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The Waiting (is the Hardest Part)
2005-10-09 05:36
by Alex Belth
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It's still raining up here in the sticks. Another day of sitting on our hands hoping that they'll be able to get in Game Four tonight down in our beloved Bronx.

"One thing about what's gone on in sports, because of the scheduling, is that you just accept whatever comes down," Yankees Manager Joe Torre said. "Because if you start getting lost there, you're going to wind up getting distracted and using it as an excuse, and this is no time for excuses."

..."We'll cut right to the chase: it's big for us," Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said. "This day off is big for us."


Chacon v. Washburn and--rain or no rain--what promises to be another late night for Yankee fans close to home.

2005-10-09 07:05:58
1.   joe in boston
Great title.
Wish they played last night. I think we'd be all tied up now....

Just win baby. Stay dry everyone.

2005-10-09 10:08:35
2.   unpopster
In a rather lengthy diatribe I posted in yesterdays' "Water Logged" thread, I said that I believed that the Yanks would not see a Game 5 in Anaheim.

While, I still stand by that, I want to amend an arguement I used -- that the Yanks are exhausted and it's all caught up to them.

I still think that's tue...and the lack of bullpen depth is their fatal flaw.

But the optomist in me now says that if there is any benefit in yesterday's day off, it is that the tired Yanks may have had some time to recharge their batteries. I am looking for a big game from both Shef and Arod. They are the keys to our offense right now. Shef looks tired. Maybe the extra rest will help.

2005-10-09 10:54:09
3.   Cliff Corcoran
I'll be at the game tonight, but some quick thoughts before I go:

The rain-out removed the one advantage the Yankees gained on Friday, which was making Scot Shields throw 36 pitches. Everyone on both sides is rested tonight.

Torre said Chien-Ming Wang would be available out of the bullpen tonight. The way I see it he should use no one other than Chacon, Wang and Rivera unless the game goes deep into extra innings and he has no other choice. Yes, the Yanks are up against elimination and "everybody (except Mussina, who is in LA right now) is available," but if Chacon, Wang and Rivera can't do the job on their own, the Yanks are packing their bags tonight anyway.

Gotta put Bubba back in center today despite the lefty Washburn on the mound (and those checking Bubba's splits, sample size issues abound so don't think he can hit lefties, a large part of that was him bunting to the Orioles Walter Young for infield hits). Bernie at DH, Giambi at first, the rest as it's always been.

I fear a Chacon meltdown as against Boston on 9/10, but his first Yankee start was a strong outing against these Angels, so that's something to hold on to.

Here's hoping I'll get to do another preview post tomorrow.

2005-10-09 11:22:57
4.   debris

Why no Gordon? About this time last year, Sox fans were calling for the benching of Bellhorn. Cooler minds responded with the old adage, "You go with what brung ya." Bellhorn was part of what brung them and Bellhorn responded with some key hits.

Tom Gordon is part of what brung the '05 Yankees where they are. Yes, he's been overworked, but he's mostly been effective and only threw 12 pitches Friday night.

As for Wang, you have absolutely no idea what his warmup regimen is and what he needs to get ready. The only way I use Wang tonight if I'm Torre is to bridge to Gordon if Chacon can't get through 6. And I'd be really afraid to bring him in mid-inning.

2005-10-09 12:14:27
5.   lem
Wang pitched three or four innings of relief against Boston midway through the season, and pitched well. My fear is that if this game goes to extra innings, Torre will lose the game in the 9th or 10th with someone other than Rivera on the mound.
2005-10-09 12:54:07
6.   randym77
They just announced that it will be Lackey tonight. Washburn is sick with a throat infection.
2005-10-09 12:56:24
7.   rbj
Just heard on ESPN, it is Lackey, not Washburn (sore throat/infection) for the Angels. Lackey is going on short rest, 3 days (actually only 2 full days off). The not so good news is that the Angels bullpen is rested. Gotta hit Lackey early, often and hard.
2005-10-09 12:56:25
8.   billm
This has to help the Yankees. That is 3 days rest for Lackey. I bet the Angels wish that Colon was around.
2005-10-09 13:01:01
9.   randym77
Let's just hope we don't end up wishing Mussina was around. :-P They've got to build up a bullpen-proof lead.

The weather is looking good for this evening.

2005-10-09 13:09:05
10.   hensley
I didn't understand why they were starting Washburn anyway. It should have been Colon today, Lackey tomorrow. I wonder if it's a convenient "throat infection" made up by Sciocia after having second thoughts (or memories of Washburn's walk off HR to Ortiz at the end of last year's ALDS). But then, why Lackey? Is Colon in California already? I hope this backfires badly.
2005-10-09 13:12:39
11.   randym77
Colon stayed in California with Mussina, I think. I suppose they could have flown him out once Saturday's game was postponed, but they chose to leave him in Anaheim to rest up.

The Braves-Astros game is a real thriller. I thought the Braves had it sewn up early on, but they're going to extra innings now.

2005-10-09 13:12:40
12.   Simone
Colon is in California. Lackey on 3 days rest. Is this good for the Yankees? I am hoping, yes.
2005-10-09 13:13:33
13.   Janis in Marin
Colon is already out in the Magic Kingdom. Lackey going on three reminds me of Wakefield going on three for the Sox, which helped us. This is my first post, I've been reading and enjoying you guys for awhile. I'm a devoted, nervous and lonely Yankee fan in Marin County, CA.
2005-10-09 13:14:34
14.   Simone
I'm rooting for the Braves to take this game. I would hate for them to go down easy.
2005-10-09 13:25:23
15.   rbj
Gee, I like Sutcliffe's powerful insight. With the score tied, he's already predicting that there will be more offense today, he just doesn't know from where. Ya think, Rick. I'm actually leaning to Bud declaring a tie. He likes ties in All-Star games and for division titles. Why not just have all games end in ties, this way everyone can call themselves world champs, and sell lots of merchandise.
(sorry for the rant.)
2005-10-09 14:04:36
16.   tz1
I agree with #2 that the rest is good for Sheff and A-Rod...they need to come up big tonight.

And agree with #7, we need to knock Lackey out early. Score early, score often...we cannot rely on our defense or pitching. We need to light this game up, double digit style.

2005-10-09 14:44:09
17.   weeping for brunnhilde
Couldn't agree more about Sheff and Rodriguez. They need to step into the box with a mantra: WWRD? First prize to the first person to figure out who 'R' is.

I know this is going to sound nuts, but I have to wonder whether Sheff's performance against Baltimore (the six RBI in two innings in a must-win game) soured him somehow or dampened his spirits. I mean, there he was, all set to have his immortal 'R' moment, and the bullpen fucked him but good.

Seriously, you have to wonder what this bullpen does to the hitters' psyches. It used to be that they knew if they could just score one or two more runs than the other team after five or six, they were a lock. Now they know they can mount an epic comeback and still lose--and lose big.

I'm sorry to be so negative, but 11-7. It wasn't even close, despite the heroics.

Sigh. Let's hope Chacon pitches a shutout. Then maybe we can throw a rested Mo out there to start and see if he too, can't bolster his legend by pitching a shutout.

Go Yankees!

2005-10-09 14:46:46
18.   Rags
Heading out for the D train, 161st Street bound. You'll all be in my thoughts tonight. California, here we come!
2005-10-09 14:53:28
19.   Janis in Marin
#17, Weeping -
R is Reggie Jackson
2005-10-09 15:00:24
20.   weeping for brunnhilde
Janis, while you are technically right (actually, you're even non-technically right, you're just flat-out right), I believe I overextended myself in offering first prize. You see, as it happens, I've neither what to give nor the means to give it. I hope therefore that in lieu of an actual prize type prize, you'll accept the hearty recognition of the entire BB community. ;)

And welcome, btw.

2005-10-09 15:05:26
21.   Janis in Marin
Weeping - I assumed your prize was metaphorical. Thanks for the welcome. Bouncing off the walls waiting for our game.
2005-10-09 15:29:55
22.   JeremyM
Whatever happens in the Yanks game, the one going on now has been unbelievable. Clemens pinch-hitting? And in on relief?
2005-10-09 15:39:49
23.   BklynBomber
What a Sunday! Chamber of Commerce weather here in San Francisco; Tiger Woods-John Daly sudden death playoff so close it's screwing up traffic and parking in my neighborhood; Fleet Week here, Blue Angels buzzing the rooftops, 17 inning game on the tube with Rocket on the mound, all while recovering from a killer concert last night at the Oakland Arena (System of a Down), and — oh, yeah — my beloved New York Yankees are about to extend this series back to Disneyland. Thank goodness my Jints have a bye this week... too much information ;-)

BBQ's almost ready to go...

Let's go Chacon! Let's go Yanks!

2005-10-09 15:51:45
24.   randym77
18th inning now. Unbelievable!
2005-10-09 15:58:23
25.   Janis in Marin
Hope we don't go 18. I guess Mel would be pitching, and Torre catching. Have brown paper bag to breathe into if I see Embree warming up in bullpen, but will need a defibrillator if I actually see him take the mound.
2005-10-09 16:02:14
26.   randym77
Well, the Astros pulled it out. Jeez. That was like playing a double header, in one game.
2005-10-09 16:02:48
27.   rbj
I've got Scotch. And welcome to BB, Janis.

Homer in the bottom of the 18th. Man, what a game.

2005-10-09 16:07:36
28.   Janis in Marin
Thanks for the welcome, rbj. God, I miss the Rocket (and Pettitte and Duque too).
2005-10-09 16:22:50
29.   weeping for brunnhilde
28--No kidding, Janis. Wtf? Why is our entire pitching staff (don't forget about Contreras)excelling for other teams right now?

I know it's only baseball, but it seems unjust, somehow.

2005-10-09 16:34:59
30.   Janis in Marin
Contreras never was going to work for us, he just couldn't do NY. It was better for him and for us to trade him. He'd still be sucking if he were still a Yankee. What do you mean "only baseball" - what's more important?
2005-10-09 16:54:34
31.   randym77
Waiting's over!

And Alex has started a new game thread.

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