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Game Four
2005-10-09 14:32
by Alex Belth
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Jarod Washburn will evidentally not start tonight. From what I can tell, he's been scratched due to a fever. John Lackey will start instead. Shawn Chacon hopes that his magic carpet ride in the Bronx isn't over just quite yet. The Yankees have their backs up against the wall. It's do or die for our boys tonight.

Go get 'em Bombers. We luh yas.

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2005-10-09 15:23:36
1.   Chucksax
I'm glad that the best lineup is out on the field tonight - Giambi at first (Tino's done NOTHING since May, offensively or defensively), Bernie DHing, Bubba in CF. If Tino started again and took another 0-fer, Torre should be shown the door.

If Unit comes in tonight to pitch in relief, will Torre sub in Posada?

2005-10-09 15:38:17
2.   rbj
Excellent lineup. It's win or go home time, no room for sentiment.
2005-10-09 15:58:18
3.   zgoodfella75
Off Topic....this Astros/Braves game is incredible
2005-10-09 16:01:38
4.   zgoodfella75
what a god damn game
2005-10-09 16:03:37
5.   JeremyM
That was awesome. I was kind of disappointed in the delay beween baseball games today--guess there won't be one.

Clemens was huge, wow.

2005-10-09 16:04:25
6.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well, that's it. Yet another early exit for Atlanta.

Let's hope our beloved heroes can avoid becoming the next Atlanta--perennially just good enough to get this far and no farther.

2005-10-09 16:06:10
7.   JeremyM
I've been thinking about the comparison to Atlanta a lot lately. We're not quite there yet. And it beats being Kansas City.
2005-10-09 16:14:30
8.   weeping for brunnhilde
#7--Jeremy, no, not quite. Atlanta last won the pennant in '99, only to get swept.

And you're right, it does beat being Kansas City.

Still, there's something just not right about Atlanta. Is it the fans? Is it that offensive chant and the tomahawk chop? They just lack soul, somehow, as if resigned to their role as perennial also-rans.

2005-10-09 16:18:05
9.   rbj
Atlanta's built to win in the season. The Yankees are (were) built to win in the post season.
2005-10-09 16:20:21
10.   JeremyM
It's the fans. Especially since they have a new cast of players. Their fans stink. Who else fails to sell out playoff games?
2005-10-09 16:22:36
11.   Zack
So Lackey tonight on 3 days rest? Is this a good or bad thing?
2005-10-09 16:35:06
12.   singledd
Aside from rooting against a team that might give the Yankees a hard time, I don't really care much about the NL. But I just feel terrible for Atlanta. What they have done for 11 years is really amazing. The odds of them continueing to lose seem long, yet they continue to.

Too bad. They deserve a shot at the PS.

2005-10-09 16:39:29
13.   singledd
Can anyone tell me what NYC weather is like? Will the field be decent?
2005-10-09 16:51:56
14.   randym77
It's not raining now, and it's not supposed to rain until after 1 am or so.

It was raining like crazy yesterday and earlier today, but I assume they had the field covered. It should be okay.

2005-10-09 16:54:43
15.   Mattpat11
Its all or nothing tonight. And believe me, losing in the first round is nothing.
2005-10-09 16:57:01
16.   claybeez
Let's do it boys!!! The whole fam is decked out in our best Yanks gear. It's comeback time!
2005-10-09 16:57:43
17.   BklynBomber
For the last month of the regular season, every pitch, every AB, every nuance meant everything.

Times that by 10 right now...

It's on.

Let's go, Yanks..

2005-10-09 16:58:43
18.   Mattpat11
Bubba's in center, I see. Hopefully he looks less like a fool at the plate then he did against Colon.

Not that he needs to go 3-3, but we need all of our hitters to be competant tonight.

2005-10-09 16:58:55
19.   rbj
And away we go.
Go Yankees.
FWIW, I've been winning at Spider Solitaire today, which usually happens when the Yankees win. (By saying this, I've probably jinxed it.)
2005-10-09 16:59:19
20.   Mattpat11
Damnit, I always spell competent wrong.
2005-10-09 17:01:34
21.   JVarghese81
I've noticed a pattern:
I watched Game 1 on Fox - Yanks win;
Missed game 2 - yanks lose
Missed first part of game 3 - randy...well, we all know what happened
Head out, catch the game when I was out - saw the Yanks catch up and take the lead
Left the place with the cable...Yanks blow it on the way home...sigh

So to recap, you'd better believe that I'm not getting my butt up from in front of the TV until 27 Angel outs are recorded - let's go Yankees!

2005-10-09 17:01:43
22.   Mattpat11
cant believe he didnt swing at that 1-2 pitch
2005-10-09 17:02:46
23.   claybeez
Impressive start.
2005-10-09 17:02:47
24.   randym77
I'll be happy if Bubba just walks now and then. He's been swinging like crazy lately.
2005-10-09 17:02:58
25.   Zack
Man, we are stuck with McCarver and brenniman tonight on Fox? Are the playoffs that unimportant for Fox that they put Buck on a meaningless football game between the Cowboys and Eagles and give us the worst possible combo?
2005-10-09 17:03:25
26.   Janis in Marin
Chacon seems nice and calm (compared to me anyway!). Let's see Lackey's stuff on short rest.
2005-10-09 17:03:27
27.   BklynBomber
Anyone catch a glimpse of (excuse the cliché) the 'eye of the tiger' in Chacon in that close up?
2005-10-09 17:04:04
28.   Mattpat11
we need to jump out to a lead here. Come on fellas, play like your season depends on it.
2005-10-09 17:04:32
29.   BklynBomber
Zack — F McCarver. F whoever. It's our night, baby ;-)
2005-10-09 17:05:36
30.   Mattpat11
When did Lackey steal my hairdo?
2005-10-09 17:05:39
31.   rbj
I missed that, when was the last time a guy started games 2 & 4.
2005-10-09 17:05:42
32.   Zack
Bklyn, amen...But it would still be nice if we didn't have to say that, eh?
2005-10-09 17:06:24
33.   Mattpat11
What a start.
2005-10-09 17:07:28
34.   JeremyM
Lackey seems to have his control, which is not what I wanted to see from him on 3-days rest.
2005-10-09 17:07:44
35.   Zack
I would say we need to tire out Lackey, but we can't hit their bullpen, so I'm not sure if thats a good thing
2005-10-09 17:09:15
36.   JeremyM
OK, Sheff--this is your time.
2005-10-09 17:10:12
37.   BklynBomber
Zack — I hear ya. McCarver drives me nuts. Hopefully he'll be a cheerleader tonight, then we can stomach him...
2005-10-09 17:11:24
38.   Mattpat11
And there are our big bats, people.
2005-10-09 17:11:37
39.   JeremyM
So much for our big two starting us off.
2005-10-09 17:12:01
40.   Ravenscar
Is it just me or is Tim McCarver almost palatable without Joe Buck yammering on? I don't mind Thom Brennaman, actually.

Is that a hammerable offense?

2005-10-09 17:13:07
41.   Mattpat11
Yeah, Zack, we cant do this "lets all just try to work a walk" nonsense. It was a stupid idea when it bombed in game two, it would be a worse idea now.

3-1 pitch and they see their pitch, they need to swing.

2005-10-09 17:13:56
42.   JeremyM
I agree, I don't miss Buck--this other guy is way better. And the guys from the day game today (their names don't warrant mention) are worse than anybody.
2005-10-09 17:15:34
43.   rbj
Brennaman isn't a big name, he knows enough to not be a big mouth.
2005-10-09 17:16:17
44.   JeremyM
Those stats were pretty damn impressive for Small, Chacon and Wang. The Br-wn name should never be mentioned again, other than to discuss the 1998 World Series.
2005-10-09 17:17:14
45.   BklynBomber
Raven — The anti-Buck here is a definite improvement, no doubt.
2005-10-09 17:17:24
46.   rbj
Gordon should've plunked him harder.
2005-10-09 17:19:22
47.   Mattpat11
now we need to score for him.
2005-10-09 17:19:39
48.   rbj
Good start Shawn. Now let's get some runs!
2005-10-09 17:20:07
49.   Ravenscar
Then again -

"It is often said that hitters have to be patient with pitchers, Chacon is a pitcher that's patient with hitters."

Let's put it this way: McCarver and Buck are twice as bad as McCarver without Buck. But it's awful anyhow.

2005-10-09 17:20:59
50.   Janis in Marin
Chacon doing his job. Up to our bats.
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2005-10-09 17:21:28
51.   JVarghese81
Thank the Lord Buck isn't doing PbP - the combo of him & McCarver drive me up the wall.

Come on, let's get Shawn some run support! He looks like he's dealing - here's to that holding up the whole game

2005-10-09 17:21:56
52.   JeremyM
Yeah, I don't know where he was going with that. Where's (former Yankee) Deion Sanders and a bucket of water when you need him?

Seriously, was there ever a more unlikely Yankee than Deion Sanders? Even Jose Canseco was more likely given George's love of big power hitters.

2005-10-09 17:22:31
53.   randym77
Come on, Yanks! If you wait until the bullpens take over, it will be too late.
2005-10-09 17:23:26
54.   rbj
Crud, Lackey's looking good.
2005-10-09 17:23:32
55.   JeremyM
I so thought Matsui was homering. My gut is totally off this postseason.
2005-10-09 17:23:53
56.   Mattpat11
Nothing pisses me off more than a strikeout looking.


2005-10-09 17:25:57
57.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 17:26:08
58.   JeremyM
Repeat post 56 for that at-bat.
2005-10-09 17:26:17
59.   rbj
I think it's going to come down to which pitcher makes a mistake first.
2005-10-09 17:26:45
60.   Zack
I hope George doesn't read those Bring Bernie Back posters, baaad fans, bad bad!
2005-10-09 17:27:05
61.   Mattpat11
So, will Bernie get to strikes on him and make absolutely no effort to protect the plate too?
2005-10-09 17:30:34
62.   JeremyM
Yeah, Williams' only hope now is little flares and whatnot, no power left seemingly. I wonder who's shoulders are worse, his or Bagwell's?
2005-10-09 17:35:04
63.   Mattpat11
we cant let Kennedy on
2005-10-09 17:36:35
64.   claybeez
Come on boys! Let's get some runs here!
2005-10-09 17:37:27
65.   Janis in Marin
Chacon looking great, but a little offense would help.
2005-10-09 17:41:59
66.   claybeez
There you go Jorgie!
2005-10-09 17:42:10
67.   BklynBomber
Emmy, Tony and Academy Award to Jorgie!
2005-10-09 17:42:15
68.   rbj
Nice job Jorge, now pick him up.
2005-10-09 17:42:46
69.   JVarghese81
Good sacrifice Bubba! Let's get hip hop Jorge's bubble butt across home plate!
2005-10-09 17:43:47
70.   JeremyM
Geez, Posada really thank fast on that one. I'd be pissed if the Angels pulled that off.
2005-10-09 17:44:04
71.   atc
I have a real healthy dislike for Mike Scioscia. And it's not just based on him managing the team we're playing. I think I really dislike him as a person.
2005-10-09 17:44:59
72.   rbj
It's up to you Alex.
2005-10-09 17:45:16
73.   Mattpat11
They had a play on Jorge at second on that bunt.

Two outs. Shit.

A-Rod, you damn well better earn your fucking keep here.

2005-10-09 17:45:25
74.   JeremyM
He rubs me the wrong way as well.
2005-10-09 17:45:48
75.   BklynBomber
!$%! Cap is having big trouble with the fastball lately.
2005-10-09 17:47:51
76.   Mattpat11
thats the second time thats happened this series isnt it?
2005-10-09 17:48:57
77.   JeremyM
Yeah, Jeter did it as well. A new bat couldn't hurt A-Rod right now.
2005-10-09 17:49:14
78.   Mattpat11
I'm not one to rant about personal appearance, but do we have to keep zooming in on Lackey's snaggletooth?
2005-10-09 17:49:40
79.   JVarghese81
And there's where a K hurts you even more - get that runner oer when making an out...and he's home right now


2005-10-09 17:50:05
80.   randym77
2005-10-09 17:50:11
81.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 17:50:13
82.   rbj
Bad Alex, Bad Alex. You gotta protect the plate.
2005-10-09 17:50:19
83.   atc
I hope he doesn't win the mvp
2005-10-09 17:50:22
84.   JeremyM
Can't hit if you don't swing. Dammit.

This MVP chant doesn't work as well for A-Rod as it seems to for Ortiz.

2005-10-09 17:50:37
85.   joe in boston
I've typed this many times on this site:


LITTLE LEAGUE 101 !!!!!!!!!!!


2005-10-09 17:51:17
86.   Janis in Marin
A-Rod isn't exactly clutch, is he? Not my MVP. Chacon gotta be wondering when they're gonna send in the cavalry.
2005-10-09 17:51:48
87.   Mattpat11
Do the Yankees appear to have a real gameplan to anyone? They're just blindly taking, which is by far the stupidest approach they could have. Is this all part of some great plan to get into that bullpen? Why would we do that?
2005-10-09 17:51:49
88.   Bags
Yikes. A bit un-clutch. Bodes poorly.
2005-10-09 17:51:50
89.   Bags
Yikes. A bit un-clutch. Bodes poorly.
2005-10-09 17:52:13
90.   vockins
This ARod strikeout looking garbage is beyond old.
2005-10-09 17:52:42
91.   rbj
Quit saying that Brennaman. Shawn's just pitching well.
2005-10-09 17:52:59
92.   atc
Matt, no one on the Angels is winning a beauty contest any time soon.
2005-10-09 17:54:12
93.   atc
Great, that will turn into a double
2005-10-09 17:54:26
94.   rbj
Hideki? Ugh!
2005-10-09 17:54:32
95.   Mattpat11
I was going to ask what the hell that was, but at this point, I dont even care anymore.
2005-10-09 17:55:17
96.   JeremyM
Geez, what happened? I missed it. Ugh.
2005-10-09 17:55:47
97.   joe in boston
Error on Mats. I don't have a good feeling about this....

off topic: my wife is an angel, all I do during these games is swear and eat junk food (and I usually eat pretty healthy....) It's chips, cheerios (don't ask), ice cream, smart food, etc......

so f-in nervous.....

2005-10-09 17:55:49
98.   JeremyM
2005-10-09 17:56:31
99.   Mattpat11
I think he was safe there, but I'll take it
2005-10-09 17:56:31
100.   joe in boston
siddown bitch !
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2005-10-09 17:56:43
101.   Bob B
bad call but we'll take it
2005-10-09 17:57:06
102.   claybeez
How had Jorge thrown all these runners out? Amazing! We'll take it that's for sure.
2005-10-09 17:57:06
103.   rbj
Nice arm Jorge! If Figgins wasn't out at second, he was at first.
2005-10-09 17:57:07
104.   BklynBomber
Big game Robbie! ;-)
2005-10-09 17:58:04
105.   Ravenscar
No, he was safe at first and out at 2nd, I think. McCarver was wrong about the tag on Cano - it got his knee before the foot hit the bag.
2005-10-09 17:58:09
106.   joe in boston
Close at 1st + close at 2nd = 1 out
2005-10-09 17:58:16
107.   JeremyM
I think he was out on first so it's a wash. Giambi nicked his uniform.
2005-10-09 17:58:37
108.   randym77
Every once in awhile, Hideki does something in the outfield so boneheadedly clumsy you can't believe it.

Ah, well. Jorgie and Robby took care of it.

2005-10-09 17:59:02
109.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 17:59:23
110.   BklynBomber
Nice jinx, anti-Buck! Thank you!
2005-10-09 17:59:32
111.   rbj
How does Vlad hit those things.
2005-10-09 18:00:04
112.   JeremyM
Anderson scares me too.

Wow Jorge!

2005-10-09 18:00:07
113.   Mattpat11

Jorge is on his game tonight

2005-10-09 18:00:08
114.   BklynBomber
There's the D, baby!!!!!!!!
2005-10-09 18:00:11
115.   joe in boston
Wow, vlad runs like my dad
2005-10-09 18:00:19
116.   JVarghese81
Whoo! Way to pick up the pitcher Jorge!!!
2005-10-09 18:00:27
117.   randym77
Posada is earning his keep tonight.
2005-10-09 18:00:27
118.   Bob B
Unfortunately, what happens in the regular season happens in the playoffs. Matsui did not have a great season in the outfield. Hopefully, the fact that the Yankees could come from way the dead to win the division will mean that they can come from down 2-1. Wow great play by Posada.
2005-10-09 18:00:50
120.   atc
Keep running Scioscia
2005-10-09 18:01:06
121.   Janis in Marin
We're beating them at their own game - shutting down the running. But we gotta get something on the board.
2005-10-09 18:01:16
122.   rbj
Two notches in his mask tonight for Jorge.
Now, once again for all the sleeping bats in Yankee land:
Let's get some runs!
2005-10-09 18:02:23
123.   Bob B
We need some hitting like right now
2005-10-09 18:05:20
124.   Mattpat11
Now riddle me this. Why wouldn't Jason swing at the 3-1 pitch?
2005-10-09 18:05:35
125.   rbj
crikees. They're not giving Jason anything to hit. The strikes are barely strikes.
2005-10-09 18:05:42
126.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 18:06:07
127.   atc
What happened Sheff and Arod's promise of 2 rbi's each per game?
2005-10-09 18:06:07
128.   claybeez
What's up with Sheff?
2005-10-09 18:07:31
129.   JeremyM
No hitter for Lackey through 4.
2005-10-09 18:07:36
130.   rbj
Jeez, I thinke Jorge should be credited with a run just for getting to second.
2005-10-09 18:07:44
131.   Mattpat11
we're being no hit. We look like shit at the plate because the whole goddamn team is in this "take everything" mode.
2005-10-09 18:07:57
132.   Janis in Marin
How we gonna go to the Magic Kingdom if we don't score?
2005-10-09 18:08:43
133.   singledd
Giambi was taught well. A Walk is not as good as a hit, its often better. Pitchers know they will give up hits, but walks rattle them. I just Mr. OBP was batting in front of ARod (not that ARod seems to hit with runners on).
2005-10-09 18:09:32
134.   Stormer Sports
Wow, what a tight game. We need a hit and a bomb, that may be the only way we score. Lackey seems to have our hitters baffled. Chacon is holding up his end.
2005-10-09 18:09:46
135.   JeremyM
Well, Lackey has been pretty filthy, to be fair. But Sheffield's at bat was awful.
2005-10-09 18:09:56
136.   BklynBomber
An unlikely hero is going to emerge from this game. My guess is Ruben Sierra ;-)
2005-10-09 18:11:11
137.   Mattpat11
Fuck You Joe West.
2005-10-09 18:11:28
138.   JeremyM
God, I hate the sports announcers with their "I don't get modern day pop culture" moments. OutKast with a K, ha ha ha.
2005-10-09 18:11:34
139.   atc
My dislike for Joe West is on par with Scioscia
2005-10-09 18:12:18
140.   Stormer Sports

Hell, I'd be happy if anyone could emerge. We have to make Lackey work harder than this or he'll go all 9!

2005-10-09 18:12:25
141.   Mattpat11
2-1 and 3-1 were the same pitch.
2005-10-09 18:12:59
142.   atc
Stormer, with their bullpen, is that a bad thing?
2005-10-09 18:13:11
143.   JeremyM
3-1 was half a centimeter lower:)
2005-10-09 18:13:28
144.   singledd
Is Fox owned by Disney? Are they determined to turn Baseball into a cartoon? Do they think more kids will watch games, while their parents are in the bathroom puking?

Are they Yankees waiting for a shutout, with a plan to score 1 on a bomb late in the game?
Aside from Chacon, this game is very hard to watch.

2005-10-09 18:13:31
145.   Stormer Sports
Bean Bengie! There ya go Shawn, my hero.
2005-10-09 18:14:24
146.   Mattpat11
How about some runs NOW?
2005-10-09 18:15:00
147.   JVarghese81
For the love of God, get this man some runs STAT!
2005-10-09 18:15:17
148.   BklynBomber
#137 - Just what I said...
2005-10-09 18:15:20
149.   claybeez
Here's where the bats wake up...
2005-10-09 18:15:21
150.   Mattpat11
Hell, how about a fucking hit?
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2005-10-09 18:15:29
151.   Stormer Sports

Tell me about it. We must score, considering the respective strengths of our bullpens. We should have enough offense to overcome it, I hope.

2005-10-09 18:15:44
152.   Ravenscar
So, Tim, that would mean you were EXACTLY WRONG about how Bengie Molina is hurting.

Care to admit it?

I thought not.

Thank you, Chris Myers.

2005-10-09 18:15:55
153.   Janis in Marin
Chacon looks like he's used to playing in the PS. Great poise, looking so much better than the Unit.
2005-10-09 18:16:29
154.   Stormer Sports
Yea Matt, how about a fucking hit!
2005-10-09 18:16:54
155.   BklynBomber
This is where we have to start getting to Lackey. Baserunners. Pressure. Pitch count. Get it done, Yanks!
2005-10-09 18:17:43
156.   Stormer Sports
Just one run, please, please, is that too much to ask?
2005-10-09 18:17:46
157.   BklynBomber
Saaaaaaaaay. Isn't Lackey pitching a no-hitter?
2005-10-09 18:18:00
158.   rbj
Good. Jinx Lackey. Does everybody know Lackey has a no-hitter?
2005-10-09 18:18:23
159.   Mattpat11
that was loud
2005-10-09 18:18:34
160.   BklynBomber
No one better jinx this gem Lackey is throwing... we don't see this often in the post season...
2005-10-09 18:18:49
161.   randym77
Wow, I hadn't realize that. A no-hitter? A no-hitter is pretty impressive on three days' rest.
2005-10-09 18:19:42
162.   Mattpat11

This is embarassing

2005-10-09 18:19:46
163.   Stormer Sports
Yanks, no hit to end the season, wow, now no matter how George feels, that would spell disaster.
2005-10-09 18:19:58
164.   JeremyM
Just one hit, please, please, is that too much to ask?
2005-10-09 18:20:20
165.   BklynBomber
Yep, randym — a no-hitter. How about that?
2005-10-09 18:20:41
166.   Ravenscar

I hate to be a defender of the damned here, but if Chacon gave up 10 runs in the first 3 innings, he wouldn't get ONCE OUNCE of the shit Randy gets for giving up 3 runs in, say 5 innings. And YES I know that isn't what he did recently, it was worse, but the expectations are a LITTLE different.

Not that Randy, HOFer that he is, shouldn't have lived up to those expectations, but the poise and attitude comes from that, I think.

Chacon, at this point, simply can't lose. If he lost this game, he still gets the pat on the back for getting them here.

2005-10-09 18:20:45
167.   Stormer Sports

What, huh, hell yes we have to jinx him, you can't be serious.

2005-10-09 18:21:25
168.   BklynBomber
2005-10-09 18:21:59
169.   Mattpat11
we're going to get no hit. Not only does Lackey look good, but this team is so fucking lacksadaisical
2005-10-09 18:22:14
170.   JeremyM
There we go!
2005-10-09 18:22:31
171.   BklynBomber
See, Storm — it works everytime ;-)
2005-10-09 18:22:31
172.   rbj
Jorge! Damn, he's doing it all tonight.
2005-10-09 18:22:36
173.   Stormer Sports
Posada trying to win the game himself, you go Jorge!
2005-10-09 18:22:37
174.   randym77
Darn. I think we ruined that no-hitter.

Jorgie's the MVP of this game so far...on offense and defense.

2005-10-09 18:22:39
175.   Mattpat11
A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reverse mojo worked!

Jorge brought his working boots.

2005-10-09 18:23:45
176.   JeremyM
Lackey is pitching a one-hitter.
2005-10-09 18:23:49
177.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 18:24:22
178.   rbj
Posada's been at second twice tonight. That equals a run, right?
2005-10-09 18:24:58
179.   Mattpat11
Lackey is pitching a shutout.
2005-10-09 18:25:12
180.   Janis in Marin
How long can Chacon hold this fort?
2005-10-09 18:25:29
181.   randym77
Jorgie, guess you better hit a homer next time. Doesn't look like you're going to get any help from the rest of the lineup.
2005-10-09 18:26:38
182.   BklynBomber
Mattpat — did you say Lackey is pitching a shutout?
2005-10-09 18:27:55
183.   JeremyM
God damn Chacon was being squeezed on that sequence.
2005-10-09 18:28:00
184.   Mattpat11
Oh god. Those last two weren't close.
2005-10-09 18:28:20
185.   rbj
A shutout for Lackey? Oh, darn, hope I didn't jinx Lackey's shutout. Imagine that, a shutout.
2005-10-09 18:28:31
186.   Stormer Sports
This offense should be ashamed!
2005-10-09 18:28:31
187.   Mattpat11
Yep, thats what I said. A Shutout.
2005-10-09 18:29:09
188.   JeremyM
The first two looked good to me though.
2005-10-09 18:30:08
189.   JeremyM
The Angels always come up with big two-out hits.
2005-10-09 18:30:22
190.   Mattpat11
not a good throw there. That could have been ugly.

Speaking of which, here comes Chone

2005-10-09 18:30:26
191.   BklynBomber
What for the bunt!
2005-10-09 18:30:56
192.   BklynBomber
2005-10-09 18:31:51
193.   Mattpat11
Ballgame over.
2005-10-09 18:32:10
194.   BklynBomber
Scratch the bunt watch.... ^%@!
2005-10-09 18:32:12
195.   JeremyM
Damn this game reminds me of game 6 of the 2003 Series. Dead crowd, pitchers duel where we can't do shit.
2005-10-09 18:32:48
196.   JeremyM
Well, Bernie's last game as a Yankee is unfolding before our eyes.
2005-10-09 18:33:08
197.   Mattpat11
Heads are going to have to roll after we lose this game.

What a fucking disgrace.

2005-10-09 18:33:20
198.   rbj
double damn.
2005-10-09 18:33:48
199.   vockins
Game over.

It's been real, gentlemen.

2005-10-09 18:34:17
200.   singledd
Anybody think we're coming back?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-10-09 18:34:42
201.   Mattpat11
Ya think maybe AFTER this disaster inning someone on this fucking team will swing the bat as opposed to trying to work a walk?

A-Rod maybe? How about you?

2005-10-09 18:35:02
202.   atc
Ignorant moneyball rant
2005-10-09 18:35:24
203.   JeremyM
singledd, I think our next at-bats will tell the tale.
2005-10-09 18:35:33
204.   Mattpat11
single, no I dont. I dont think this team is in it. They're playing like they dont realize this is the season.
2005-10-09 18:35:55
205.   BklynBomber
#200 — I do. I didn't go this rollercoaster season (or any other for that matter) to quit now...
2005-10-09 18:36:07
206.   atc
Jeremy, I was just thinking "who does Lackey think he is, Josh Beckett."
2005-10-09 18:37:45
207.   Mattpat11
so, who strikes out looking this inning?

My money's on A-Rod and Giambi. Jason's been flirting with it all night

2005-10-09 18:38:25
208.   BklynBomber
A Yankees walk, bloop and blast, my brothers and sisters. This can turn on a dime. Keep the faith.
2005-10-09 18:38:35
209.   rbj
Chacon had a hiccup, no reason a short rested Lackey can't have a hiccup too.
2005-10-09 18:39:00
210.   joe in boston
bats gotta wake up

man, does it feel like the bottom of the 9th already or what ?

2005-10-09 18:39:06
211.   vockins
Comeback? Not with ARod and Sheffield hitting the way they have. Not with our bullpen.
2005-10-09 18:39:09
212.   Mattpat11
Three years in a row are going to end with a team dancing on our field
2005-10-09 18:40:04
213.   singledd
Why could we do against Pedro, with regularity, when he was the best pitcher in baseball? Because there was a sense of urgency from the first pitch. Because they worked the count, took a walk, scratched for hits instead of swinging from the heels.

This team lacks that. Our motto seems to be "we'll get 'em next inning"

2005-10-09 18:40:11
214.   Stormer Sports
Come on guys, we can do this.
2005-10-09 18:40:11
215.   JeremyM
It's getting late early out here, right?

A-Rod is up 2-0. He has to do something this at-bat. He should've nailed that one, it was up.

2005-10-09 18:40:37
216.   BxSparksNYC
That 2-0 pitch is supposed to be in the seats...
2005-10-09 18:41:00
217.   Stormer Sports

Hard to argue with that.

2005-10-09 18:41:18
218.   Mattpat11
A-Rod looks like Tony Clarke tonight
2005-10-09 18:41:54
219.   JeremyM
OK, I'll take a walk for sure. I thought for sure he was going down meekly.
2005-10-09 18:42:11
220.   Mattpat11
walks have been useless tonight. We need extra base hits.
2005-10-09 18:42:13
221.   Stormer Sports
Now for God's sake get him in!
2005-10-09 18:42:38
222.   Stormer Sports
2005-10-09 18:42:50
223.   Mattpat11
Giambi is SOOOOOOOOOOO Slow.
2005-10-09 18:43:06
224.   JeremyM
So if Sinatra was "Ole Blue Eyes" then what is A-Rod? Sheffield has to do something here or it's over.
2005-10-09 18:43:34
225.   atc
Whoever said earlier that McCarver wasn't annoying without Back needs to take it back
2005-10-09 18:43:45
226.   randym77
Sheff! Finally.
2005-10-09 18:43:45
227.   rbj
Too bad Jason's got no wheels, otherwise he'd be on.
Let's go Sheff.
2005-10-09 18:44:03
228.   Mattpat11
now we need to get him in. I'm not happy until its tied
2005-10-09 18:44:06
229.   Stormer Sports
There we go. That's one, keep it moving!
2005-10-09 18:44:52
230.   Stormer Sports
Here we go, Crunch Time!
2005-10-09 18:45:12
231.   Mattpat11
oh no. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Not the bullpen.
2005-10-09 18:45:23
232.   JeremyM
I've had a good feeling about Matsui all night, and so far he's butchered a ball in left, struck out looking, and hit into a double play.

Usually, I'm happy when the bullpen comes in. I don't know what to think right now.

2005-10-09 18:45:27
233.   atc
And there's a difference between tonight and the Beckett game. Hopefully more to come.
2005-10-09 18:45:43
234.   BxSparksNYC
Amazing. Your team just got a hit that maybe, just maybe might start a different trend and EVERYONE is sitting down on the bench. GET FIRED UP.. LET'S GO!! 2-1 NOW. COME ON!!!!
2005-10-09 18:47:02
235.   atc
Why isn't Sheff on second?
2005-10-09 18:47:08
236.   singledd
Good deal. Lackey had our number tonight. Just killed Giambi. I'll take the pen. If we can pull this out, it helps us for tomorrow.
Hopefully, Joe will leave Chacon in.

Hey Cliff.... Alex.... you guys here tonight?

2005-10-09 18:48:28
237.   randym77
Lackey got the hook. That might be a good thing, even with the Angels' killer bullpen. The Yankees seem to do better against the hard throwers.
2005-10-09 18:48:29
238.   rbj
His hammy?
2005-10-09 18:48:32
239.   singledd
Good deal. Lackey had our number tonight. Just killed Giambi. I'll take the pen. If we can pull this out, it helps us for tomorrow.
Hopefully, Joe will leave Chacon in.

Hey Cliff.... Alex.... you guys here tonight?

2005-10-09 18:49:07
240.   randym77
I believe Cliff is at the game. Like, in person. :)
2005-10-09 18:49:34
241.   BxSparksNYC
And if I'm Torre, I go batter by batter in the 7th and not afraid to bring in Mo.

Another Leiter sighting and we wonder how we got to this point...

2005-10-09 18:50:10
242.   Mattpat11
dont run Sheff. You're not fast.
2005-10-09 18:51:07
243.   Mattpat11
that was a buzzkill
2005-10-09 18:51:16
244.   Stormer Sports
We Blow!
2005-10-09 18:52:01
245.   rbj
crap, hard hit by Hideki, just right at 'em. Still, a missed spot and one of our guys can put it in the seats and tie it up.
Keep the faith.
2005-10-09 18:52:10
246.   Janis in Marin
Thanks for nothing, Mats
2005-10-09 18:53:55
247.   marc
their bullpen against us the rest of the way. Well I hope we win but if I bet baseball, well you get the idea
2005-10-09 18:55:54
248.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 18:56:00
249.   randym77
Leiter and Gordon warming. Now I'm afraid.
2005-10-09 18:56:11
250.   atc
If Brennaman loves Lackey so much why doesn't he just volunteer to gnaw that mole of his face
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-10-09 18:56:43
251.   rbj
Leiter and Gordon warming up.
Mo will pitch the ninth, at least. If we don't win, he's got all winter to rest. And he's the only one in the pen guaranteed to come back. Though Small, Gordon and Sturtze will get nods.

No Joe, I hate these lefty-lefty / righty-right matchup things.

2005-10-09 18:57:27
252.   JeremyM
Did I miss something? When did Chacon throw 125+ pitches? No? Then why in the fuck is Al Leiter coming in?
2005-10-09 18:57:59
253.   JeremyM
Really, why not get up the Unit rather than Leiter?
2005-10-09 18:58:04
254.   rbj
Well, I'm going to pull out the 17 year old scotch and toast Bernie's last at bat.
2005-10-09 18:58:21
255.   marc
how many runs can Leiter give up and we still have a chance? Well I guess when he gives up one then Gordon or someone will come in
2005-10-09 18:58:30
256.   Mattpat11
Oh no....
2005-10-09 18:58:35
257.   joe in boston
it's over. Hello Leiter, good bye ballgame. Nice job Chacon. You've earned next years spot. See ya in tampa
2005-10-09 19:01:11
258.   Stormer Sports
Al Leiter's chance to be a hero.
2005-10-09 19:01:54
259.   Mattpat11
Al has been doing his job. Its just when they expect more that it goes to hell.
2005-10-09 19:01:56
260.   Stormer Sports
Good job Al!
2005-10-09 19:02:09
261.   JeremyM
Wow, Leiter decides to prove me wrong. Good for him. Now that's it for him tonight.
2005-10-09 19:02:29
262.   joe in boston
hmmm, not bad I'll take it.

Ummm, bats, you out there ?

2005-10-09 19:03:09
263.   marc
holy shit. Leiter is better than anyone they can thow at us. Ok, a little hyberbole for the moment
2005-10-09 19:03:12
264.   atc
If Bernie gets on do we send Womack in to run?
2005-10-09 19:03:24
265.   its430

Note that Cano pulled off a little early on that play as well. Another makeup call from the 2nd base umpire.

2005-10-09 19:06:20
266.   rbj
Gordon for the eighth. We got what we could out of Leiter. Do not push it Joe.
And bats, WAKE UP!
2005-10-09 19:07:00
267.   Stormer Sports
It's going to be Mo for 2 tonight.
2005-10-09 19:07:32
268.   Stormer Sports
Bernie, here is your chance bro.
2005-10-09 19:08:02
269.   joe in boston
c'mon Bernie !!!!!!!!
2005-10-09 19:08:15
270.   randym77
Way to go, Robby!

And it looks like we're going directly to Mo, do not use Leiter again and do not even think about Tom Gordon.

2005-10-09 19:08:31
271.   Mattpat11
fuck. Comeon Jorge
2005-10-09 19:08:55
272.   Stormer Sports
Fuck! What do we have to do to string two hits together?
2005-10-09 19:09:48
273.   rbj
Thank you for everything you have done. Your number will be retired, you will get a monument. Again, thank you
2005-10-09 19:09:55
274.   Mattpat11
that was outside
2005-10-09 19:10:06
275.   Stormer Sports
Ruben - - - Save Us!
2005-10-09 19:11:08
276.   Stormer Sports

Hmm, I don't know about a momument, a plaque for sure.

2005-10-09 19:11:33
277.   Mattpat11
come on jorge!
2005-10-09 19:12:17
278.   Stormer Sports
Come on Jorge!
2005-10-09 19:12:21
279.   Bob B
Where's the noise?
2005-10-09 19:12:35
280.   atc
Bkln, here comes your boy
2005-10-09 19:12:51
281.   Mattpat11
I'll take a walk here. moves a guy into scoring position.


Oh crap.

2005-10-09 19:13:06
282.   marc
Ruben getting a big shot here
2005-10-09 19:13:36
283.   Stormer Sports
Just a base hit, that's all, lets go!

The noise has been quieted by our play in the playoffs as of late.

2005-10-09 19:13:46
284.   rbj
Stormer, yeah, I was thinking more of a plaque, just couldn't think of that word at the time. Mo and Jeter get monuments.
And I think Paulie should get a plaque too.
2005-10-09 19:14:04
285.   Bob B
C'mon Rueben
2005-10-09 19:14:16
286.   BklynBomber
atc — hope I'm guessing right ;-)
2005-10-09 19:14:46
287.   Bob B
THere's the Stadium noise
2005-10-09 19:15:06
288.   randym77
Come on, Ruben. Make yourself useful. Please.
2005-10-09 19:16:01
289.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 19:16:08
290.   atc
2005-10-09 19:16:12
291.   no2ss
IT WORKED?!?!?!?!
2005-10-09 19:16:17
292.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 19:16:18
293.   rbj
Grab yourself a sandwich!
2005-10-09 19:16:19
294.   randym77
Bklyn, you're psychic!
2005-10-09 19:16:20
295.   Bob B
WOW, that was close!
2005-10-09 19:16:36
296.   claybeez
Wow! Never seen Shields let the pressure get to him like that.
Way to go Big Rube!
2005-10-09 19:16:53
297.   Bob B
Can Jeter get a hit this playoff?
2005-10-09 19:17:22
298.   BxSparksNYC
Just gave God my left nut but if we win its worth it...
2005-10-09 19:17:30
299.   Mattpat11
just a flyball...
2005-10-09 19:17:51
300.   vockins
This team is going to put me in my grave.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-10-09 19:18:50
301.   randym77
Hey, Jeter hit a homer last time. Shoulda saved it for tonight...
2005-10-09 19:19:20
302.   rbj
LOL BxSparksNYC #298
2005-10-09 19:19:52
303.   randym77
The speedy Posada beats the throw...
2005-10-09 19:20:01
304.   rbj
Safe! Yes! And he was safe.
2005-10-09 19:20:01
305.   Bob B
lets see the replay
2005-10-09 19:20:16
306.   Mattpat11
2005-10-09 19:20:19
307.   claybeez
Sweet Fleet Jorgie!!!
2005-10-09 19:20:26
308.   atc
Did you so how fast Scioscia got his ass out of the dugout
2005-10-09 19:20:32
309.   Bob B
2005-10-09 19:20:52
310.   vockins

My heart...

2005-10-09 19:21:16
311.   Ravenscar

What a GREAT call by the ump!

Good job, guy.

2005-10-09 19:21:20
312.   no2ss
Anyone notice Torre sent Reuben on that play?
2005-10-09 19:21:31
313.   Ravenscar

What a GREAT call by the ump!

Good job, guy.

2005-10-09 19:21:32
314.   BklynBomber
Safe all the way. Wow! That's what we needed.
2005-10-09 19:21:39
315.   joe in boston
This game is crazy.

What, the Yanks don't slide anymore ?!?!?

Wow, I thought he was out. Slo mo said no !

Great call

Holy sh*t

2005-10-09 19:21:57
316.   Mattpat11
Jorge is the MVP of this game
2005-10-09 19:22:14
317.   rbj
Ball in the hand.

Now, do you skip Gordon entirely (cool, damp night, balky shoulder, have him fresh for tomorrow)and go with Mo for two?
Damn straight.

2005-10-09 19:22:29
318.   joe in boston
Hey is this Jorge's highlight-film-game or what ?????
2005-10-09 19:22:30
319.   Bob B
Molina was lucky just to catch it...........the papers say he may be a Met next year......glad to get him off the Angels
2005-10-09 19:22:51
320.   Stormer Sports
Safe baby safe! This is what I am talking about!

Here is your chance Arod, here it is.

2005-10-09 19:23:04
321.   Chucksax
Skip Gordon - bring in the Unit!
2005-10-09 19:23:22
322.   singledd
An infield hit (70 ft), a walk, a ground ball and a 60 ft chopper and we score 2!! Pedro would be proud.

Anybody notice Cano taking him time between 3rd and home? With Vlad in LF? This kid is good by too casual.

2005-10-09 19:23:50
323.   BklynBomber
Here we go....
2005-10-09 19:24:03
324.   Stormer Sports
Lets go! Lets go!
2005-10-09 19:24:31
325.   Bob B
Now we need a dinger by A-rod
2005-10-09 19:24:44
326.   Mattpat11
come on A-Rod
2005-10-09 19:24:44
327.   Ravenscar
OK, at first I thought that was a TERRIBLE call. But the ump got it right upon review of the replay. Great call! Wow.

Didn't Jorge learn ANYTHING from jeremy Giambi?

Impressive rally, very impressive.

2005-10-09 19:24:53
328.   Stormer Sports
2-0 baby!
2005-10-09 19:25:19
329.   joe in boston
As the ad says: "gotta go to Mo's "
2005-10-09 19:25:20
330.   randym77
It's going to be two innings of Mo.

Don't ask me what we do tomorrow, and the day after.

2005-10-09 19:25:37
331.   BxSparksNYC
2-0 pitch and again his swing is weak. Come on ARod. You can do it...
2005-10-09 19:25:38
332.   Stormer Sports
Swinging at ball 3 Arod, hunker down!
2005-10-09 19:25:53
333.   joe in boston
Damn, down to my last fingernail.....
2005-10-09 19:26:21
334.   Stormer Sports
Bases loaded for Sheff. I like the sound of that!
2005-10-09 19:26:49
335.   rbj
Crank it Jason.
2005-10-09 19:26:49
336.   joe in boston
How f-in close was ball 4 ?! How close ?!?!?
2005-10-09 19:27:08
337.   Mattpat11
Just a flyball, Jason.

Of course, I'll take the grand slam as well. ;)

2005-10-09 19:27:12
338.   Stormer Sports
Oooops, Giambi I mean, hell, either one!
2005-10-09 19:28:03
339.   Stormer Sports
Giambino, we need you!
2005-10-09 19:28:30
340.   joe in boston
A dinger, and this laptop is history.

Strikeout - same thing

2005-10-09 19:28:36
341.   randym77
Anything but a DP, Jase!
2005-10-09 19:29:00
342.   Mattpat11
That sucked. At least it wasnt looking
2005-10-09 19:29:01
343.   Bob B
I'd rather see a strikeout from Giambi than a double play
2005-10-09 19:29:08
344.   joe in boston
2005-10-09 19:29:09
345.   Stormer Sports

Sheff, come on baby!

2005-10-09 19:29:10
346.   Chucksax
God! He wouldn't have hit that with a snow shovel!
2005-10-09 19:30:11
347.   rbj
At least Jason was swinging. Now we need some good cooking Sheff.
2005-10-09 19:30:12
348.   Mattpat11
I have an ulcer
2005-10-09 19:30:12
349.   Stormer Sports
Come on Gary!
2005-10-09 19:30:58
350.   Stormer Sports
Take it the other way Sheff, lol.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-10-09 19:31:00
351.   joe in boston
Yikes, how bad do we need another run ?
2005-10-09 19:31:02
352.   Mattpat11
cripes, Sheff. Just a single will do
2005-10-09 19:31:40
353.   atc
I hope we don't pay for that
2005-10-09 19:32:01
354.   Mattpat11
we could have used that a batter ago
2005-10-09 19:32:09
355.   rbj
now it's homina homina homina time.
2005-10-09 19:32:16
356.   Stormer Sports
Fuck! Fuck! Should have got another run there!

Ok Ok, It's all about Mariano "Cy Young" Rivera. Lets go!

2005-10-09 19:34:23
357.   joe in boston
6 outs 6 outs 6 outs 6 outs 6 outs

6 outs 6 outs ..... .... ....

2005-10-09 19:34:30
358.   Bob B
This sucks, bases loaded time after time and no one is getting the big blasts
2005-10-09 19:34:40
359.   Mattpat11



2005-10-09 19:35:11
360.   joe in boston
did joe torre really just do all that ???
2005-10-09 19:35:39
361.   Bob B
Joe about to out-coach himself. Another thing that happened all year
2005-10-09 19:36:32
362.   rbj
Shit. Bernie in CF.
Joe, I think your a damn fine NY manager (dealing with all the crap about playing for the New York Yankees) but losing the DH and going a step down in CF? Can't defend that. Even for Bernie.
2005-10-09 19:36:41
363.   no2ss
Please don't let this come back to haunt Torre...
2005-10-09 19:36:47
364.   rbj
Shit. Bernie in CF.
Joe, I think you're a damn fine NY manager (dealing with all the crap about playing for the New York Yankees) but losing the DH and going a step down in CF? Can't defend that. Even for Bernie.
2005-10-09 19:37:04
365.   Bob B
History in baseball just repeats itself and repeats itself
2005-10-09 19:37:14
366.   Mattpat11
How beautiful would it be for Mo to hit a walk off?
2005-10-09 19:38:38
367.   rbj
Er, sorry for the double post. Realized I wrote your instead of you're. I'm anal about my writing.

Homina Homina Homina.

2005-10-09 19:39:14
368.   no2ss
HA! Let's see Mo hit!
2005-10-09 19:40:18
369.   Bob B
Maybe Bernie can get that last big hit and curtain call in the 8th
2005-10-09 19:40:25
370.   rbj
#366 No. There should be no reason for Mo to need to get a hit. We're up by one.
2005-10-09 19:40:48
371.   randym77
Hey, the Rocket was a pinch-hitter today. And last week, Pettitte hit a double. Maybe Mo has similarly hidden talents. ;-)
2005-10-09 19:41:33
372.   Bob B
Where was that?
2005-10-09 19:42:23
373.   Mattpat11
we could have used that a batter ago
2005-10-09 19:42:28
374.   joe in boston
I love watching Arod throw to 1st.
2005-10-09 19:42:28
375.   rbj
I'd like to see K-Zone, or whatever Fox has. I think Mo's getting squeezed.
2005-10-09 19:42:29
376.   joe in boston
I love watching Arod throw to 1st.
2005-10-09 19:43:39
377.   Mattpat11
im not sure why that was posted
2005-10-09 19:44:46
378.   Stormer Sports
It's all good. We will get a run here, no thanks to the big boys.
2005-10-09 19:45:20
379.   rbj
Insurance please.
2005-10-09 19:45:38
380.   joe in boston
sorry, alttle odd on my part. he makes that throw so easily. Sidearm too, like the old SS he is/was......thats all
2005-10-09 19:45:43
381.   Stormer Sports
What kind of swing was that?
2005-10-09 19:46:07
382.   Mattpat11
more runs
2005-10-09 19:46:12
383.   Stormer Sports
Just bang it into left Mats!
2005-10-09 19:46:44
384.   joe in boston
We're struggling all game at the plate. nothing solid. Strange.
2005-10-09 19:46:57
385.   Stormer Sports
Come on Boys! Let's go!
2005-10-09 19:47:14
386.   Mattpat11
joe, I was talking about a post I made. It was a carbon copy of an earlier one. I had no problem with your post
2005-10-09 19:47:38
387.   Matt B
I know the Angels staff is good, but this lack of hitting is getting to be mystifying, as well as frustrating.
2005-10-09 19:47:51
388.   Stormer Sports
Come on Robbie!
2005-10-09 19:47:55
389.   joe in boston
2-0 on Cano. I can see somthing happening...
2005-10-09 19:48:48
390.   Mattpat11
Come on, Robbie!
2005-10-09 19:49:35
391.   Mattpat11
that was ball four
2005-10-09 19:49:59
392.   Stormer Sports
Bernie could hit one out for a curtain call.
2005-10-09 19:50:06
393.   no2ss
Cano walked? How did that happen?
2005-10-09 19:50:18
394.   BklynBomber
Great AB, Rob ROY!
2005-10-09 19:50:39
395.   Mattpat11
makes no difference
2005-10-09 19:51:07
396.   Bob B
OK #51 Bern baby Bern
2005-10-09 19:51:08
397.   Matt B
Man, do I want Bernie to do something. Let him hear a great ovation - for something he did tonight. Go Bernie!
2005-10-09 19:51:31
398.   Mattpat11
we cant let this be Bernie's last NY game
2005-10-09 19:51:31
399.   Bob B
BS strike
2005-10-09 19:51:36
400.   Stormer Sports
Bernie, come on man, I believe in you. What a bullshit call that was.
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2005-10-09 19:52:08
401.   randym77
Robby really is getting better. He's not swinging at the first pitch every time any more.
2005-10-09 19:52:16
402.   Mattpat11
Looked nice off the bat
2005-10-09 19:52:59
403.   Bob B
Sweet swing anyway
2005-10-09 19:53:19
404.   Stormer Sports
At least the fans are giving him his due.
2005-10-09 19:53:50
405.   Bob B
but we can do a lot with that 17 million in salary next year
2005-10-09 19:53:57
406.   rbj
Yeah, I thought it had a chance to land. Oh well, hold 'em tonight and win tomorrow.
2005-10-09 19:54:04
407.   joe in boston
Mattpat1 - no prob.

Quick story (commercial) - My wife and I went to a game last year. As usual, we went early to see bp/infield practice. Arod and Jeter were warming up, Jeter around home plate and Arod around 1st base. They were just tossing the ball- ropes nonetheless...they kept moving backward 'til finally they were throwing from behind home plate to well out into left field. We were sitting down the first base line watching these frozen ropes thrown effortlessly by these two. I mean they were just tossing the ball (I would have needed a running start just to reach either of them !) A great moment.

You might have had to have been there - but a cool moment for me.

Yikes I'm nervous !

2005-10-09 19:55:12
408.   Bob B
Hope Mo is not getting cold on the bench
2005-10-09 19:56:02
409.   Stormer Sports

Mo doesn't get Cold!

2005-10-09 19:56:48
410.   joe in boston
wow ball 4
2005-10-09 19:57:22
411.   Bob B
Mattpat.........I've seen Jeter do that with Tino for years, really amazing how good their arms are..........Jeter might have a better arm than Vlad
2005-10-09 19:57:25
412.   claybeez
Another good AB by Jorgie.
2005-10-09 19:57:31
413.   Stormer Sports
Constantino Martinez. Let's Go Baby!
2005-10-09 19:57:39
414.   joe in boston
just a base hit Bamtino - for old times sake !
2005-10-09 19:57:42
415.   Mattpat11
Jorge's have a great night
2005-10-09 19:58:02
416.   joe in boston
2005-10-09 19:59:22
417.   joe in boston
3 outs 3 outs 3 outs 3 outs ...
2005-10-09 19:59:26
418.   Mattpat11
here we go
2005-10-09 19:59:32
419.   randym77
I think Jorgie's been on base every time he's been up. Three walks and a double, was it?
2005-10-09 19:59:40
420.   Stormer Sports
It really is striking how bad we are will 2 outs and RISP, yikes!
2005-10-09 20:00:16
421.   Matt B
Damn, Tino has been pretty useless. I cringe when he comes to the plate lately.
2005-10-09 20:00:23
422.   Stormer Sports
Come on MO!
2005-10-09 20:00:28
423.   Bob B
too bad it's old Tino and old Bernie.........the vintage Tino and Bernie finish the halos right there
2005-10-09 20:01:49
424.   Stormer Sports

It isnt just Tino, it's the entire team, with two out.

2005-10-09 20:02:02
425.   Mattpat11
my god, I'm almost vomitting
2005-10-09 20:02:26
426.   marc
Mo's second inning now against top of the order. I have to say I'm not overflowing with confidence.
2005-10-09 20:02:37
427.   Matt B
Well, here we go...we'll live or die with the guy who has been our MVP all season.
2005-10-09 20:02:41
428.   no2ss
Wang in the bp? That's just for show, right?
2005-10-09 20:03:36
429.   Bob B
please, no walk here........just a nice easy 1-2-3
2005-10-09 20:03:58
430.   Oscar Azocar
More Tums, Pepto...
Make that codeine, laughing gas....
2005-10-09 20:04:14
431.   Mattpat11
hes throwing a lot of pitches
2005-10-09 20:04:41
432.   randym77
I don't think Torre is overflowing with confidence, either. I think Wang is in case the Angels manage to tie it.
2005-10-09 20:05:00
433.   rbj
You are correct, Sir.
1 down.
homina homina homina.
2005-10-09 20:05:01
434.   Stormer Sports
There we go. Cy Young I say, Bartolo who?
2005-10-09 20:05:05
435.   Ravenscar
Is it just me or do a lot of Mo's pitches look frighteningly.... up?

Nice K, though.

2005-10-09 20:05:05
436.   Mattpat11
2 to go
2005-10-09 20:05:08
437.   no2ss
I think my health insurance company must be sponsoring the Yankees. They clearly don't want me to live very long.
2005-10-09 20:06:13
438.   joe in boston

Ben and Jerrys, Haagan Daz, etc

2005-10-09 20:06:48
439.   Stormer Sports
There we go, 2 down!
2005-10-09 20:06:57
440.   Matt B
Damn...if there's one guy who can tie this game up in a hurry....shheeeeeeiiiit. C'mon Mo!
2005-10-09 20:06:58
441.   Mattpat11
1 to go
2005-10-09 20:07:16
442.   no2ss
swinging for the fences.
2005-10-09 20:07:33
443.   BxSparksNYC
I think I felt that swing thru the tv screen....
2005-10-09 20:07:37
444.   randym77
Just one more out, Mo! Then I can breathe again...
2005-10-09 20:07:43
445.   joe in boston
Cmon mo one more !
2005-10-09 20:07:53
446.   Oscar Azocar
Only if the Ben & Jerrys has some Prozac laced in more out please..
2005-10-09 20:07:56
447.   Stormer Sports
Nice fucking pitch!
2005-10-09 20:08:19
448.   Ravenscar
That was weird and scary - I thought Posada was trying to call time out.
2005-10-09 20:08:43
449.   joe in boston
Wow, what a swing. Yikes. My curtains just moved
2005-10-09 20:09:59
450.   no2ss
Ok. Boys... get on the plane, and let's go.
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2005-10-09 20:10:03
451.   Stormer Sports
2005-10-09 20:10:09
452.   Mattpat11


2005-10-09 20:10:10
453.   Oscar Azocar
I can sleep well
2005-10-09 20:10:11
454.   rbj
Hello, Disneyland.
And I hate that overgrown mouse.
2005-10-09 20:10:17
455.   Bob B
WOW! Mo was something
2005-10-09 20:10:25
456.   claybeez
YES!!! Thank you again Mo!
2005-10-09 20:10:29
457.   randym77

We're going back to Cali!

Mo, you're a stud!

2005-10-09 20:10:31
458.   Matt B
Hey, we look like the '06 White Sox right now, but we're heading to game 5. Let's hope the red-eye wakes up our bats!

Hot damn, Mo is the man.

2005-10-09 20:10:34
459.   joe in boston
Man. It's over. Out to the Left Coast.

What a game. What a team. What a closer.

2005-10-09 20:11:01
460.   Stormer Sports
We just need the big bats to show up tomorrow!
2005-10-09 20:12:39
461.   atc
Fuck Yeah!!!
2005-10-09 20:12:43
462.   joe in boston
Keep grinding.

G'night all. Great game.

Go Yanks !

(How great does Frankie sound now !!!???)

2005-10-09 20:13:50
463.   rbj
I was worried that the bats would get worn out tonight, beating into submission a three day rest pitcher. Now, they're nice and rested for tomorrow.
2005-10-09 20:15:53
464.   Matt B
And finally, Joe brought in Leiter, let him get a couple guys out and then moved on to Mo. Leiter has shown a knack for getting one or two guys. It's that second inning that blows up in his face. Maybe Joe finally has it figured out.
2005-10-09 20:18:02
465.   randym77
Man, the schedule is going to be brutal. Fly out to Anaheim tonight, play tomorrow night. Then to Chicago to play the next night.
2005-10-09 20:18:56
466.   Oscar Azocar
If if hasn't been noted already, kudos to Chacon. Mo is well...Mo. What more can you say.

Fuel up that jet!

2005-10-09 20:20:19
467.   Matt B
C'mon fellas, let's get Bernie some more home games!

Posada had a helluva game.

2005-10-09 20:20:31
468.   BklynBomber
This ain't 2002... in a lotta ways. I'm sick of hearing about how the Halos 'never quit', 'always keep coming' yadda yadda yadda. Hey! Any of you 'pundits' follow the 2005 Yankees? I didn't think so...

Chicago is our kinda town, baby ;-) We're arriving Tuesday.

2005-10-09 20:20:49
469.   Janis in Marin
"Joe Torre, you just won Game Four. What are you going to do?" "I'm going to Disneyland!" Unlike the Bosox, we can take the heat. Love you Shawn, Ruben and Mo. See you tomorrow, BB. Thrilled that there IS a tomorrow.
2005-10-09 20:21:17
470.   randym77
Posada was the player of the game. Amazing, really. Great defense, great offense...even great baserunning.
2005-10-09 20:29:52
471.   JeremyM
I'm taking the credit for that game. Switched TV sets, got off the internet, and it was uphill from there.

Wow, Sierra of all people comes through. I guess people were right when they said PH was his only role. I think we can bring it to Colon tomorrow, now hopefully Mussina comes up big again. If not Wang should be in early.

I really thought that game was over. Jorge really came up through, that's the best game I can ever recall him having in the playoffs.

2005-10-09 20:30:50
472.   weeping for brunnhilde
I can't tell you all how exuberant I feel. Don't know why, but I feel like we just won game 7. More baseball tomorrow!

I have half a mind to change my kid's name to Mariano.

2005-10-09 20:31:07
473.   Ravenscar
WELLLLLLL I don't know about great baserunning. One more inch by Molina and Jorge is the hearing it all over here for 1.) late jump and 2.) no slide (I don't care what you call that, it wasn't a slide).

But he won the game with his defense and bat, definitely.

2005-10-09 20:32:55
474.   weeping for brunnhilde
462--hey Joe, I know. I was screaming Frankie baby at the top of my lungs in the car on the way home. He sounded sweet, indeed.
2005-10-09 20:36:00
475.   Janis in Marin
It really does feel like we just won #27. We're on our way.
2005-10-09 20:39:57
476.   randym77
That's not what I meant when I said great baserunning. But getting to 3rd was heads-up play. Especially for Jorgie. :)
2005-10-09 20:48:20
477.   BklynBomber
#471 — JeremyM — Hey, gimme an assist, here ;-) ...

When we went down 2-0, I donned my treasured road gray (for wishful thinking) 2001 ALCS Champion (Official Patch) Paul O'Neill #21 jersey — purchased at The Stadium in '02.

Some prayers and superstitions too silly to mention helped, too...

Off Topic — Anyone respond to the Newsday writer who posted here or see anything published? Didn't have time to follow up, just wondering...

2005-10-09 20:49:17
478.   weeping for brunnhilde
I gotta like our chances tomorrow. Mussina's gonna come up big and the offense is going to knock Colon around silly. Game 5's belong to the Yanks.

Also, winning a low-scoring, one-run game on a little squibber down the third-base line. How old school is that!

Imagine if somehow this team could manage to cut its strikeouts in half. It just kills me to see them strike out in big spots.

Luis Gonzales earned my eternal respect and admiration when he explained he choked up for the first time in his life in that ab against Mo, resolved above all to put the ball in play. That's baseball.

2005-10-09 21:18:26
479.   Murray
Best game I've been to in years. That was fantastic.
2005-10-09 21:21:36
480.   Murray
Oh, and the Angels are going with Colon on Columbus Day! How appropriate!!
2005-10-09 21:34:41
481.   JeremyM
BklynBomber, I'll give you the assist- it was a team effort for sure:) I'm hoping we won't be needed tomorrow, it'd be nice to clobber these guys. I hope A-Rod regains his ownage of Colon.

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