full-circle on him (liked him in the old Met days, got sick of him and now I like him again). He drives me insane sometimes by beating a point into the ground, but he really does make some very good observations from time to time that seem to elude other color men.
2005-10-10 13:04:33
37.   Dan M
Not surprisingly, Joe Sheehan does a much better job articulating Brennaman's shortcomings:

"Brennaman .. talked about how the Angels' approach with the baserunners they get was "get 'em over, get 'em in," as if this was somehow different from that of every other team in the world..., and without examining whether or not there were other, better ways of accomplishing the goal that didn't involve handing over two outs on two pitches."

2005-10-10 13:05:43
38.   Dan M
Oh, and by "does a much better job" I meant does a better job than I did in my previous posts.
2005-10-10 13:06:54
39.   fansince77
McCarver was probably a real nerd in high i forgive him.

But back to the keys for the Yanks- "Pitch selection" - they are not just a homerun hitting team. When the Yanks are on they are incredibly patient and smart- I was cringing everytime Lackey threw a low curve last night- yes tip your hat, but I thought it was very odd to see the Yanks NOT make the adjustments- (by the way Scoscia - thanks for taking our Lackey)- If the Yanks go back to getting good pitches, which they should against Colon (not a whole lot of deception) and AROD swings at balls he should (wake up MVP candidate)- the Yanks win hands down.

2005-10-10 14:59:34
40.   jawone
Bill Lee in his book "The Wrong Stuff" talks about McCarver's bathroom habits being so predictable he gave him the nickname "Old Second Inning"
2005-10-10 15:36:11
41.   Athos
Heck with all other announcers... I'd be happy with just Kaat & Singleton for all baseball games... I'm serious...
2005-10-10 15:47:54
42.   rbj
I miss Rizzuto and White.
How is Scooter these days?
2005-10-10 16:33:56
43.   BklynBomber
Having had the Extra Innings package a few seasons now and hearing just about everybody, we are indeed fortunate to have Kaat and Singleton, who are hands down the best. No schtick, no goofy SportsCenter-ish home run calls, etc. — just solid baseball knowledge from two old warhorses.

Another standout in the booth was Joe Torre.

2005-10-10 16:37:37
44.   randym77
Both the lineups are the same as last night. Bubba's in CF, Giambi's at 1B, Bernie's DH.
2005-10-10 16:38:43
45.   tocho
OK, finally line-ups posted. Same as last night for the Yanks.

The angels have Guerrero as 4th. following Garret Anderson and with Molina in 5th.

Looks good.

2005-10-10 16:40:45
46.   atc
Bklyn, the first time I hear/read an announcer/writer go on an ignorant moneyball rant, is the last time I take them seriously.
2005-10-10 16:44:45
47.   atc
How 'bout we go win this game
2005-10-10 16:59:27
48.   randym77
I'm hoping the Yankees can score early and often. Mo can't pitch two innings every night, no matter what he says.
2005-10-10 17:09:18
49.   Marcus
I'll go to sleep a happy man if the Yankees win and Fox doesn't do that ridiculous "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" thing when Vlad comes up to bat.
2005-10-10 17:12:09
50.   atc
Is Buck wearing lipstick?
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2005-10-10 17:12:37
51.   rbj
Start the bleepin' game!
2005-10-10 17:15:48
52.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey guys. So, Torre got the line-up right (though I might have switched Bernie and Jorge, but that's a minor point), Scioscia has gone this entire series without starting Casey Kotchman, but has finally figured out that Molina needs to bat behind Vlad (though they should be doing it 3-4 rather than 4-3).

Bullpen pitch counts from yesterday:

Rivera - 36
Escobar - 35
Shields - 25
Leiter - 5

Wang is now on normal rest from his start on Wednesday. Johnson and Small are on two day's rest after throwing 62 and 35 pitches respectively on Friday.

Wang would start Game One of the ALCS if the Yankees win, but first thing's first and Torre shouldn't hesitate to use him if Mussina falters early. Johnson, meanwhile, is no stranger to making relief appearances out of the pen in postseason double-elimination games.

Speaking of which, Jaret Wright is already in Chicago already to start Game One if Wang is indeed used and the Yankees do indeed win. Apparently my evaluation of his bullpen session in the comments to Alex's Game 4 post was accurate, Mel Stottlemyre told Sweeney Murty that Jaret has found a consistant release point and that it was his best bullpen of the entire season.

That's all for now. Game on.

2005-10-10 17:16:44
53.   Rich
2005-10-10 17:16:46
54.   rbj
Good start Derek!
2005-10-10 17:17:37
55.   Rich
What's with the first pitch swinging? Sheesh.
2005-10-10 17:18:02
56.   Cliff Corcoran
Glad to see Rodriguez is having smart at-bats (groan).
2005-10-10 17:19:04
57.   atc
If Fox's gun is right, Colon's velocity is way down.
2005-10-10 17:19:16
58.   Rich
Not a strike.
2005-10-10 17:19:21
59.   Mattpat11
I want a blow out
2005-10-10 17:20:10
60.   randym77
Colon's missing his location, too. Maybe the rumors of injury are true.
2005-10-10 17:21:06
61.   rbj
C'mon Sheff.
2005-10-10 17:21:24
62.   Cliff Corcoran
How many balls have the Yanks hit to the warning track in this series? A few thousand?
2005-10-10 17:22:14
63.   Mattpat11
You know Rich, I dont care so much about first pitch swinging. Colon isn't walking people, he isnt wearing out and we dont want to hit that pen. And it stops them from taking called strike three
2005-10-10 17:22:28
64.   BxSparksNYC
Sheff has been no existent. Please come thru tonight
2005-10-10 17:22:53
65.   Rich
How can a city so close to LA be full of so many hicks?

Sheff. Time for Mat to show the streak hasn't killed him.

2005-10-10 17:23:14
66.   rbj
The Angel outfielders look sleepy. That's a good thing.
2005-10-10 17:23:15
67.   BxSparksNYC
Lead capo, lead...
2005-10-10 17:23:24
68.   Rich

I care because A-Rod isn't taking good ABs.

2005-10-10 17:24:59
69.   randym77
Come on, Godzilla! Bring him home!
2005-10-10 17:26:20
70.   rbj
2005-10-10 17:26:48
71.   Rich
Thanks Matsui. Play another 1000 straight games. Fuck the team.
2005-10-10 17:27:47
72.   Cliff Corcoran
Everyone on the field looks a little groggy. This could get ugly.
2005-10-10 17:28:24
73.   BxSparksNYC
Hey Rich, I think a 95 mph heater on the hands had alittle to do with Mats missing and not the 1000 games...just a thought...
2005-10-10 17:28:58
74.   JeremyM
Matsui has looked bad lately. He looks like he's pulling off the ball to my very untrained eye.
2005-10-10 17:29:14
75.   randym77
Sigh. At least Matsui has one home run in the postseason. Which can't be said of A-Rod, Sheff, or Giambi. They've really shut us down.
2005-10-10 17:29:49
76.   Rich
What about the rest of Matsui's ABs?
2005-10-10 17:30:13
77.   rbj
Colon is vulnerable, we just need to nick him a couple of times, then let our pitchers do the rest.
2005-10-10 17:30:22
78.   Rich
2005-10-10 17:31:04
79.   Rich
Excellent pick up by Derek.
2005-10-10 17:31:06
80.   claybeez
Nice Jeet!
2005-10-10 17:31:22
81.   BxSparksNYC
wow. what a play!!! LEAD CAPO LEAD!!!!
2005-10-10 17:31:52
82.   JeremyM
Great play by Jeter. Very nice, those are the types of plays that could make the difference tonight.
2005-10-10 17:31:54
83.   Matt B
Anyone else notice that Colon is a dead ringer for Muammar Khaddafi?
2005-10-10 17:32:06
84.   rbj
Moose looks good.
2005-10-10 17:32:14
85.   vockins
That play was Figginsesque.

I'll take nine innings of that, Moose.

2005-10-10 17:32:23
86.   BxSparksNYC
Tell me Buck knows 50 Cent. A big wow there....
2005-10-10 17:32:54
87.   JVarghese81
Buck needs to never EVER quote 50 Cent lyrics...though he might want to borrow McCarver's "OutKast with a K" CD.
2005-10-10 17:32:58
88.   BklynBomber
Good job, Moose! Now let's start on that 8 run inning this offense is waaaaaaay overdue for!
2005-10-10 17:33:54
89.   Popcult
Could Matsui PLEASE stop basket-catching everything. Makes me nervous...
2005-10-10 17:33:59
90.   Cliff Corcoran
Seven pitch first-inning for Mussina. His location looks sharp. Yanks need to have smart at-bats against Colon.
2005-10-10 17:34:21
91.   marc
7 pitch inning for Moose.
2005-10-10 17:34:27
92.   BklynBomber
#83 — LOL! A Khaddafi who has won a few pie-eating contests.
2005-10-10 17:34:37
93.   JeremyM
I mentioned this the other night, but sports announcers need to stop with the old-man "I don't get pop culture" bits. Just shut up and call the action.
2005-10-10 17:34:41
94.   Rich
I think Matsui is having trouble picking up fly balls.
2005-10-10 17:35:35
95.   rbj
Anyone else annoyed by those Bud Light "bomber" ads? Don't make the Babe look like a clown.
2005-10-10 17:35:50
96.   JeremyM
Why do I feel better having Cano up there then A-Rod, Sheffield, and Matsui?
2005-10-10 17:36:47
97.   BxSparksNYC
I'm not sure if this is a good think. We can run with Colon...its everyone else I get nervous with...
2005-10-10 17:36:48
98.   randym77
I hate that ad. It just seems awfully disrespectful.
2005-10-10 17:36:50
99.   JeremyM
I've been meaning to mention those stupid ads. Those are just awful. Worse than the old John Wayne beer ads.
2005-10-10 17:36:58
100.   JVarghese81
Man, I feel for Colon - the man looks like he's about to cry...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-10-10 17:38:07
101.   Rich
No mercy.
2005-10-10 17:38:28
102.   BklynBomber
#95 — Thank you, rbj. Was thinking the same thing...
2005-10-10 17:39:03
103.   claybeez
He's done. I feel for him too.
2005-10-10 17:39:58
104.   randym77
Looks like the rumors about Colon being worse than they were letting on are true.
2005-10-10 17:40:00
105.   rbj
A rookie. Fresh meat.
2005-10-10 17:40:13
106.   Rich
I might feel for him if he gave up five runs. Now, no.
2005-10-10 17:40:31
107.   Popcult
Wow-shades of David Wells pulling himself out of a post-season game from a few years back. I'm still mad at him doing that. Let's hope it results in the same thing.
2005-10-10 17:40:56
108.   claybeez
OK. On to Santana. He's usually sharp at home. Beat us once. But, he can also be erratic and very hittable when he loses focus and control.
2005-10-10 17:41:50
109.   JeremyM
I don't think this is going to work in our favor. This guy isn't related to Johan is he:) Hopefully he pitches like he's Carlos Santana.
2005-10-10 17:41:59
110.   vockins
I don't know how I feel about this. I was hoping for Colon to stay for while.

Even if the Angels take this game, god forbid, their ALCS chances are screwed now.

Sad day for him...

2005-10-10 17:42:05
111.   BklynBomber
Shit. I hate these scenarios... Gameplan and lineup set for one guy who is very beatable, he goes down, then the 22 year old whiz-kid comes in and pitches lights out.

Let's go bats!

2005-10-10 17:43:02
112.   BxSparksNYC
This is the unexpected kind of SHIT, THAT MAKE ME HAVE A BREAKDOWN. As I said before, Colon is a known. A 22 yr old rookie, is an unknown. I need a drink...
2005-10-10 17:43:29
113.   Cliff Corcoran
Curous that you guys feel bad for Colon but hate David Wells passionately for exactly the same reason.

Also, Babe Ruth had a good heart and was the greatest baseball player to ever live, but he was a lout and a drunkard, and yes, a clown, I'm not sure why a commercial that mimicks his image (doesn't outright use it like the Wayne commercial) is offensive to you.

2005-10-10 17:43:57
114.   BklynBomber
I was glad when we passed on Colon, even happier now...
2005-10-10 17:44:36
115.   JeremyM
And the Angels' play a Santana song. Such a wry sense of humor in Anaheim.
2005-10-10 17:44:42
116.   marc
when Santan's good he's great. I'm not sure this is a plus.
2005-10-10 17:45:49
117.   Murray
On the bright side, Colon now has the first crack at the clubhouse spread.
2005-10-10 17:47:45
118.   Marcus
Cano with another walk. Has his plate discipline turned the corner? I think it's an understatement to say that this kid has stepped up in the playoffs (minus a few fielding gaffs).
2005-10-10 17:47:56
119.   JeremyM
I don't like to see any dead celebrities pushing products, but that's just me. I'm not feeling this new pitcher situation, hopefully he's rusty.

Whyt he fuck was he running???

2005-10-10 17:48:51
120.   Cliff Corcoran
Someone missed a sign there. Cano can't steal.
2005-10-10 17:49:23
121.   Rich
Cano slid under the tag.
2005-10-10 17:49:51
122.   BxSparksNYC
You just can't give the 22 yr old kid outs. 2 walks and 1 out.
2005-10-10 17:50:31
123.   Cliff Corcoran
FOX thinks Bernie missed it, I buy it.

Jeremy, they're not using any dead celebrities they're using a mythical Ruth-like figure, fair game.

2005-10-10 17:50:36
124.   BklynBomber
Hey, Buck. You have to throw strikes to get "something" from the ump...
2005-10-10 17:51:26
125.   Stormer Sports
We really missed an opportunity in the 1st.

Lets go guys! Two on, now show some mojo!

2005-10-10 17:51:31
126.   Cliff Corcoran
Rich, he came close, but I think Cabrera got the tag down in time.
2005-10-10 17:51:47
127.   BxSparksNYC
How long you stay with the Kid if your Mike...will Washburn make the first appearance? Anyone hear the Angels plan?
2005-10-10 17:51:47
128.   Oscar Azocar
Cano was looking in while he was running. It was a hit & run.
2005-10-10 17:52:03
129.   BklynBomber
Cano vs Giambi in a 40 yard dash: even money.
2005-10-10 17:52:38
130.   Stormer Sports
Here we go, punish the rookie, punish!
2005-10-10 17:52:46
131.   Ravenscar
Yeah, missed the sign.

And Rich, are you watching the same replays I am? Cano was definitely out - no question.

2005-10-10 17:53:02
132.   JeremyM
Yeah, I think Cano was in there. Shouldn't have been a hit and run already though, Santana's control was still a question mark.
2005-10-10 17:53:17
133.   Cliff Corcoran
That botched hit and run is really hurting right now. Bases loaded one out with the rookie on the mound woulda been very differeint.

Bubba! Huzzah!

2005-10-10 17:53:31
134.   BklynBomber
The Bubbeeeeeno!
2005-10-10 17:53:38
135.   vockins

(could've been two)

2005-10-10 17:53:46
136.   Rich
2005-10-10 17:53:54
137.   JeremyM
2005-10-10 17:53:56
138.   randym77
Bernie missed the sign, I think.

I don't think Colon misled anyone about the extent of his injury. The rumors were going around by Saturday. He told them he couldn't pitch game 4, which was a red flag. That would have been full rest for him, but he said he couldn't do it. You know he's got to be hurting, and they had to know that this might happen. One day is not going to make that big a difference when you're hurting that bad.

2005-10-10 17:53:57
139.   Marcus
2005-10-10 17:54:12
140.   BxSparksNYC
Why is Bernie's leg up in the air? He could have been called out. Thank goodness he wasn't...
2005-10-10 17:54:17
141.   Popcult
Hey! Someone remembered how to slide! Time to do some major damage now.
2005-10-10 17:54:29
142.   Stormer Sports
We must score again! Paul Byrd getting loose, I like the sound of that.
2005-10-10 17:55:35
143.   Stormer Sports
Arod has one last chance to come up big in this series.

Jete swinging at ball 2.

2005-10-10 17:55:54
144.   BklynBomber
Good point, Popcult. Jason's brother must be the baserunning coach...
2005-10-10 17:56:01
145.   Ravenscar
A good throw gets Bernie there, they gambled on his (Vlad's) control and won. Good play.

My favorite play so far today is Jeter surprising Vlad by going to 3rd in the first inning.

2005-10-10 17:57:55
146.   atc
Damn, that was close...I'll certainly take it
2005-10-10 17:58:05
147.   Rich
WTG Derek. Come on A-Rod.
2005-10-10 17:58:07
148.   Ravenscar
And I was JUST going to say that on the "leg up" slide by Bernie. I'd love to see that replay.

Santana's too nervous, not pitching bad, just scared.

2005-10-10 17:58:16
149.   JeremyM
I thought that was gone! Good to get the sac fly though, very good.
2005-10-10 17:58:29
150.   BxSparksNYC
Give Bubba the stay sign at first and give the MVP a chance to be an MVP...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-10-10 17:58:51
151.   Stormer Sports
Come on Arod. Here we go.
2005-10-10 17:58:53
152.   marc
I hope Moose isn't a stiff piece of crap of siting forever
2005-10-10 17:59:34
153.   rbj
I think we're melting the server.
I don't hate Boomer Cliff, though you shouldn't brag about not being in shape and then leave a WS game with a bad back. WRT Colon, I'm just looking for any advantage for this game.
I don't like ads using dead celebs, it's just making money off of someone's good name who can't say anything about it. This ad takes the whole Ruth mythos and distills it down to a clownish point, that bugs me. Besides, Bud Light? Ruth would never drink that swill. Make it a decent beer.
2005-10-10 17:59:42
154.   atc
While we all admit Arod hasn't hit this series, how can Buck give his line as 2-12, w/out mentioning the 8,000 walks?
2005-10-10 18:00:22
155.   randym77
Wow, Bubba!
2005-10-10 18:01:54
156.   Stormer Sports
Man, I love his defense, but he has been a chump at the plate this series.
2005-10-10 18:02:10
157.   claybeez
Again!!! Oh, A-rod.
2005-10-10 18:02:34
158.   BxSparksNYC
I don't want to hear about anxiety or whatever. That's that bullshit right there. I swear, between Gordon and ARod arrrrrrrggggggghhh!!!!
2005-10-10 18:02:44
159.   rbj
I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us, ARod.
2005-10-10 18:02:45
160.   vockins
At least he swang. That's something, I guess. Although it looked like it may have been high.


2005-10-10 18:04:07
161.   vockins
So not high. I'm done giving ARod the benefit of the doubt.
2005-10-10 18:04:11
162.   BklynBomber
Storm — Since you're closest to the stadium, your job is to go down there, find that rally monkey and kill that son of a bitch!
2005-10-10 18:04:24
163.   Rich
2005-10-10 18:04:34
164.   JeremyM
OK, hopefully Mussina has another strong inning. I'm going to pretend I missed that last at-bat.
2005-10-10 18:04:37
165.   Ravenscar
Anyone else who's watching FOX, I'd like to give Monster props for using the ELO song.
2005-10-10 18:04:47
166.   stephen1wt
Wow we needed more there.
2005-10-10 18:04:47
167.   Stormer Sports
How could he get so cold. I just don't get it. Why don't these things happen to Manny?
2005-10-10 18:04:50
168.   claybeez
153. rbj
I don't hate Boomer Cliff, though you shouldn't brag about not being in shape and then leave a WS game with a bad back. WRT Colon, I'm just looking for any advantage for this game.
I don't like ads using dead celebs, it's just making money off of someone's good name who can't say anything about it. This ad takes the whole Ruth mythos and distills it down to a clownish point, that bugs me. Besides, Bud Light? Ruth would never drink that swill. Make it a decent beer.

Ditto to both.

2005-10-10 18:05:33
169.   Oscar Azocar
The server must barely be hanging in there (I think I can...I think I can).
2005-10-10 18:05:59
170.   Stormer Sports

It is difficult to penetrate the Orange Curtain.

2005-10-10 18:06:22
171.   rbj
2005-10-10 18:06:30
172.   Stormer Sports
Fuck me!!!
2005-10-10 18:06:38
173.   Rich
He gave in.
2005-10-10 18:07:03
174.   rbj
And thanks Claybeez
2005-10-10 18:07:04
175.   Oscar Azocar
Why Moose?? Ugh
2005-10-10 18:07:28
176.   Cliff Corcoran
Wow, Moose has nothing this inning. His second inning in Game 1 was shaky then he got good again after that. Here's hoping it was just the long top of the second and he settles.
2005-10-10 18:07:31
177.   Stormer Sports
God Damnit!

Settle the fuck down Moose.

2005-10-10 18:07:47
178.   BxSparksNYC
(sigh) one of the few times I'm in complete agreement with Tim Mac. Why inside on a lefty who's looking to pull.

Now Benji....jeese.

2005-10-10 18:07:47
179.   JeremyM
Bad Moose has shown up. Luckily, his excuse, with the long rest, is already teed up. get Wang up.
2005-10-10 18:08:46
180.   murphy
molina is on steroids. : )
2005-10-10 18:09:00
181.   BxSparksNYC
Looks like Blue is squeezing both sides...
2005-10-10 18:09:42
182.   BklynBomber
Jared Wright? I'd start Mel before I'd start Wright!
2005-10-10 18:12:41
183.   murphy
moose needs to stop fucking around and throw strikes.
2005-10-10 18:12:57
184.   JeremyM
Oh my God Mussina just got squeezed.
2005-10-10 18:13:02
185.   atc
How does Joe West get to do playoff games?
2005-10-10 18:13:38
186.   BklynBomber
That wasn't an easy play for Robbie... Good job.
2005-10-10 18:13:55
187.   Popcult
BklynBomber: I heard the announcers say that too. I'd say even the possibility of Jaret starting tomorrow is good enough reason to hold back Wang tonight.
2005-10-10 18:13:58
188.   rbj
I think Moose just sat too long. And for only 2 runs.
#181 My thoughts too.
2005-10-10 18:16:12
189.   Rich
Where the fuck was that?
2005-10-10 18:16:36
190.   JeremyM
You do not walk Steve Finley! Though I think it was a strike.
2005-10-10 18:17:02
191.   BklynBomber
Popcult — definitely Wang... even Small would be a better option than Wright.
2005-10-10 18:17:31
192.   rbj
Goddammit. Crosby's the CF it's his call.
2005-10-10 18:17:31
193.   Ravenscar

Thundercats, er, I mean Thundersticks strike.

2005-10-10 18:17:37
194.   JVarghese81
2005-10-10 18:17:56
195.   Popcult
You've got to be kidding me. Watch Bubba screw up the play and injure Sheff.
2005-10-10 18:18:09
196.   JeremyM
Oh no.
2005-10-10 18:18:24
197.   Cliff Corcoran
Crap, Bubba had that one.
2005-10-10 18:18:30
198.   Rich
Nope, Tim, every ball a CFer can get to is his.
2005-10-10 18:18:32
199.   BklynBomber
Sheff did have that all the way... damn, this is going to be a wild one tonight.
2005-10-10 18:18:34
200.   randym77
Dammit. I don't know if it's just that he doesn't play enough, but Bubba has an unfortunate tendency to run into his teammates.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-10-10 18:18:45
201.   BxSparksNYC
rbj - call me bias but the rookie wasn't giving the ump the chance to call strikes whereas he just seem bent on making sure no one has a complaint that its one sided.

Did I just see that?

2005-10-10 18:19:01
202.   Ravenscar
3-2 to Finley was definitely inside - some of the earlier pitches were closer.
2005-10-10 18:19:04
203.   murphy
WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?! get me wang. get me johnson. get me mel. moose is pissing me off. this has been his problem all year. he toys with hitters too much, thus running up his pitch count and then he's out in the 5th.
2005-10-10 18:19:48
204.   BklynBomber
Pick 'em up, Moose!
2005-10-10 18:19:50
205.   Oscar Azocar
Gee, if Bernie was in there, he would be 10 feet away from Shef, or maybe he would have broke to left field first.
2005-10-10 18:20:01
206.   atc
Chris Meyers just called Bubba Crosby a rookie...learn your fucking facts
2005-10-10 18:20:59
207.   Bob B
No way that happens with Bernie in the field........and Bubba does nothing with his bat
2005-10-10 18:21:32
208.   BxSparksNYC
I agree that its the CF ball but I don't think with all the noise that anyone could have called for anything. One thing for sure with Bubba in there, Sheff not used to an aggressive CF and took the initiative. Just one of those play and obviously its going to be one of those night.

Time for another drink...

2005-10-10 18:21:39
209.   Mattpat11
I dont know what the FUCK Bubba Crosby was doing there, and frankly, I dont care. That was inexcusable.
2005-10-10 18:22:06
210.   Cliff Corcoran
Technically, atc, Bubba still qualified as a rookie this year (I think, he may have spent too many days on the roster but in terms of PAs and Games, he's a rookie).
2005-10-10 18:22:33
211.   JeremyM
We have got to play flawless defense to beat these guys. Well, we just had a major flaw.

Thundersticks are one of the biggest abominations in the game of baseball. It's cheating. If you can't cheer and have to bang a piece of vinyl, you don't belong at a game. I mean, why not just bring a couple airhorns?

2005-10-10 18:22:35
212.   Rich
Am I missing something, or did Bubba get a hit?
2005-10-10 18:23:14
213.   Cliff Corcoran
Man, you guys need to lay off Bubba. He's in this game to catch every ball he can reach and he had that easy, it's just too damn loud for Sheff to hear him calling it.
2005-10-10 18:24:27
214.   Cliff Corcoran
Rewatching the replay, the ball hit Sheffield in the wrist before he hit Bubba, so Sheff blew the play before Bubba even touched him, and Bubba had that ball easy. Sheff was trying to backhand it on a leap, Bubba was set up under it with two hands.
2005-10-10 18:24:40
215.   Rich
Step up Mat!
2005-10-10 18:25:19
216.   vockins
What was wrong with the way Bubba played that? Shit happens.
2005-10-10 18:25:37
217.   BxSparksNYC
I agree JeremyM. Those thundersticks are str8 bushleague....
2005-10-10 18:25:42
218.   claybeez
Is his curve that good? Both Sheff and Mats keep bailing out.
2005-10-10 18:25:58
219.   JeremyM
I think it was Sheff's fault, but it's a heat of the moment type play.

Matsui HAS to come through here.

2005-10-10 18:26:05
220.   Cliff Corcoran
Wrist of Sheff's glove hand, I should say.
2005-10-10 18:26:15
221.   Oscar Azocar
Bubba did drive in a run.

I've always thought the thunder stix were thunder weiners or something.

2005-10-10 18:26:18
222.   Rich
Bubba did what a CFer is supposed to do.
2005-10-10 18:27:53
223.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, it's ridiculous that play wasn't ruled an error, at the very least a double and an error or something. Official scoring is a joke.
2005-10-10 18:28:30
224.   Mattpat11
What was wrong with the way he played that? He ran headlong into the right fielder. That should be some kind of no-no. This balls to the wall blind running was kind of cute when he ran into Giambi. Its a disaster in the playoffs when you're in there for your fucking glove.
2005-10-10 18:28:39
225.   claybeez
BTW that's Bubba's ball. He's the CF and the better fielder. I've seen Sheff try and make that play before. It's not like he's always been successful.
2005-10-10 18:29:02
226.   Cliff Corcoran
The hit and run has now cost the Yankees two outs (Cano now Matsui swinging on 3-1 with Sheff running). Perhaps I was too quick with my praise for Torre last night.
2005-10-10 18:30:18
227.   Rich
Not a strike.
2005-10-10 18:30:21
228.   Cliff Corcoran
Mattpat, Sheff jumped into him, Bubba was easing up under the ball. That's the last I'm gonna say about this.
2005-10-10 18:30:39
229.   Ravenscar

Cliff - I completely agree with you regarding laying off Bubba, and he IS hitting as well as fielding. Lots of chucklehead fanboy lack of objectivity rearing it's head lately.

HOWEVER, I will say this, and I think in less stressful times you may agree. Sheff DID miss the ball before he hit Bubba, I was thinking the same thing. But at that moment, that split-second I think that Sheff probably knew something bad was up and thinking Cameron/Damon possibilities. I have little doubt that affected his missing the ball.

2005-10-10 18:30:41
230.   atc
Cliff, from, scroll down to experience:
Proper Name: Richard Stephen Crosby
Born: August 11, 1976
Houston, TX
Height: 5-11
Weight: 185 lbs.
Age: 29
Pronounced: N/A Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Pos: CF
Experience: 2 years
2005 Salary: $332,950
College: Rice
2005-10-10 18:30:45
231.   unpopster
Cliff, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Joe, stop with the fucking hit and runs and let the guys HIT!

2005-10-10 18:31:20
232.   JeremyM
There is no reason to hit and run when the guy is walking the stadium. It's stupid.
2005-10-10 18:31:22
233.   Mattpat11
Cliff, if Bernie didnt fuck that hit and run to hell, it wouldnt have been an issue.
2005-10-10 18:31:27
234.   claybeez
so outside.
2005-10-10 18:31:34
235.   Cliff Corcoran
Actually, one more thing. If Joe had Bubba play CF more regularly during the season, or during his hot September, these kinks would have been worked out in Baltimore rather than in Game 5 of the ALDS.
2005-10-10 18:31:34
236.   rbj
Does Soscia have a sign for the pitcher to pick his nose? This is ridiculous. 9:30 and top of the 3rd.
2005-10-10 18:31:51
237.   Rich
F U ump.
2005-10-10 18:31:58
238.   Stormer Sports

Come on fellas, let's get this done!

2005-10-10 18:32:09
239.   BxSparksNYC
Jesus. Now Blue if fucking pissing me off. First he wants to be tight and the last two was off the play. WHICH ONE IS IT BLUE!!!!!
2005-10-10 18:33:16
240.   JeremyM
I think this is one of those nights where everything for us dies at the warning track.
2005-10-10 18:33:54
241.   unpopster
Joe better be ready to take Moose out at the lsightest sign of inaffectiveness
2005-10-10 18:33:55
242.   Bob B
Not to continue to beat a dead horse, but this is dying time..........shouldn't you go with your most experienced team? I have no doubt Sheffield flinched because he knew BUbba was running into him again
2005-10-10 18:34:29
243.   vockins
Put the gun down, Matt.

He's supposed to watch the ball, not the RF. It was a tough break.

2005-10-10 18:34:48
244.   BxSparksNYC
235 - my sentiments exactly.
2005-10-10 18:34:58
245.   Mattpat11
lets just hold them here.

What a fucking mess.

2005-10-10 18:35:16
246.   Cliff Corcoran
I've said it before and I'll repeat it now. Torre hit and runs to stay out of the DP, but there are three kinds of DPs and the hit and run may reduce the likelihood of one (GIDP), but increases the liklihood of the others (K, CS; line-drive, doubled up). What's more, it forces good hiters to swing at bad pitches resulting in unnecessary outs.
2005-10-10 18:35:50
247.   unpopster
shit, who's warming up???
2005-10-10 18:36:56
248.   BxSparksNYC
they both have no rbi's Buck but only one is scaring the bejesus out of me right now. Check that, both scare me but for different reasons...
2005-10-10 18:37:57
249.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh, and ATC, turns out you're right, Bubba spent too many games on the roster to have his rookie status carry over, but it is possible to be a rookie in your second year according to MLB's definitions. Andy Phillips is a good example. What's more, if you look at his career stats, this is actually Bubba's third season, but he still qualified as a rookie last year because he didn't play enough with the Dodgers in '03. Blah blah blah.

Game 5.

2005-10-10 18:38:01
250.   BxSparksNYC
Come on Blue...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-10-10 18:38:08
251.   uburoisc
Cliff, completely agree with #235; Torre's indecision about CF was a big part of the miscue. Bubba is simply that much faster and more agressive than Bernie and Sheff is not used to it.
2005-10-10 18:38:30
252.   unpopster
so well said, BxSparksNYC...soooo well said.
2005-10-10 18:38:56
253.   Cliff Corcoran
BTW, per warning track outs, add Cano's inning-ending shot to the list.
2005-10-10 18:39:52
254.   randym77
Yeah, by the time the ball hit Sheff, he had to be aware Bubba was incoming, and I suspect that distracted him.

Also agree that this is just because Bubba doesn't play enough. He's nearly run down Sierra, Jeter, Matsui, etc., in previous games, too, but you can't blame him jumping on every ball he can. Takes time to get used to working as a team, and he hasn't had that.

Arrgh. Moose isn't pitching as well as he did last time.

2005-10-10 18:40:03
255.   uburoisc
Also, if the Yanks cannot get to this young pitcher with control problems, after getting a break with a dead-arm Colon, then they don't deserve to go on; our vets should clobber this kid.
2005-10-10 18:40:29
256.   rbj
Time to bring Wang in. We need groundballs to the pitcher.
2005-10-10 18:40:32
257.   unpopster
2005-10-10 18:40:34
258.   its430
A-rod. make a frickin play already.
2005-10-10 18:40:53
259.   Cliff Corcoran
Okay, I gotta cool out on the commenting and watch this thing. More later.
2005-10-10 18:42:23
260.   Jason24
Someone please tell me why Mike "I've got nothin'" Mussina is still in this game?
2005-10-10 18:42:24
261.   Zack
Well it aint looking good, uglyness about to happen
2005-10-10 18:42:26
262.   Bob B
now what?
2005-10-10 18:42:37
263.   Mattpat11
I'm so glad Bernie's not in CF. If he was, he'd probably pull back 15 feet from the ball instead of five.
2005-10-10 18:42:37
264.   uburoisc
Wow, we got our "ace" warming up. They must be worried now.
2005-10-10 18:42:42
265.   murphy
ummm... why is moose still pitching.
2005-10-10 18:42:46
266.   unpopster
I would much rather see Johnson warming out with a lead. damn it.
2005-10-10 18:43:04
267.   Cliff Corcoran
Uburoisc 255, to some extent you're underestimating Santana, but ultimatley, I agree.
2005-10-10 18:43:15
268.   Zack
Anyone know why we need a lefty (Lieter) just to get out Erstad, who sucks to begin with?
2005-10-10 18:43:19
269.   JeremyM
I think it's over. Too many breaks going the other way.
2005-10-10 18:43:50
270.   BxSparksNYC
Now THAT was a professional pitch. One more
2005-10-10 18:44:09
271.   tocho
I am really hating this game! No breaks for us. I don't think Moose has pitched that bad, just a handfull of bad calls and stupid plays.
2005-10-10 18:44:23
272.   BklynBomber
Squeezed again!
2005-10-10 18:45:17
273.   Cliff Corcoran
Bernie does not catch that ball, let alone even try to make the throw home.
2005-10-10 18:45:34
274.   claybeez
Who's positioning Bubba?
2005-10-10 18:45:44
275.   Zack
Terrible throw by Bubba, but if we get out of the inning with one run, not the end of the world. However, since our offense has generally been inept this series, we need to score immediately
2005-10-10 18:46:27
276.   Cliff Corcoran
Zack, 268, excellent point!
2005-10-10 18:46:32
277.   Bags
I think we've got these guys right where want them.

Not being facetious. I've got a feeling.

2005-10-10 18:46:32
278.   unpopster
double play, double play, double play (begging and pleading)
2005-10-10 18:46:34
279.   JeremyM
True Zack. Big if though, Molina has been unreal.
2005-10-10 18:47:07
280.   Ravenscar
Despite the fact that it's now 4-2, I have to say that it feels like the 8th inning, not the freaking THIRD.


2005-10-10 18:47:10
281.   atc
I have to keep reminding myself it's only the THIRD inning
2005-10-10 18:47:48
282.   unpopster
this is fuckin ridiculous!!!!! these are all seeing eye base hits.
2005-10-10 18:47:52
283.   JVarghese81
Can anything go right for the Yanks tonight? Jeez...
2005-10-10 18:47:59
284.   BklynBomber
That was a scary snag by Sheff!
2005-10-10 18:48:30
285.   claybeez
Fellas DP here and there's lots of game left.
2005-10-10 18:48:35
286.   atc
Nice dive sheff
2005-10-10 18:48:45
287.   Mattpat11
This team is dead in the water. When their not all running into each other, they're pulling up on everything
2005-10-10 18:48:55
288.   Ravenscar
Jesus Christ, McCarver, you idiot, it's the third inning.

(re: Leiter coming in)

2005-10-10 18:49:18
289.   Zack
Man, the Angels just look a lot better than us right now, everything breaking their way. Little bloops for hits etc
2005-10-10 18:49:24
290.   vockins
Erstad is going to hurt himself.
2005-10-10 18:49:27
291.   tocho
Bad luck coming the Yanks way.
2005-10-10 18:50:30
292.   BxSparksNYC
atc - Sheff doesn't dive (one of the problems with this team). Now lets get beyond that and win a game
2005-10-10 18:50:40
293.   Zack
And another shitty play that doesn't go our way, just like game 2, unwatchable
2005-10-10 18:50:46
294.   vockins
2005-10-10 18:50:47
295.   rbj
Nope, nothing going right tonight. Tag him Jason!
2005-10-10 18:50:49
296.   JeremyM
What a stupid decision. We're dead. Done. It's over.
2005-10-10 18:50:53
297.   unpopster
well, this team is now officially falling apart. goodnight.
2005-10-10 18:51:00
298.   BklynBomber
2005-10-10 18:51:06
299.   Oscar Azocar
why did he throw home? Just get the out. Let the run score.
2005-10-10 18:51:34
300.   Cliff Corcoran
Cripes, Giambi, there was no force there, Cano had first covered and Molina was running from first. Terrible decision. At least he didn't throw it away.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-10-10 18:51:37
301.   Ravenscar
Not Giambi's fault there - no chance as you look at the replay.
2005-10-10 18:51:44
302.   BxSparksNYC
We just need to get out of this inning. Please let get out of this inning...
2005-10-10 18:52:04
303.   Mattpat11
It cant end this way. It cant fucking end this way. I've put too much time, money and energy in this team to have them give up on me in the fucking ALDS.
2005-10-10 18:52:09
304.   randym77
Godzilla! Holy crap! How'd he do that?
2005-10-10 18:52:12
305.   Rich
Props to Mat.
2005-10-10 18:52:29
306.   Oscar Azocar
Somebody with a defensive play, finally.
2005-10-10 18:52:31
307.   vockins
Nice! Godzilla! Thanks to the fearful fan!
2005-10-10 18:52:44
308.   BxSparksNYC
Yes. Great Play Mats!!!! Thank you.
2005-10-10 18:53:17
309.   Cliff Corcoran
Huge play by Matsui there, Unit coming in. If he clamps it down, the Yanks can come back.
2005-10-10 18:53:27
310.   BklynBomber
Wow, MatsZilla! OK... goods things are going to start happening now
2005-10-10 18:53:53
311.   Jason24
Giving up?!?! Do you really think this team is incapable of coming up with three runs in six innings? Christ. You sound like a Red Sox fan.
2005-10-10 18:54:02
312.   claybeez
Remember that we looked this good the other night after fighting back to take a lead. Lots of game left. Moose nibbled, couldn't miss bats, but that was some hard hand he was dealt - nickle and dimed to death.
2005-10-10 18:54:20
313.   Cliff Corcoran
Ravenscar, I was looking at the replay when I wrote 300.
2005-10-10 18:54:33
314.   Zack
Why the heck would Torre take Moose out now, of all times. i know the Finley matchup, but 1) its not like the hit him hard, and b) if he was goign to take him out, perhaps earlier when less runs scored would be playing to win the game, but who knows...
2005-10-10 18:55:14
315.   Ravenscar
YIKES, my fault, it WAS Giambi's fault, awful decision by Giambi.
2005-10-10 18:55:50
316.   uburoisc
3 runs should be nothing for a team with our bats; unfortunately I haven't seen anything like clutch hitting in this series and what should be an easy amount to overcome just doesn't seem likely. Alex, now's the time to show everyone why you are the MVP.
2005-10-10 18:58:23
317.   unpopster
big half inning coming up, we need to score at least one to prove that we're still in this game.
2005-10-10 18:58:31
318.   vockins
Gonna throw some profound analysis on you ladies and gents:

Yanks, start hitting.

2005-10-10 18:59:16
319.   BklynBomber
OK, Yanks. You know what to do. You know how to do it. Now, let's get this party started.
2005-10-10 18:59:41
320.   Bob B
We're becoming the Atlanta Braves
2005-10-10 18:59:42
321.   claybeez
This is twice now they've had a big rally without really hitting the ball hard.
2005-10-10 18:59:44
322.   JeremyM
I'm the Yankee fan equivalent to a Sox fan, I give up and get optimistic again within 3 seconds, please forgive me! We need to get back on the board here, hopefully this team is pissed off and ready to go. They did score 13 runs in an inning this season, right?
2005-10-10 18:59:51
323.   rbj
Let's get some runs.
2005-10-10 19:00:06
324.   randym77
They can still win this. It's early. They aren't really playing awful. The breaks just haven't gone their way tonight, but that can change.

Poor Moose. He just hasn't been lucky in the big postseason games.

Guess it's Randy's chance to make up for his awful start Friday.

2005-10-10 19:00:09
325.   Cliff Corcoran
Ravenscar, I was looking at the replay when I wrote 300.
2005-10-10 19:00:24
326.   Oscar Azocar
What's done is done. Time to forget about the first 3 innings and score some runs, motherf*&#$rs!

I need an adult beverage....

I feel like beating the rally monkey with a thunder stick.

2005-10-10 19:00:34
327.   Bags
Let's have some faith, my friends.

It is the fourth inning.

We have a better pen than they do tonight.

Going to be all right.

2005-10-10 19:01:03
328.   tocho
RJ in with an out.

Moose was not bad, he had just TERRIBLE plays behind him and very bad luck. Having said that my only hope is that this is one of those sloppy games for both teams and that the team that has the pitcher that settles down a little bit will win. I hope its not Santana given his last inning and I hope its RJ

Lets go Yankeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!

2005-10-10 19:03:11
329.   Ravenscar
Cliff, I'm not sure of the point of your notation about the replay in 313, but I'm with you in all that. Don't take it any other way. I was off when I defended Giambi's throw, sort of putting Giambi in no-man's-land on that decision - which I recognize now as an error on my part.
2005-10-10 19:03:52
330.   Rich
Two hits for Bubba. If only every batter on the team could do that.
2005-10-10 19:04:07
331.   unpopster
why? why? why does Jeter swing at the first pitch?
2005-10-10 19:04:44
332.   randym77
Sigh. Great bunt by Bubba to bring Jeter to the no avail.
2005-10-10 19:05:45
333.   BxSparksNYC
Excellent by Bubba. Now if he'd cut down that swing and try to hit line drives instead of bombs maybe we can get you in on a daily basis...

My my that ground ball by Jeter is way too familar

2005-10-10 19:06:04
334.   JeremyM
So Flaherty isn't coming in for Posada...?
2005-10-10 19:06:13
335.   Jason24
Here's the good news: The Angels have kept the Yanks in the yard for the last 14 innings. They're due, right? A bloop, a bloop and a blast and we're back to quits.
2005-10-10 19:07:35
336.   Oscar Azocar
They must scratch out a few more runs. Get within one run, if not tie or get the lead. I don't want the O going against K-Rod with a 3 run deficit.

Why can't we score more runs off this guy. The guy looks like Usher...Grrrrr....

2005-10-10 19:08:44
337.   atc
Where was this on Friday?
2005-10-10 19:10:14
338.   tocho
Yeah, Santana has settled in. Too bad, I think they had thier chances and blew them in the 2nd inning with the arod K. RJ needs to settle down and keep this game where it is....

I'm not ready to give up guys, I hope you're not either.

2005-10-10 19:10:22
339.   rbj
Nice quick inning for Unit. ARod, we need a hit here. We need baserunners.
2005-10-10 19:10:50
340.   Bob B
Need to get to this kid this inning
2005-10-10 19:11:04
341.   JeremyM
I think the weather screwed Johnson. I know, I know--everyone played on the same field. But not everyone is 42 with no knees and a bad back either. He's stabilized things for the time being, let's get some f'ing runs. It starts with A-Rod.
2005-10-10 19:11:11
342.   randym77
Sigh. If RJ had pitched like this Friday, this game might not have been necessary.
2005-10-10 19:11:37
343.   BklynBomber
Here's where the mo turns, my friends. A-Rod, Sheff and Mats are all overdue...
2005-10-10 19:11:51
344.   Mattpat11
We need to start chipping away. We need runs
2005-10-10 19:13:30
345.   Mattpat11
We need a big extra base hit here
2005-10-10 19:13:31
346.   atc
I'll take that hbp right now
2005-10-10 19:13:40
347.   rbj
Way to get on base, Alex.
2005-10-10 19:13:51
348.   randym77
Hmmm. Was that revenge for Molina?
2005-10-10 19:14:14
349.   JeremyM
I don't whether to be happy or sad that A-Rod got hit. Kind of wanted him to get some hacks.
2005-10-10 19:14:22
350.   claybeez
Herewe go boys! Here we go!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-10-10 19:14:28
351.   Mattpat11
Not that he was going to take third on Vlad, but could A-Rod have pretended to hustle there?
2005-10-10 19:14:43
352.   BklynBomber
Tie this mutha up, Iron Sheff...
2005-10-10 19:14:44
353.   Cliff Corcoran
Great job by FOX missing Giambi's hit while playing a taped interview.
2005-10-10 19:15:03
354.   atc
Randym, Colon started it by drilling Arod in game 1, but there is no way he meant to do that
2005-10-10 19:15:04
355.   Bags
Keep the faith boys.
2005-10-10 19:15:05
356.   Jason24
I'm glad Fox took that time to get Torre on camera spouting cliches instead of doing actual play-by-play.

Wait, what am I saying? I'd rather hear Joe's platitudes than Timmy Mac.

2005-10-10 19:15:40
357.   randym77
Come on, make them pay for that. Good start, Giambi...
2005-10-10 19:15:41
358.   BklynBomber
Bad call, West!
2005-10-10 19:17:06
359.   Mattpat11
2005-10-10 19:17:26
360.   BklynBomber
How 'bout a Thrilla, Mats?
2005-10-10 19:17:39
361.   BxSparksNYC
That's been Sheff's M-O most of this series. Matsui, come on baby...
2005-10-10 19:18:37
362.   tocho
Sheff is KILLING this team.
2005-10-10 19:19:07
363.   Bob B
no one is clutch on this team
2005-10-10 19:19:17
364.   BklynBomber
This is bullshit. Somebody needs to step up!
2005-10-10 19:19:35
365.   Stormer Sports
And the big hits just keep on coming, yawn.

Infield fly rule. Way to go Mats, Sheff, think you can top that Cano?

2005-10-10 19:19:44
366.   rbj
Up to the rookie.
2005-10-10 19:19:50
367.   JeremyM
These guys always leave it up to Cano.

The Yanks have been missing their pitches all freaking night.

2005-10-10 19:20:02
368.   Mattpat11
2005-10-10 19:20:25
369.   atc
There all trying to hit homers
2005-10-10 19:21:17
370.   Stormer Sports
The Party's Over folks!
2005-10-10 19:21:39
371.   rbj
Joe West you suck big time. That is bullshit.
2005-10-10 19:22:06
372.   Bob B
joe west
2005-10-10 19:22:21
373.   BxSparksNYC
Figures Joe West wants to be bigger than the game...It wasn't that clear cut to me...
2005-10-10 19:22:25
374.   Cliff Corcoran
Terrible call there, the replay showed Cano clearly running in foul territory until he was forced to cross over to touch the bag. Dreadful.
2005-10-10 19:22:50
375.   Mattpat11
They've given up.
2005-10-10 19:23:16
376.   murphy
what the fuck just happened? that was the fucking game...
2005-10-10 19:23:26
377.   vockins
FU, Joe West. FU.
2005-10-10 19:24:18
378.   Mattpat11
They've given up.
2005-10-10 19:24:33
379.   randym77
Was he outside the basepath?
2005-10-10 19:24:35
380.   Zack
I am appalled at the inning on so many levels. Terrible hitting by the Yanks (again), a terrible, inexcusable call that is never called normally, and shouldn't be called in such situations, and then terrible cut away by Fox, more concerned with ads than showing us what happened
2005-10-10 19:25:01
381.   claybeez
RJ not doing too bad with Jorgie so far, huh?
2005-10-10 19:25:50
382.   Bob B
2005-10-10 19:26:15
383.   Jason24
Did David Stern get to pick the umpiring crew for this game?
2005-10-10 19:26:29
384.   Cliff Corcoran
Watching the replay, it was closer than I though. Cano was basically on the line the whole way down the line.
2005-10-10 19:26:57
385.   Zack
Thats a spot where Torre needs to argue his ass off, which of course he doesn't...McCarver and Buck show they have no idea what they are talking about with their analysis...

At least Randy showed up today, clearly the only one...

2005-10-10 19:27:40
386.   Bob B
2005-10-10 19:28:14
387.   rbj
We need to get fired up over that b.s. call. The runner is entitled to the whole bag, and part of it is away from the running lane.
2005-10-10 19:28:53
388.   Zack
Cliff, true it was close, but how often is that play called? Look where Erstad is set up, hes stradalling the line, so Cano has to run there to hit the bag.

Every play to first base the Yanks should point out the runners that run inside the lines, since EVERYONE DOES IT

2005-10-10 19:28:54
389.   BklynBomber
Joe West should be in the minors. Period.
2005-10-10 19:28:56
390.   vockins
RJ is on fire.

And that call on Cano was crap, 100%

2005-10-10 19:30:37
391.   BxSparksNYC
I know RJ had a good inning but it just burns me that umps try to play the moment no different than the players and that's a crime. The call on Cano the other game was bogus and this call tonight just eats at me. Notice there making the call on the rook and I don't think that's a coincidence.
2005-10-10 19:31:15
392.   billm
The only thing I can think here is that the announcers are wrong. If there is a guy on first, isn't the batter out on a swinging third strike? Or is that just with <2 outs?
2005-10-10 19:31:49
393.   Cliff Corcoran
Warning track outs.
2005-10-10 19:32:41
394.   Zack
Well, all that talk about the Angels not fearing us, what do they have to fear? We certianly have not shown anything intimidating
2005-10-10 19:33:19
395.   JeremyM
This ump is horseshit. This game is horseshit.
2005-10-10 19:33:41
396.   BklynBomber
No intensity so far at the plate from Yankee bats tonight...

This is starting to remind me of Batista's preformance in Game 6 of the 2001 WS...

2005-10-10 19:34:28
397.   claybeez
Are the bats gonna wake up, because I'm starting to feel sick right now?
2005-10-10 19:34:45
398.   Cliff Corcoran
Billm, with two outs only first can be occupied and the runner can still reach on a K.
2005-10-10 19:35:27
399.   BxSparksNYC
Between the umps and the hitters not "grinding it" as is supposedly their mantra, I've already went off the deep end. I can't only pray this team can pull me back within the next 3 innings.
2005-10-10 19:36:59
400.   Mattpat11
What a piece of shit this game is
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-10-10 19:39:10
401.   BxSparksNYC
Unbelievable. The ump called that he came off the bag. Can you guys believe this....
2005-10-10 19:39:53
402.   rbj
I hope this crappy umping job lays to rest the idea that MLB wants the Yankees to succeed so they'll get all the breaks.
2005-10-10 19:40:16
403.   JeremyM
The umps again. But why did A-Rod look him back to second?
2005-10-10 19:40:16
404.   Zack
And another anti-Yankee call by the umps, this game may not be rigged or anything, but it sure is unwatchable
2005-10-10 19:40:19
405.   murphy
i don't have the energy for this shit.
2005-10-10 19:42:13
406.   Stormer Sports
Time for Mr. K!
2005-10-10 19:43:19
407.   Mattpat11
The Yankees have given up, but the umps are blatantly biased
2005-10-10 19:44:32
408.   ChuckM
Another horseshit call. I'd actually be more pissed off if we weren't hitting our way out of the game. Just ridiculous all around
2005-10-10 19:47:03
409.   murphy
watch RJ try to pin this shit on Jorgie.
2005-10-10 19:48:08
410.   Cliff Corcoran
Leiter should be warming for Vlad.
2005-10-10 19:49:42
411.   Jason24
I'm surprised Chone wasn't called safe at second on that play ...
2005-10-10 19:49:51
412.   Mattpat11
Top of the order. They damn well better do something.
2005-10-10 19:50:10
413.   vockins
Thank god.

Enough screwing around. Runs on the board.

2005-10-10 19:50:27
414.   Cliff Corcoran
That play was a little to close at second. Skareeee.

Three innings left. Three runs needed to tie it up. Top of the order due up. No Mr. Nice Yankees.

2005-10-10 19:52:08
415.   JeremyM
Good stuff from RJ, now who comes in? Wang, or are they saving him for extra innings?
2005-10-10 19:52:10
416.   randym77
The Yankees scored three runs in two innings last night. Let's hope they can do it again.
2005-10-10 19:52:32
417.   Mattpat11
now we need to keep doing that
2005-10-10 19:52:39
418.   Cliff Corcoran
2005-10-10 19:52:41
419.   atc
2005-10-10 19:52:45
420.   BklynBomber
And the Cap shall lead them...
2005-10-10 19:53:21
421.   marc
someone here Randy would end up a hero after his flop the other day. We got a shot at that Wow there goes Jeter with a big fly!
2005-10-10 19:53:56
422.   unpopster
if Arod doesnt get on base here he's dead to me.
2005-10-10 19:53:59
423.   JeremyM
Was Angel fan booing Jeter? Lame.

Come on A-Rod.

2005-10-10 19:54:10
424.   randym77
Nice hit, DJ!

He's now the only Yankee with two homers this post-season.

2005-10-10 19:54:43
425.   Mattpat11
What a waste A-Rod has been this series.
2005-10-10 19:54:57
426.   unpopster
2005-10-10 19:55:04
427.   JeremyM
Hit hard or not, I don't care. Blue Lips is killing us.
2005-10-10 19:55:11
428.   Stormer Sports
Arod is of no use offensively, Christ! That is why theuy cheer more loudly for Jete, get it now?
2005-10-10 19:55:18
429.   Cliff Corcoran
Rodriguez hit that hard at least. The outs they've been making in recent innings have been pathetic. Escobar's coming in. Let's hope they've learned something from facing him so much in this series.
2005-10-10 19:55:21
430.   AdamD
Feel free to get in touch with the Angel's 10th man - or here at
2005-10-10 19:56:48
431.   rbj
And these Burger King ads creep me out. Just have a real head like they did in the '70s
2005-10-10 19:58:54
432.   Cliff Corcoran
Watching Giambi go to second there scared the crap out of me. I thought that was gone off the bat.
2005-10-10 19:59:15
433.   Mattpat11
come on, Sheff
2005-10-10 19:59:17
434.   randym77
All right. Maybe now that Santana's gone we can get something going.

And yeah, those BK are really creepy.

2005-10-10 19:59:18
435.   rbj
C'mon Sheff.
2005-10-10 19:59:28
436.   marc
thankfully Giambi didn't get thrown out at 2nd this time
2005-10-10 20:00:54
437.   claybeez
Sorry, but I love those ads. But,I'd love it more if Sheff showed up BIGTIME now.
2005-10-10 20:01:05
438.   atc
Do they move the fences back when we're up?
2005-10-10 20:01:23
439.   JVarghese81
Come on Sheff!!!! I dont ask you for much, just a game tying home run now and again...PLEASE!!!
2005-10-10 20:02:25
440.   JVarghese81
Aw SOB - think they go to K-Rod for 2 innings tonight?
2005-10-10 20:03:06
441.   Mattpat11
I lost my feed
2005-10-10 20:03:56
442.   JVarghese81
You didn't miss much
2005-10-10 20:04:03
443.   Jason24
How many weak popups does that make for the heart of the order in this game?
2005-10-10 20:04:06
444.   BxSparksNYC
Its really just amazing...
2005-10-10 20:04:16
445.   Zack
Sheff and esp. Matsui have to be wearing the goat horns today, totally inexcusably disgusting.
2005-10-10 20:04:16
446.   rbj
How many freakin popups for Shef and Matsui? If the top of the order can't come through we don't deserve a win.
2005-10-10 20:04:23
447.   claybeez
"YOU'RE KIDDING ME!" - now how many times have I said that tonight?
2005-10-10 20:04:26
448.   Cliff Corcoran
Sheff and Matsui are killing this offense today with their pop outs.
2005-10-10 20:04:42
449.   AdamD
Matsui sure can pop 'em up
2005-10-10 20:04:44
450.   Stormer Sports
Story of the year.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-10-10 20:04:50
451.   unpopster
this team is tired and exhausted. that's the only excuse for the way Shef, Arod and Matsui have been hitting.
2005-10-10 20:05:15
452.   Mattpat11
well, so much for that.

I'd like to say its been a nice season, but no, not one bit.

2005-10-10 20:05:36
453.   ChuckM
Nothing like watching every Yankee in the lineup try and hit a 5-run HR. I'm gonna go puke now...
2005-10-10 20:06:35
454.   marc
shit, the bottom of the order with maybe Sierra PH is going to have to do it. A-Rod, Sheff and Matsui can't handle it.
2005-10-10 20:07:17
455.   domvjr
A-Rod, Sheff,and Matsui, comin up small in this series!
2005-10-10 20:07:24
456.   claybeez
This batting lineup has reminded me of the ups and downs of a see-saw all year. This series guess we're feet on the ground.
2005-10-10 20:07:27
457.   randym77
Our big bats have been awfully quiet in the postseason. :-(
2005-10-10 20:07:48
458.   Stormer Sports
Ok Ok. We can do this. Two runs in the eighth, stay positive.
2005-10-10 20:07:51
459.   JeremyM
I wonder if we should let Matsui walk, and he's one of my favorites. But his power was down, his defense is awful, and he's been bad this series.
2005-10-10 20:08:45
460.   vockins
The heart of the order is the goat.
2005-10-10 20:09:18
461.   Matt B
If we have a shot tonight, I think it's going to be an unlikely hero. The studs are just not getting it done, with so many chances.

I have a sinking feeling, though.

2005-10-10 20:09:57
462.   Stormer Sports
At least Mo, Jeter and Posada are playing to win. New guard has to prove they deserve to be cheered at the Stadium.

Otherwise, the Boos start early next year.

2005-10-10 20:10:04
463.   tz1
i feel like i can hit better than arod , sheff, and matsui right now. honestly...all we need is a goddamn single
2005-10-10 20:10:46
464.   Stormer Sports
Jesus Christ No. You do not let Matsui walk, hell fucking no.
2005-10-10 20:12:11
465.   Mattpat11
The heart of the order is brutal tonight. They've been for the whole series.

And please, stop mentioning A-Rod's walks. No one cares.

2005-10-10 20:12:26
466.   BklynBomber
Bernie does not get under that one..... just kiddin' ;-)
2005-10-10 20:12:27
467.   rbj
#459 JeremyM,
We might want to get a younger, hungry player at one of the outfield corners. The infield is set in granite, turnover somewhere is needed. Of course, this is just frustration talking.
2005-10-10 20:12:31
468.   randym77
Supposedly, the Angels want to sign Matsui.
2005-10-10 20:12:55
469.   Stormer Sports
Arod misses a golden opportunity to be more than a walking statistic.
2005-10-10 20:14:09
470.   rbj
Bubba makes sure to wave Sheff off on that one.
Mo for 8 & 9? He's got all winter to rest.
2005-10-10 20:15:09
471.   Cliff Corcoran
Two innings left. Two runs needed for a tie. Time for more runs!
2005-10-10 20:15:23
472.   JeremyM
Johnson is playing to win.
2005-10-10 20:16:30
473.   jkay
All we need is a bloop and a blast. Keep the faith!
2005-10-10 20:16:48
474.   marc
randy mite be losing a little effectiveness on his pitches but if he's OK it would be great if he goes 8 so if we come back and win we're not in that horrible a shape against the Chisox.
2005-10-10 20:16:49
475.   Stormer Sports

You said it! We needs runs ASAP.

2005-10-10 20:16:59
476.   tz1
Come on Cano...let's see somethin!!!
2005-10-10 20:17:25
477.   vockins
I'd let Matsui walk if I could think of someone to replace him.

I guess Womack could play LF.

2005-10-10 20:18:02
478.   Stormer Sports

Lets get some runs first.

2005-10-10 20:18:37
479.   rbj
Hey West, call him out that time too!
2005-10-10 20:18:58
480.   Cliff Corcoran
Warning track outs.
2005-10-10 20:19:33
481.   rbj
Thank you Bernie. We got four rings and 1998.
2005-10-10 20:19:37
482.   Stormer Sports
Going out with a wimper, just like last year.
2005-10-10 20:20:40
483.   Stormer Sports
Is the run completely over? How can that be.
2005-10-10 20:21:16
484.   Mattpat11
if nothing else, we have 1-2-3 starting the ninth. And fucking A-Rod is due.
2005-10-10 20:21:58
485.   tz1
ruben's gonna go deep tying it at 5-5 , screw frankie
2005-10-10 20:22:00
486.   Cliff Corcoran
Ruben vs. K-Rod? Not so much. If Rodriguez is wild, we'll never find out because Ruben will be a-hackin'.
2005-10-10 20:22:11
487.   marc
Sierra versus K-Rod, not very promising. We may have to wait til the 9th for a comeback
2005-10-10 20:22:11
488.   BxSparksNYC
Thank you to Bernie as well. I do appreciate the past....

Time for the future...

2005-10-10 20:23:07
489.   Matt B
Oh jeez...Ruben. I have a feeling he's used up his post-season hit already.
2005-10-10 20:23:40
490.   JeremyM
OK, does Ruben have any chance here? He looked very bad in his other at bat agisnt K-Rod.

K-Rod is due for a blown save in the playoffs, it happens to every closer. I hope it's tonight.

2005-10-10 20:25:08
491.   vockins
God, I don't want to see the Yanks lose to KRod. This guy's such a tool.
2005-10-10 20:26:46
492.   JeremyM
Yes, he is a tool. You nailed it. I can't stand the guy. Ruben really busted it down the line on that one, made it close, but no chance.
2005-10-10 20:27:00
493.   Mattpat11
And the Yankees go quietly into the night
2005-10-10 20:27:04
494.   unpopster
does Mo come in now?
2005-10-10 20:27:17
495.   rbj
Damn. At least he put the bat on the ball.
2005-10-10 20:27:38
496.   Stormer Sports
3 more outs. Wow. Well it sure took a lot to get here, maybe fatigue, both physical and mental, did them in.
2005-10-10 20:28:25
497.   Cliff Corcoran
Does Joe go to Mo here?
2005-10-10 20:28:54
498.   Mattpat11
And the Yankees go quietly into the night
2005-10-10 20:29:05
499.   Matt B
Ugh. We look pretty done. It's not that I expected the Yanks to win the Series this year (well, based on how the season went), but I don't want their season to end tonight!

Please hold 'em here.

2005-10-10 20:29:09
500.   BklynBomber
I don't know which disturbs me more. The dirt bag, unwashed look of the Red Sox or the eyewear of the Angels. Since we'll be in Chicago for Game 1 tomorrow, I'm not going to worry about...
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2005-10-10 20:29:29
501.   Cliff Corcoran
Nope, Gordon. Gulp.
2005-10-10 20:29:39
502.   unpopster
why Gordon? we have to hold serve here and hope that Jeter-Arod-Giambi pick up two runs. why?
2005-10-10 20:29:42
503.   rbj
Ruben in Left? Ugh.
2005-10-10 20:29:43
504.   BxSparksNYC
What annoys me more than anything is me telling my wife that KRod will come in and throw straight hooks to Sierra and that he shouldn't swing at it. So what happens, 4 hooks and 1 of them is a strike....(sigh)

Please Flash help us out tonight.

2005-10-10 20:30:46
505.   Stormer Sports
No Mo.
2005-10-10 20:31:57
506.   Rags
Needless to say, A-Rod's got quite a bit riding on his next AB.
2005-10-10 20:32:07
507.   Cliff Corcoran
Flash is looking sharp. That bullpen must have really helped yesterday.
2005-10-10 20:32:15
508.   tz1
unwashed red sox definitely are more annoying. i mean, johnny damon ...just looking at him makes me mad
2005-10-10 20:33:03
509.   BxSparksNYC
Cliff we're talking about 7,8 and 9. But I'll definitely take it....
2005-10-10 20:33:55
510.   Mattpat11
Here we go.
2005-10-10 20:34:28
511.   marc
bernie really headed out with a whimper unfortunately. A storybook ending would be nice. Well, maybe he'll still have a shot if we comeback but the fat lady is exercising her voice in preparation
2005-10-10 20:36:17
512.   JeremyM
Come on guys, you can do it!
2005-10-10 20:37:07
513.   Rags
As long as the tying run comes to the plate, I'll sleep well tonight. Well maybe not.
2005-10-10 20:37:11
514.   Mattpat11
Moment of truth, A-Rod.
2005-10-10 20:37:11
515.   BxSparksNYC
Thanks Capo...
2005-10-10 20:37:14
516.   claybeez
Man, I love Cap!
2005-10-10 20:37:27
517.   jkay
We have the bloop!
2005-10-10 20:37:33
518.   vockins
Goddammit, why does this team tempt me! They are killing me!
2005-10-10 20:37:48
519.   rbj
Alex, you need to do something here.
2005-10-10 20:37:54
520.   tz1
jeet baby jeet has done it it's A-rod's time to redeem himself.
2005-10-10 20:38:30
521.   claybeez
That's A-Rod...
2005-10-10 20:38:31
522.   tz1
2005-10-10 20:38:51
523.   vockins
DP you SOB. He sucks. Fuck ARod.
2005-10-10 20:39:02
524.   rbj
A double play was not what I was thinking.

So, how are the NY Giants doing?

2005-10-10 20:39:04
525.   Mattpat11
Thanks for Nothing Alex. Thanks for nothing. You can take that MVP trophy and shove it up your ass for all I care. What a waste
2005-10-10 20:39:09
526.   domvjr
A fitting end to A-Rod's series.
2005-10-10 20:39:17
527.   unpopster
Arod's career is tainted in this City.
2005-10-10 20:39:40
528.   BxSparksNYC
Please any heat this guy gets over the offseason, do defend him...
2005-10-10 20:40:18
529.   JeremyM
2005-10-10 20:40:23
530.   BxSparksNYC
2005-10-10 20:40:39
531.   tz1
2005-10-10 20:41:03
532.   randym77
It's up to Sheff now.
2005-10-10 20:41:09
533.   singledd
Time to roll the credits:
It was a season with a few highlights (Cano, Wang) and few surprises (Chacon, Small) some minor disappointments (Jeter's RISP), some Big disappointments (the Unit) and a ton of friustration and bad baseball.

For me, the shining light of the season was this site.

Thanks Alex. And a special thanks to Cliff, to have the courage to join Alex and BB, and share yourself with us.

See ya next year.

2005-10-10 20:41:24
534.   rbj
Good Jason. That's a Yankee.
2005-10-10 20:41:24
535.   Mattpat11
ooh, the bloop. Yay.
2005-10-10 20:41:26
536.   JeremyM
Guys, how can you defend that? He swung at a crappy 1-0 pitch and hit into a DP.

Come on Gary.

2005-10-10 20:43:22
537.   tz1
go godzilla hit a freakin HOMER !!!!!!!
2005-10-10 20:43:23
538.   rbj
Godzilla vs. K-Rod
sounds like a good movie.
2005-10-10 20:43:23
539.   vockins
Wow. We could have tied it if it wasn't for fucking ARod.
2005-10-10 20:43:41
540.   Mattpat11
I have no confidence in Mats here. Thats sad.
2005-10-10 20:43:56
541.   randym77
Oh, no. Earlier this season, there's no one I'd want to see come to the plate now more than Matsui. But he's really been dragging lately.
2005-10-10 20:45:30
542.   BxSparksNYC
Thanks Alex and Cliff. Appreciate the season and the site. Hope to get some continued good reading this winter. Have a good one
2005-10-10 20:45:31
543.   domvjr
Hot Stove has just begun!!
2005-10-10 20:45:51
544.   rbj
Good night everyone.
2005-10-10 20:46:07
545.   marc
2005-10-10 20:46:17
546.   Zack
This game, and series, has really dissapointed me/annoyed me, but in the end, I think it is fitting: a team that was maddeningly inconsistant all year and constantly played well below expectations, often looking plain old and tired, and only made it into the postseason due to another team's total collapse and the equally sub-par performance of the Red Sox. Yes, the Yankees put together a good second half, and evena good season after that dreadful first half and won 90-something games, but thats still far worse than they should have done. This team was paid to perform and perform all the time, and instead they were constantly overmatched by the Tampa Bays and KC's of the world, and in the end, by the Boston's and Angels of the world. The only point in the series where we looked good was game 1, and then we reverted back to what we have come to expect from this team: inconsistant and spotty pitching, a God-awful bullpen, and an offense that gets many men on but wastes opportunity after opportunity to plate runs and put games away.

I still feel that nothing short of blowing this team up will really work. Even with Johnson having a year under his belt, hes 43 next year. Keeping the infield of A-Rod, Jeter, Cano, and Giambi is fine by me, and Mo in the BP to end it. Everyone else is fair game as far as I am concerned, save Matsui I suppose...

2005-10-10 20:46:25
547.   vockins
It's been real. Didn't think I'd see them here in July. Still,


2005-10-10 20:46:26
548.   tz1
good season really sad ending. god i wish we could have done something there....DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT. you gotta hit that shit, you gotta hit that shit, you gotta hit that shit...
2005-10-10 20:46:29
549.   vockins
It's been real. Didn't think I'd see them here in July. Still,


2005-10-10 20:46:34
550.   claybeez
Thanks Cliff, Alex, everyone. Wish I could say it's been fun. Hang in there guys.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2005-10-10 20:49:10
551.   Zack
(that was my first official offseason post...sigh)

So gents, its been grand, and heres one to the hope that George trusts the minors and doesn't do what we all know he will...

Obviously, as long as there are posts here, we will be here to grip and hope and await next year!

2005-10-10 20:49:31
552.   JeremyM
Great job on the site. Next year starts today, who knew? I know this team gets nowhere without A-Rod, but I don't know that it's worth it. He's not a money player. I wasn't sure before, but now I am.
2005-10-10 20:49:36
553.   domvjr
Hot Stove has officially begun! Thanks Alex and Cliff and all the rest, that makes this site, the first one I check in the am.
2005-10-10 20:52:22
554.   Matt B
Oh well...the fantasy that the Yankees were worthy of another WS trip is over. I think a lot of us knew deep down this wasn't our year. And while this doesn't help much tonight, I think we could have a kick-ass 2006 provided we have a wiser off-season this year.

Fairly or unfairly, A-Rod will not be able to live this down unless he wins a world series in NY, no matter what he does in a 162-game season.

Alex and Cliff - thanks. I didn't chime in as much this season, but I was still an avid reader.

And finally - thanks Bernie, it went way too quickly.

2005-10-10 20:52:56
555.   Matt B
Oh well...the fantasy that the Yankees were worthy of another WS trip is over. I think a lot of us knew deep down this wasn't our year. And while this doesn't help much tonight, I think we could have a kick-ass 2006 provided we have a wiser off-season this year.

Fairly or unfairly, A-Rod will not be able to live this down unless he wins a world series in NY, no matter what he does in a 162-game season.

Alex and Cliff - thanks. I didn't chime in as much this season, but I was still an avid reader.

And finally - thanks Bernie, it went way too quickly.

2005-10-10 20:53:09
556.   Oscar Azocar
I think now is the appropriate time to make the observations about this team being overpaid and old. The team needs to be dismantled. I may be in the minority, but I'd satisfied with a 2-3 year plan. Fuck the fair weather fans. I want this team to become a solid, consistent contender. The free-agent market is bare. I don't know who is coming up from the minors. How many trades can we make with bloated contracts? Go ahead and "re-build." Screw this team.

I hate the fact that Buster Olney was right. The dynasty ended a long time ago. This team as constituted will not win championships.

2005-10-10 20:55:53
557.   Oscar Azocar
Sorry, in my rant, I forgot to also thank Cliff & Alex for sharing their thoughts and allowing us to vent during the games. I look forward to reading this site during the offseason.
2005-10-10 20:56:50
558.   singledd
546. Zack
Well summed up. And while we backed in, we had this series. Gave away game 2 on errors, didn't dominate with the 'Dominator' in game 3, and left a whole village on base. Aside from game 1, I shudder to see what our series RISP was.

Even in our dilapidated shape, we are better then the Angels. Very, very disappointing. Now I know what long time Red Sox fans feel like.

A shame Bernies last week year ended like this.

I am a big ARod fan but......

2005-10-10 20:58:44
559.   marc
yup, thanks much Alex and Cliff. now let me find if Ihave any antidepressants. game heros I can think of are Santana who I was scared shitless of after seeing him pitch sensational games during the year and the A's crowd with their friggen deafening noise pollution without which there probabably woud be no collision between Shef and Crosby. Very equal, tough game , the breaks and calls went mostly the other way this time. Too bad Bernie leaves on a down note a down performance. Randy was a bright light and we should have been able to get enough to get him the win.
2005-10-10 20:58:58
560.   JeremyM
I think it's time to blow the team up as well. Well, who in the hell wants to watch the White Sox-Angels? Geez. I'll pull for the White Sox because I hate the Angels right now, and it's been a long, long time for the other Sox. Ugh. Guys, do yourselves a favor and buy that Yankees DVD set dropping tomorrow. It'll be a damn good tonic. Watch the Leyritz homer and the Boggs walk over and over and over and over.

Oh my God the Angels are tools. They're doing the old "go Angels, go Angels, it's your birthday" chant. L-A-M-E.

2005-10-10 21:01:19
561.   Stormer Sports
It's going to be an interesting off-season.
2005-10-10 21:02:51
562.   rilkefan
I was surprised the Yankees made it this far, and I appreciated the comebacks against the Angels' pen, and given the statistics and the quality of the Angels' starters, a 2-3 loss strikes me as a reasonable outcome. This is a good death, there is no dishonor in it.

Cliff and Alex, thanks for hosting this excellent site. Looking forward to some good moves this winter and a great season next year.

2005-10-10 21:03:43
563.   singledd
"I think it's time to blow the team up as well".
Aside from Bernie, this IS next years (non pitchers) team. Evenone is a definite except Matsui... and he's one guy we want (but not a 5 year contract).
2005-10-10 21:05:57
564.   Simone
Tough loss. The Yankees actually had 11 hits to the Angele' 9 hits. I just think that the Angels were the better team.

I don't know what happens with the Yankees in the off season, but it seems to me that there aren't many moves that can be made. A-Rod gets killed by the NY media though.

2005-10-10 21:07:57
565.   Stormer Sports
"A Bombed."
2005-10-10 21:10:04
566.   DrManhattan
Great job, Cliff and Alex.
I think A-Rod has just added 10 years to the cliches about "clutch." God, what a putrid performance.
It will be very tough for the Yankees to reconfigure in a productive way in the off-season. One place to focus on, though, could be on getting some players who can actually contribute in the last 10 spots on the roster - including middle relief.
2005-10-10 21:12:40
567.   Jen
Thanks Cliff and Alex. I'm going to miss the game threads. Although I didn't post much to them, they were always a fun read.

Like some others here, I didn't even expect the Yankees to make it this far. Tough loss tonight with many missed opportunities (seemed to be a running theme this entire season.)

Go Sox.

2005-10-10 21:13:19
568.   weeping for brunnhilde
First of all, THANK YOU to Alex and Cliff and this entire BB community for being so damned cool. Really, this is a great place, so thanks to all for helping to create it.

Now, raw emotion. If I never see Rodriguez again it will be too soon. I've cooled off a little now, but about forty-five minutes ago I wanted this guy's head on a plate.

What a lame-ass performance by our hitters. You can't have first and second, no out and fail to score. Obviously.

I just really hope in the offseason we can get some fundamentally sound players. I really hate being unable to squeeze home runners when it counts. Waiting around for the long ball just doesn't seem to get it done when the money's on the table.

But kudos to RJ. I'm less pissed at him now than I was.

Still, I really think it's time to rebuild.

And nice of Derek to step it up, but why did he swing at that first pitch back in the fourth, or whenever it was, with runners on, after Bubba had scratched himself on with a perfect bunt.

Anyway, nice to see the captain step it up.

Those are my first thoughts.

2005-10-10 21:14:27
569.   marc
dismantle, blow up the team? I think you guys are nuts. All we neeed is a top center fielder and obviously another round of open auditions for middle relief. Starting pitching has rounded out without any more big money acquisitions needed. The only other thing is maybe another young set-up man for Mo who might be ble to to take over the closer job whenever Mo can't do it anymore.

I'm hearing Suzyn report from the clubhouse. A-Rod just keeps saying he played like a dog. Well at least he'll be able to afford to double up on his therapy sessions.

2005-10-10 21:15:39
570.   randym77
I've thought for awhile now that the Yankees should spend some time rebuilding and cut back on the pricy, aging superstars. Homegrown talent has served us well.

I wasn't sure the Yankees would even make the post-season this year, and I didn't really expect them to get far. But damn, this is depressing. It's not just not winning the WS. It's the end of the season. I feel so bereft, with no more nightly Yankees games to look forward to. At times like this, I can understand why Hunter Thompson committed suicide when football season was over.

2005-10-10 21:20:38
571.   weeping for brunnhilde
Joe, talking about his players' checking their egos, etc., said, "Nobody looked for the spotlight."

That pretty much says it all about this series, doesn't it?

Nobody looked for the spotlight and thus nobody found it.

2005-10-10 21:25:06
572.   tom yf
This was a fun season for me, and in some ways better than last year, even though we won more games and got further in the playoffs. A-Rod had a shit series, no doubt, but without him we would have gotten what we deserved after last winter: no playoff appearance. Give me A-Rod over any player in the league.

I fear there are dark days ahead, days of reaping what we have sewn in the last five years. It will take skillful offseason meneuvers to undo that, and I don't know that what we need is available, or if it is, that our organization has the brains and balls to pull those moves off.

What matters, though, in the end, is that through good and bad moves, winning and losing seasons, world series victories and first round eliminations, we will cheer the pinstripes with full hearts, and be proud to go down with the ship when the game bursts it hot shell upon it.

Thank you Alex and Cliff, for an awesome season of blogging and camaraderie.

2005-10-10 21:34:29
573.   weeping for brunnhilde
Marc 569. All due respect, but I think you're crazy. What this team needs is a lineup full of less flashy, but more fundamentally sound, professional hitters that can be counted on to take the bird in the hand. If you want to argue that power hitting rather than contact hitting wins postseason games, fine. Maybe you'd be right. But my gut reaction is that if we'd been able to play more like California we'd have won. I'm sick of waiting for the long ball that never seems to come when you need it. Give me a team of scrappy, line drive hitters and solid fielders.

And of course, pitching depth is always priority number one.

2005-10-10 21:39:49
574.   Shawn Clap
Move over Dave Winfield, there's a new MR. MAY in town!

Thanks Alex & Cliff, at least you guys come big in the clutch!

2005-10-10 21:42:08
575.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Considering the implosion of the staff -- Wright, Pavano, Brown, and Mussina pitching hurt for long stretches and then not pitching at all -- it's a minor miracle we even made the playoffs.

Somehow the team gutted it's way into the playoffs, but our weakneeses came back and bit us. The thing that really hurts is the lack of offense when it counts. The inability to hit with runners in scoring position just kills me. Happened all year, and just continued into the playoffs.

It'll be interesting to see what they do to rebuild the bullpen and the bench. I hope they look to the minors for some help and not go the washed-up veteran route again.

They've a good starting pitcher in AA now, Matt DeSalvo, who should be given a look if Wright and Pavano still suck. Also Philip Hughes in the pipeline, and the former UT closer should start the season in AA too and might be able to contribute by the end of the season.

And please for the love of all things do not sign Johnny Damon, please oh please no.

Damn, I hate the Angels. Hated them in 2002, hate them now. I wouldn't have cared if we lost to the White Sox, but to these guys and their bush league fans . . . Go Sox.

Great job with the site Alex and Cliff.

2005-10-10 21:43:49
576.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Randy -- except football a crap sport.

Especially compared to the greatest sport of them all.

2005-10-10 21:46:50
577.   brockdc
Cliff and Alex: Can't thank you enough.

I give the rest of you guys credit for tonight's insightful posts. Maybe I take these losses too hard but...shit, I've got nothin'.

2005-10-10 21:53:58
578.   JeremyM
The Angels have the most bush league fans of any team in baseball. Thundersticks are just so lame, and so soccer mom. I can't think of a fan-base that deserves it less.
2005-10-10 22:00:59
579.   Cliff Corcoran
Random comment:

ESPN has their ALCS poll up, but hit the wrong button on the last question, it lists Yankee hitters, not Angels:

11) Weakest link: If you're Ozzie Guillen, which opposing hitter do you MOST want to see at the plate with the game on the line?

22.1% Robinson Cano
20.5% Bernie Williams
19.8% Alex Rodriguez
16.3% Tino Martinez
5.7% Jorge Posada
5.3% Hideki Matsui
5.0% Derek Jeter
3.2% Jason Giambi
2.1% Gary Sheffield

2005-10-10 22:04:48
580.   JeremyM
Cano? Come on.

I really feel the better team lost this series. I really do, bullpen warts and all. You take away that play in center and the Yanks win swimmingly I think. Now I know what it's like to be a Braves fan I guess.

2005-10-10 22:08:55
581.   randym77
Cano doesn't deserve the top spot on that list.

A-Rod probably deserves his #3 spot, though.

Jeter and Posada were probably the most "clutch" in this (admittedly short) postseason. They deserve their low spots in that list.

2005-10-10 22:14:45
582.   weeping for brunnhilde
JeremyM, can't quite agree with you. From what I saw, the better team won. They got the hits when they needed (they seemed to get a lot of two-out rbi in the series) and they had the pitching. How were they not the better team?
2005-10-10 22:18:25
583.   weeping for brunnhilde
580--Sorry, one other thing. I think the fact that they won with practically nothing from Vlad should tell you a lot about the kind of team they have. They won this time the same way they did in 2002--by being fundamentally sound and barely ever striking out or popping the ball up into the air. It's a team filled with tough outs.
2005-10-10 22:43:59
584.   nick
583--The Angels outhomered the Yanks, and their bullpen was better. And the Yanks made some key errors. If the Angels don't waste outs getting caught stealing, it might not even have gone 5. It's not so much that they played "right", it's that we have lousy outfield defense and a lousy bullpen. That was obvious in June. Nothing was done about it, and it's why we lost. You could also look at the "clutch" hitting stats--they absolutely killed us, of course--, but there's no controlling that. But the outfield defense and the pen, that could have been addressed.....still, the way I see this series, it's not a case of their playing smart, it's a case of our weaknesses biting us on the ass, combined with unbelievable clutch hitting on their part.
2005-10-10 22:47:18
585.   tz1
Can't really say who "should" have won, or who "would" have won...Angels won, they are the better team, more well-rounded team.
2005-10-10 22:51:54
586.   nick
Is there a single free agent out there who we should want to sign? I don't want Damon, he's too old. The problem is our weakness are just not the sort that can be addressed by throwing money at B-level free agents....the problem is organizational philosophy. Maybe the success of Cano and Wang will lead to a shift, but I'm not optimistic.

Too bad about Bernie's last series....

Cliff and Alex--great job!

2005-10-10 22:54:42
587.   JeremyM
"It's very hard to always expect to do the things we're supposed to do as a team," Williams said.

I'm so sick of this mentality. It's so hard to meet the expectations. I love Bernie, he's a class act, but it's time for him to go. This is a loser mentality. I wasn't feeling his body language all series, and maybe it had to do with these being his last games, but that comment rubbed me wrong.

I don't know, in my gut I feel the Yankees were the better team, but you're right, the play on the field didn't bear that out.

2005-10-10 22:56:31
588.   JeremyM
Yes, BJ Ryan. We want to sign him.
2005-10-10 22:57:31
589.   tz1
i know what you mean jeremym...i mean, i honestly thought the yanks were going to go all the way. I mean, how can you bet against Jeter, Arod, Sheff, Giambi, Matsui...the list goes on.

yankees..PLEASE do NOT sign Damon. he's old, overpriced, and overrated. and looks like a freagin bum too

2005-10-10 22:59:15
590.   JeremyM
The only interest we should have in Damon is to drive his price up so the Red Sox (or someone else) overpay for him.

I thought this team was winning the series as well. I don't know what my problem was!

2005-10-10 23:18:37
591.   Jeff P
The Yankees' biggest problems are in the details -- middle relief and the bench. And while the free agent crop isn't lush this off-season, BJ Ryan would be an excellent acquisition. Also, why the hell do we keep giving retreads like Alan Embree a chance when we have people like Colter Bean in AAA? We need to start FREE COLTER and FREE ANDY [Phillips] campaigns to avoid another repeat of the Alan and Ruben Show.
2005-10-10 23:23:16
592.   Janis in Marin
Thanks Alex and Cliff and everyone else. I've been too shy to post till yesterday, but I always enjoy reading and learning. The thing that bothered me most tonight was that our guys looked as if they had given up (from the shots in the dugout) when we weren't down that many runs and there were still plenty of at-bats. They had that "It's over and we're not going to Chicago" look long before it really was - they had the sad body language of those two Czech brothers (the two wild and crazy guys who used to mope when women turned them down) from the old SNL skits, only this was tragedy not comedy. I've never warmed to A-Rod, he just reminds me of Eddie Haskell in all his interviews, and this series didn't help. Emotionally and psychologically, he'll never be clutch, never be a cool customer like Jeter and Cano, no matter how many shrinks he sees. I'll remember this season for the great performances we got from Wang/Small/Chacon and Cano's rookie season because he's going to have a phenomenal career, all of it, I hope, in pinstripes. Hope it's White Sox/Astros and our alumni on both do well. I have always hated the Angels and their obnoxious fans.
2005-10-10 23:32:40
593.   tommyl
Does anyone know if Billy Wagner is a free agent this year? I can't remember. I think Ryan would be a good signing, possibly also Vernon Wells as a CF unless people think Bubba/Melky can hold it down?

What I'm worried about this year is that the Boss will go ballistic and go after more big name people (e.g. Burnett).

Thanks Alex and Cliff, though I discovered your site only midseason, your writing is wonderful and the people on here are very nice, interesting and informative on the whole.

Thanks everyone!

2005-10-10 23:42:09
594.   marc
weeping #573, re "If you want to argue that power hitting rather than contact hitting wins postseason games, fine. Maybe you'd be right. But my gut reaction is that if we'd been able to play more like California we'd have won."

power hitter versus contact hitters? You make it sound like we have a line up of homer hitters who don't get a lot of hits. Most of the guys with all these homeruns were hitting over 300 or just below so obvously they're contact hitters as well as power hitters with a ton of RBIs. Guys like A-Rod was also a prime base stealer when it mattered and Giambi, A-Rod and others were leaders in OBP or near the top. A-Rod was pitched around numerous times in this series but people behind didn't drive him in. I think the Angels were far more mediocre this year compared to the last time they eliminated us in the first round.

These teams played closely matched ball this series and the breaks and bounces went a litttle more to the Angels. If we would have been able to win home team advantage we probably would be moving to the next round now as e.g. we wouldn't have had a game 5 where it was impossible for two players to communicate verbally in the outside with all the damn thunderstick crap or whatever so they crashed into each other which probably cost us the game. And as to playing more like the Angels they had a lot more baserunners stupidly lost this series it seemed than we did. Game 2 was the real killer for us.

2005-10-11 00:26:55
595.   Jeff Weaver for God
I hate to still follow the yankees, but I do. The fact of the matter is Joe Torre should not have been managing this year, he should have been fired for the way he blew last years ALCS. The only reason this team one in the past was Brian Cashman, and know he is gone. I can give you a list of players who should never have been on the yankees, and I will.
Jason Giambi (Ever see a card of Tino wearing a Cardnils or a D-Rays jersey..then think about why he's wearing that, for some white trash loser who is brothers with jeremy)
Gary Sheffield (Really makes you forget about Paul O'Neil)
Kevin Brown (I bet Jeff Weaver looks good right about, Game 7 of last year)
Randy Johnson (It was nice knowing your upside Dioner Navaro)
Al Lieter (You gave up on this hack in 1990, please tell me why you signed him back to walk someone on four pitches?)
Tony Womack (Miguel Cairo, I am sorry. Please come back)
Alex Rodriguez (the only human being that is gayer than Derek Jeter...why did Scott Brosius have to love jesus and his family and retire after 2001?)

So here is who the replacement to Cashman should get if available and even if they aren't.
CF - Rocco Baldelli, he's the next dimaggio and he's been told that since he was 17 just make him a yankee and give him center already.
P - Cassey Fossum, at least this way he cant beat us.
P - Jeff Weaver, apologize to him and tell him we are sorry for not pitching him for a month then after he pitches a perfect inning in and relief blaming the extra innings loss on him, because no yankee can lay down a sacrifice bunt properly.
LF - Matsui, bring him back so he doesnt go to seattle. otherwise they are just gonna sign all japanesse players
2B - Jeff Kent, he may like motorcross, he may have a horribly good moustache..just anything to make up for not having soriano, at least he had a personality.

By the way i am doing a project for school, can someone tell me some players they remember with great facial hair besides the ones i have;
Jack Morris, Kirk Gibson, Wade Boggs, Andre Dawson, Robin Yount, Mike Schmidt, Rollie Fingers, The Eck, rollie fingers, Catfish hunter, Sparky Lyle, and Goose Gossage

2005-10-11 04:00:57
596.   debris
re: 595

JW for God. Pretty much the Oakland A's dynasty team of 1972-74 had great facial hair. Or at least handlebar mustaches. Charlie Finley, the maverick (ok, asshole) owner of the team offered bonuses to players for growing facial hair.

Also, if you want to go beyond MLB, you'll want to research the House of David. go to for lots of good information on the team by some SABR guys.

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