Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-06-18 17:02
by Alex Belth


The Blue Jays didn't waste much time scooping up former-Yank Juan Acevedo. Acevedo came into spring training geared up to prove the Tigers and every other team in the majors wrong for over-looking him:

And as much as he tried to play it down, you could tell proving the Yankees wrong is high on his list.

"I think it was quick," he said of his release, "but I'm not crying over it. I know we'll face them again and I'll try to prove them wrong. But first and foremost I have to get my mechanics back to where they were in April and spring training. Based on today's (side session), I'm confident I'm on my way."

It's fun that Juan will stay in the division and will most likely pitch in some meaningful games against the Yankees later this season.

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