Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-06-24 08:29
by Alex Belth


In a rematch of their classic pitching duel last week, Roger Clemens and Victor Zambrano weren't exactly great last night, but they weren't awful either. Clemens pitched seven innings and was effective. If it wasn't for a scrub named Damian Rolls, Rocket would have been okay. But Rolls had the game of this life, hitting his first two homers of the year---as well as a double---off Rocket. It was enough to beat the Yanks, 4-2 .

Lil' Soriano golfed the first pitch of the game a long way for another lead off homer. Sori has his flashy home run follow through down pat by now. Move over Manny, Sori's got plenty of mustard on his hot dog. A little too much mustard for my liking---especially when the ball doesn't sail out of the park for a home run. This kid could have ten triples per season if he busted his fat ass out of the box like Jeter does.

The Yankees are trying to keep the talented Soriano focused:

Torre and Soriano have been having frequent talks on a variety of topics, such as undisciplined at-bats, lack of concentration in the field and admiring fly balls he hits to see whether they are headed over the fence. These have been issues for Soriano for three years, and even as he has become one of the most dynamic players in baseball they remain issues.

...Reggie Jackson has been brought in to counsel Soriano about patience at the plate and, sources say, to deliver some subtle messages about lifestyle. There is concern that Soriano is partying too much.

"He takes criticism very well," Torre said. "He understands where it's coming from. We're looking out for what's best for him. We want him to make sure he is the kind of player he has the chance to be. ... He needs to get the most out of [his ability]."

Speaking of mustard, how about Reggie is teaching Soriano patience at the plate? [Insert punchline here.]

Meanwhile, Bernie Williams joined the team for stretching yesterday. It sure was good to see him. According to the Times:

"Whenever I'm ready, I'll know," said Williams, who has been working out in Tampa, Fla. "The knee's going to tell me, but I'm not going to push it."

The Blue Jays stomped on the O's, and Carlos Delgado had four RBI, giving him 80 for the season?!?!? Oh yeah, Vernon Wells now has 72 RBI himself. Tim Wakefield and the Sox beat the Tigers, and now the Yanks lead Toronto by one and the Sox by two.

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