Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-06-16 13:02
by Alex Belth


I guess I can get over my guilt by association regarding how tacky Yankee fans can be. Loyal Bronx Banter reader Adam was at Clemens game on Friday night and reports:

We were sitting amongst a bunch of Cardinals fans who had first gone to Boston and then came here. We were talking about the difference between a Boston and New York crowd, and I took pride in being informed that "Red Sox fans were easily the biggest assholes ever." These were all people in thier late forties and fifties, with families, and obvious baseball fans and they said everyone they spoke to in Fenway was rude. They also couldn't get over the fact that there were at a Boston vs. St Louis game, and all anyone chanted was "Yankees suck!" In comparison they were impressed with how nice everyone at the stadium (NY that is) was to them. And they felt the tribute we gave Roger was one of the greatest things they had ever seen.
I mention the above because I read your comments this morning, and while I can't stand the idiot factor present at all games, I think it's not as bad as it is compared to most places. The only place where things took a turn for the worst was in the tunnels leaving the stadium. Just as I was mentioning how the Cards fans we had spoken to noticed the BoSox obsession with the Yankees, and how Yankee fans weren't that bad, some red-faced moron comes charging through chanting "Red Sox Suck!" Oh well.

The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner. Adam adds:

The same Cardinals fans that I wrote about earlier dropped this gem: "I kept hearing how bad Jeter was in the field, but man, he really is that bad." After watching a grounder go through for a single. The fan continued "That wasn't an easy play, but he wasn't even close."
At the end of the season someone should add up how many ground ball singles up the middle that Yankees pitchers give up. Then, just maybe, Soriano and Jeter will stop treating the area around second base as if it were infected with SARS.

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