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Meet Cliff At Coliseum Books
2005-10-08 10:36
by Cliff Corcoran
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With today's game cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow evening, I will be joining the Pinstriped Bible's Steven Goldman and the Futility Infielder's Jay Jaffe at Coliseum Books today at 6:00 to promote the new Baseball Prospectus book Mind Game. I made a small contribution to the book and thus will be appearing as a co-author, my first in-store appearance!

Anyone in the NYC area with some extra time on his or her hands this evening, please come out and say "hi." Coliseum Books is at 11 West 42nd Street in Manhattan (between 5th and 6th).

2005-10-08 12:20:32
1.   Beth
wish i lived close enough.

someday i'll buy you guys a beer.

2005-10-08 13:06:06
2.   BklynBomber
Congrats, Cliff. Wish I was "back home", I'd be there. Keep up the great work!
2005-10-08 18:10:09
3.   weeping for brunnhilde
Just read Olney's piece and he says that El Duque got up to 93mph! What's up with that? As I recall his fastball was 88-89, barely ever reaching 90. That's pretty amazing, n'est-ce pas?
2005-10-08 18:24:33
4.   weeping for brunnhilde
BTW, has Coliseum moved or just opened a new branch? Last I recall, they were somewhere just south of Columbus Circle.
2005-10-08 18:29:09
5.   Patrick
2005-10-08 18:52:31
6.   Murray
Coliseum moved to 42nd almost two years ago. Sure, they're not near Columbus Circle any more, but there's also no more New York Coliseum, either, so it's all right.
2005-10-08 21:21:16
7.   jayd
Hey Cliff:
Every once and a while I hear some espn analyst solemnly intone that "Johnson was telegraphing his pitches." I find it hard to believe and wonder if you would know what they mean and how something like that could manifest itself without the Yankees being aware of it as well.

Best of luck with the book. The subtitle is a bit too much.

2005-10-09 04:29:02
8.   randym77
They went into the "telegraphing" thing in detail on one of the sports shows I saw yesterday. ESPN2, maybe? I can't remember, I was flipping around too much.

But one of their talking hairdoes said that this stuff has followed RJ around for years. That under pressure especially, he telegraphs his pitches. Something to do with his grip. They can tell what pitch he's going to throw by the way he grips the ball. He hides his left hand with his glove, but as he shifts his grip, it spreads the glove and the batter can spot that.

I don't know if that's true, but it sure seemed like the Halos knew what was coming.

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